LOCKDOWN! Q&A Trevor Reade (UCI Comms)

It’s not only riders who missing races, UCI International Commissaire Trevor Reade is another without races to go to…

LOCKDOWN! Q&A Trevor Reade (UCI Comms)

It’s not only riders who missing races, UCI International Commissaire Trevor Reade is another without races to go to…

Your last race was?
Trevor: Last race was Kuurne-Brussels-Kuurne in Belgium as Commissaire President for the junior race at the start of March. Before that I was in Milton, Canada for the final round of the Track World Cup in January. I was asked by the UCI to cover the Six Day in Manchester at very short notice as the appointed Commissaire was stuck in Denmark but as we know that event didn’t happen.

My last race as a rider was a club 10 about 12 years ago.

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With racing cancelled, what’s a typical week riding wise for you?
Trevor: I normally ride to work every day covering about 150 miles a week. I’m currently working from home so my mileage has dropped to zero. Unfortunately my appetite hasn’t caught up yet so I’m having to be careful about what I eat. I don’t want to end up looking like you Larry (charming Trevor LoL)!

Enjoying the turbo or avoiding it like the virus?
Trevor: I’ve actually just brought a turbo from a local bike shop. All the major online retailers only had very expensive options in stock but a little bit of Googling and I found something reasonably priced just a few miles away from home. It is being delivered today so I’ll be really keen for a couple of days. Who knows after that!

Trevor on Instagram … “Escaped the lockdown for our one piece of exercise in the sun.”

If on the turbo, what’s your favourite distraction – Zwift or some other entertainment?
Trevor: I’ve been looking at different options for use on the turbo. I suspect I’ll try a few of the free trials on different platforms and then make a decision.

What’s the hardest thing for you about the Lockdown
Trevor: Being locked in with my wife and two kids is challenging. The kids normally do lots of activities outside of school so getting them to burn up their energy without going outside is tricky. I’ll definitely be getting them on the turbo trainer.

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Besides cycling, what’s your biggest distraction as lock down continues?
Trevor: Work is keeping me very busy. My day job is as an accountant for a large law firm. We have nearly 1,000 people working from home at the moment and making sure everyone is OK and able to keep servicing our client base is important. Some of our clients are in the front line in dealing with the response to the Coronavirus so helping them is crucial.

And solo riding – new or something you are used to?
Trevor: No one wants to go for a ride with a Commissaire So I’m used to riding solo.

What’s the weirdest thing you have seen since this crisis began
Trevor: I was on an early morning video call with colleagues earlier in the week. One of my team hadn’t showered so wouldn’t appear on screen. We did a 30 minute call looking at her dog who was sitting quite happily in front of the camera instead.

Home or Away (in work)?
Trevor: Both! I’m lucky that I can work from home. I do feel for the very many people involved in cycling that have no way of earning with no events taking place. Many events rely on contractors for almost everything they do and no racing means no income for those people. Also many teams employ mechanics and swannies on day rates and those people won’t be earning either. It’s also hitting the media hard. Almost every person involved in bringing a race to the TV screen is self-employed. Journalists and photographers have also seen work dry up.

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