Lockdown Q&As: Mak Larkin (Rotor Race Team)

The youngest rider to take part in the Lockdown quiz on VeloUK is Mak Larkin (Rotor Race Team) from the South East

Lockdown Q&As: Mak Larkin (Rotor Race Team)
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Q. Your last race was?
Mak: Mud, Sweat & Gears Round 1, 1st March at Henham Park where I came 5th

Q: Your favourite discipline in cycling?
Mak: Really am enjoying the road bike at the moment but for racing, it has to be CX and XC

Q: How long have you ridden for Rotor Race Team?
Mak: I joined Rotor Race Team in August 2018

Q: What races have you missed so far that you wish you hadn’t?
Mak: XC Nationals, MSG series and Southern XC series

Q: With racing cancelled, what’s a typical week training wise for you now?
Mak: ZWIFT sessions, regular road rides and off road as well as doing my core and biometrics

Q: If on the turbo, what’s your favourite distraction?
Mak: ZWIFT and music

Q: What event are you hoping does take place in 2020?
Mak: Hoping that some XC racing happens before the end of the season and that the CX season goes ahead but at present leagues are already cancelling them until Sept 2021 which will mean no racing this season

Q: Besides cycling, what’s your biggest distraction when stuck indoors under Lockdown?
Mak: ZOOM, NETFILX and building the man cave in the garden

Q: What’s the bike that gets the most use by you?
Mak: Cervelo S3 and Canyon Exceed

Q: What is your favourite and most used product from Velotech Services
Mak: Rotor Aldhu cranks

Q: Finally, where you do you enjoy riding the most in this country?
Mak: I enjoy riding anywhere that I can, the bigger the climb, the better!

Thank you Mak for that and hope you stay safe and take care in 2020


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