Best of Memories: Ian Wilkinson (aka Superman)

Twice a winner of the CiCLE Classic, Ian Wilkinson came into road racing from mountain biking and was one of the sports winners and now a much missed character

Best of Memories: Ian Wilkinson (aka Superman)

Ian writes … So. Where to begin. I’ve taken a day to think and still cant quite decide on career highlight in particular. Obviously double Rutland (CiCLE) wins, the first with Halfords was awesome with old mate Phil Dixon standing in as DS I was a bit gutted Keith Lego (Lambert) was in Ireland and missed it.

Win number 2 in the CiCLE Classic for Ian Wilkinson

The second was just a great day of determination and easy tactics with Yanto, two punctures and a win. If your are going to win, you gonna win! Colne GP was great as it was as local a race as I could get.

Salford Nocturne was awesome, a real event and a wad of 50s down the shorts really made it worth the afternoon off work ha ha. Then, I do remember how great the MTB weekends used to be. Great social. Great fun.

Bibbs (Ian Bibby), Oldham’s (Paul & Sally), (Dave) Collins; all top bants. In fact that reminds me of the Girvan. That was a real crack. With SIS we had the same hotel in town a few years on the trot and a real good bondage session with the lads and wags. That was a good win too beating some top lads.

Racing was what I loved ’cause training suck, unless ur out with Paul an John boy. This one time on training camp, me and Paul took it in turns to ride on the front with John till we got to Bowland Knotts then polished him off over the hill. He blew so bad but didn’t realise we had worked him over ha hah.

It’s his fault though cause he was the inventor of half biking! Half wheeling no good, do it proper and he’d half bike ya but it gets a bit annoying after a while! Riding with Oldham wa always good for morale. Lots of hedge porn in them days and lots of time training with Rob P too. I’m sure he kept me fitter than I would have been ha ha.

All in all. Bike racing was the highlight! On and off the road and all the many mega folks I met along the way. Cheers. Wilks, out.  

Ian mucking about as always at a training camp for the Raleigh-GAC team in France

Thank you Ian. Was always a pleasure to have you in the sport as laughs and great pictures were never far away when you were about


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