Best of Memories: Gruff Lewis

Today’s Best of Memories in cycling comes from Welsh rider Gruff Lewis of Ribble Weldtite who recalls his journey through the sport of bike racing

Best of Memories: Gruff Lewis

Gruff writes … For me, my best memories would come from racing. I love where I live and the scenery I get to enjoy, but from stand out memories there’s nothing like sharing them with others. I have amazing memories that I could choose from all my Teams; UK Youth, Metaltek, Pedal Heaven, Madison Genesis and now of course my current Team Ribble Weldtitle.

In my career, having a team get behind me was a big moment. I came into the 2016 season with Madison Genesis as a hard worker and a rider that would never say die as Roger put it. My standard of riding raised after a winter of full time riding and when it came to the Chorley GP, Matt Cronshaw (my current DS) and Tobyn agreed that they would set things up for me. I put myself in a situation to win that day on the last lap but ultimately was isolated with four or five NFTO riders.

Back to the point, you always believe in yourself as a rider, you must, to get out on those grim days and batter yourself. But this day told me that other (well regarded riders) did also, and was a great memory for me. It then continued to the next few races when I got second at Cicle Classic.

It was a nice flurry of confidence. I am now loving riding as I always have with Ribble Weldtite. I am blessed with my son “Guto”, I run a business/bike team/bike shop “Caffi Gruff” where I coach, run a team, serve coffee and sell bikes. I am very happy with the balance and wish to race bikes as long as I can. I want to have long white locs on the start line, golden legs with veins showing when I’m 50, just like I remember Malcolm Elliot.

Thanks Gruff and good luck with the business and racing… take care, stay safe


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