Lockdown Q&A: Hannah Lancaster (Brother UK/Team OnForm)

Today’s Lockdown Q&A is with Hannah Lancaster (Brother UK/Team OnForm) who is based in Shropshire and who’s highlight in 2019 was riding the Curlew Cup

Lockdown Q&A: Hannah Lancaster (Brother UK/Team OnForm)

Q: Where are you based and what was the highlight from 2019?
Hannah: I am based in Shropshire. I’d say my highlight from 2019 was riding in the Curlew Cup as it was my first time racing in a senior national race and it was also my first time going to Northumberland and I really enjoyed the long drive there and back as the scenery was amazing!

Q: What has been your career highlight so far and why?
Hannah: I did my first road race in 2018 and that was the junior women’s race at Witham Hall. I did better than I thought I would and I really enjoyed it. It was from there that I realised how fun racing was and have been hooked ever since!

Q: Your last race was and how did it go?
Hannah: My last race was the Ras Na Mban in September last year. It was a very good experience to see how a stage race works and it was a great opportunity to race in such a good event. However, I unfortunately got caught up in a crash on the second stage and wasn’t able to continue the next day due to injuring my knee. I still learnt a lot from the experience and I hope to be able to have another go in the future.

Q: With racing outdoors cancelled, what’s a typical week training wise for you?
Hannah: I have been doing a mix of some longer rides where I have been enjoying finding new hills I haven’t been up before, and have also been having a go at some races and training on Zwift. I have also been working on my core strength and I’ve been doing some yoga each day which has been fun.

Q: Are you in lockdown at home or having to work?
Hannah: I am in lockdown at home and have been fortunate enough to be furloughed.

Q: Are you using the turbo for e-racing?
Hannah: Yes, I have recently got a smart trainer so that I could have a go at some racing on Zwift. I have had a go at a couple of the British Cycling races and time trials and have enjoyed them although they are intense!

Q: If you are e-racing/riding, what are the biggest things you have had to learn during this period of no racing outside?
Hannah: I have learnt (and still am learning!) how things such as the power ups on Zwift work and when is best to use them etc. I have also learnt that racing on Zwift is more intense than a road race outside as ,because they are relatively short, it is pretty much a continuous maximal effort!

Q: Where do you do the majority of your training outside?
Hannah: I like to ride on the back lanes exploring the Shropshire hills and discovering roads and climbs that I didn’t even know were there!

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Q: What’s the hardest thing for you about this lockdown period?
Hannah: The hardest part has probably been coming to terms with the race season not going to plan this year but to be honest I am in a pretty fortunate position and admire all the key workers who have been working so hard during this time.

Q: Besides cycling, what’s your biggest distraction during lockdown?
Hannah: I have been enjoying spending time with my family and I have also been doing lots of baking, experimenting with different recipes and making all sorts of cakes, biscuits and pastries.

Q: What’s the bike that gets the most use by you and what is the best thing about it?
Hannah: I use my Islabike Luath the most when I am training. It is ideal for me as it is a small frame and the gearing is ideal for the steep climbs around here. It is also from a business local to me and they have been supportive and helpful with my cycling.

Q: What’s the strangest thing you have seen since this crisis began?
Hannah: For me, the strangest thing is probably the fact that everyone has to queue to go to the supermarket. I was so used to frequently going shopping whenever I needed something but I have had to get used to only going once a week!

Q: Do you ride solo or with someone from your household?
Hannah: I have been doing a bit of both. I have been going out with my Dad a couple of times a week which has been fun. We are both missing the cafe stops though!

Q: What has been the best ride so far during lockdown?
Hannah: The best ride so far was probably a ride I did with my Dad a couple of weeks a go where we went up some long climbs over the Long Mynd and Stiperstones. It was a nice sunny day and the views were really good!

Q: Finally, what race will you miss the most if there’s no racing outside in 2020?
Hannah: The race I have enjoyed on both of the occasions I have done it is the women’s team series race at Banbury as I like the climb up Edge Hill even though it is hard work!

Thank you Hannah – good luck on Zwift and stay safe out there

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