Lockdown Q&As: Ieuan Woods (Team Brother UK-OnForm)

The Lockdown Q&As continue, this time with the very strange (see the picture) Ieuan Woods from Team Brother UK-OnForm

Lockdown Q&As: Ieuan Woods (Team Brother UK-OnForm)

Q: Where are you based
Ieuan: I am currently between Woking (Surrey) and Edge Hill University in West Lancashire.

Q: What has been your career highlight so far and why?
Ieuan: My career highlight is definitely breaking the junior national team 25 mile time trial record in 2018, with OnForm.

Q: Your last race was and how did it go?
Ieuan: Only a regional road race in late August last year and I crashed out on the last corner after all the riders in front of me went down.

Q: With racing outdoors cancelled, what’s a typical week training wise for you?
Ieuan: I’ve been taking it quite easy, mixing it up between running and cycling, and I’ve been doing a few circuit/strength sessions during the week as well.

Q: Are you in lockdown at home or having to work?
Ieuan: I’ve been in lockdown away from home, but I no longer have a job since being at uni so not had a job to go to.

Q: Are you using the turbo for e-racing?
Ieuan: I’ve never enjoyed using any indoor trainers so although it’s all the craze at the moment, I’m still managing to avoid using the turbo to race at the moment.

Q: Where do you do the majority of your training outside?
Ieuan: As I’m currently in Cambridgeshire, I’ve been riding around here, it’s a lot flatter than where I’ve always been used to but the wind certainly makes up for that.

Q: What’s the hardest thing for you about this Lockdown period?
Ieuan: As I haven’t been home for a long period of time, I’m definitely starting to miss my parents. It’ll be really nice to go and see them when this is all over.

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Q: Besides cycling, what’s your biggest distraction during lockdown?
Ieuan: I’ve been baking a lot recently. I’d like to be able to say it’s all been healthy, but I’ve found that the best reviews come from when I bring out something with a lot more sugar in it.

Q: What’s the bike that gets the most use by you and what is the best thing about it?
Ieuan: I’ve only got my spare bike with me at the moment and I can’t shout a lot about it now as it’s seen quite a few years. At home, I ride my time trial bike an awful lot and I just love the position I can ride on it. It’s just so comfortable.

Q: What’s the strangest thing you have seen since this crisis began?
Ieuan: If I am being totally honest I think I’d have to go with myself last night. I’ll attach a photo just in case you wanted to see it.

Q: Do you ride solo or with some one from your household.
Ieuan: In lockdown, I’ve been riding with my girlfriend or going solo. When I’m at home, I ride with my mate Tom Portsmouth who’s been racing a lot in Belgium and it’s been great watching him go so well recently.

Q: What has been the best ride so far during lockdown?
Ieuan: My favourite rides of lockdown have been when I’ve gone exploring on a mountain bike with my girlfriend’s cousin. A change of scene is always nice and it’s enjoyable getting myself lost all the time.

Q: Finally, what race will you miss the most if there’s no racing outside in 2020?
Ieuan: Any race in which I get to see my team mates ass I don’t get to see them very often so seeing them at races is always an exciting surprise.

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