Lockdown Q&A: David Bolland (Spirit Tifosi BSS Rotor)

A special Lockdown Q&A with David Bolland (Spirit Tifosi BSS Rotor) who is one young cyclist to recover from Covid19 and able to get back out in his bike

Lockdown Q&A: David Bolland (Spirit Tifosi BSS Rotor)
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Q: Where are you based & what has been your career highlight in cycling?
David: I am currently based in Scunthorpe, north Lincolnshire. I was 5th in the British Points race final where I managed to take a lap and was leading at one point. When I got the lap, the roar of the crowd in the velodrome was something special!

Q: Your last race was and how did it go?
David: The International UCI ranked Tour of Rhodes. I was on domestique duties, but got stuck in with the action. On the first stage,I was in a little split on the last lap and my legs just gave way with 200 meters to go. Then, on the final stage, I was in the main breakaway. Kimber the Team leader for the race then got 8th against a stellar field so Rus the boss was chuffed.

Q: With racing outdoors cancelled, what’s a typical week training wise for you?
David: Since recovering from the corona virus and pneumonia, my coach Roy Holmes is treating the training schedule with caution… I’m basically doing around 10 hours on the bike and mixing that with a bit of gym work, alongside working at the steelworks. So I’m pretty busy but I’m enjoying it!

Q: Are you training with a power meter?
David: Yes! I have never used a power meter before so the fact that Rotor have supplied me with a track power meter chainset and a road chainset is amazing. I’m well and truly privileged to be looked after so well!

Q: What sort of power meters’s do your team bikes use?
David: We’re using the Rotor Inspider. Simple to fit and does the lot.

Q: Do ride/train to power on all rides or just specific efforts for training?
David: As I’m fairly new to being coached and power meters, I’m sticking to what’s planned. Why go off the rails if they’re set straight for the destination.

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Q: What do you learn from races/training having a power meter on your bike?
David: I have a little diary now and for each race, I’ll make good and bad points to help me improve for next time. I may have been racing for the majority of my life, but there’s always something I can learn.

Q: Does the power meter come in for use with the Turbo/E-racing?
David: I will only use the turbo when it’s in the winter after work. I can’t see me jumping on a Zwift race just yet…

Q: Where do you do the majority of your training – outside?
David: Too right outdoors, I’m northern!” Haha. Yeah, I’m a bit of a hippie so I need the fresh air although I live in Scunthorpe the most polluted town in the UK. How ironic… In all fairness, my bulk mileage is when I’m on the Donny chaingang as the route is only around 10 miles away.

Q: What has been the best bike ride so far during lockdown?
David: This is going to sound daft, but it was the first ride I could do when I got home from hospital after Covid. I was put in a room by myself with no one around except nurses who were giving me medication or taking blood samples, so while I had no one to talk to, I was totally fixed on riding my bike and of course playing Black Sabbath. I can’t help think what the car drivers were thinking behind me, because I was swinging like a sack off s***!

Q: What’s the bike that gets the most use by you and what is the best thing about it?
David: Well, I only have the Tifosi Auriga which is my team bike. I was never really sure about the bike when I first saw them a few years ago, but like the saying goes don’t knock until you try it. I’ve really grown to love the bike. Especially with the Campagnolo Chorus on it! Like I said before I’m so privileged. I’m doing something I dreamed of as a kid and I would struggle to do it without the sponsors and those who help me. And a special mention to Rus. My new team boss. He is something very special knows exactly how to motivate us and bond the team like glue.

Q: Finally, what race will you miss the most if there’s no racing outside in 2020?
David: Well the news came in about the Lincoln Grand Prix being cancelled and it’s such a shame, especially as I rode for Velo Club Lincoln as a kid and was coached by Dan Elmore too… But it’s for a greater good. Hopefully we’ll be able to get back to road races shortly. Until then I’m just sticking it out and keep improving day by day.

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