Result: Bec Cycling Club 25m TT

Almost 100 riders for BEC CC 25 mile time trial at Steyning on Sunday in the South East on the Course G25/93

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Result: Bec Cycling Club 25m TT


07:03:00 Timothy Wells 7Oaks Tri Club
07:04:00 Marek Siwicki Addiscombe CC
07:05:00 Neil Crowther Blazing Saddles
07:06:00 Martin Shoesmith Crawley Wheelers
07:07:00 Adam Rogers Eastbourne Rovers CC
07:08:00 David French Weybridge Wheelers
07:09:00 Alex Pearson Woolwich CC
07:10:00 Mark Newton Elite Cycling
07:11:00 Jim O’Leary GS Avanti
07:12:00 Robert Royle-Evatt Addiscombe CC
07:13:00 Rick Hughes Worthing Excelsior CC
07:14:00 Peter Baker Lewes Wanderers CC
07:15:00 Justin Webb VTTA (London & Home Counties)
07:16:00 George Sloan VC de Londres
07:17:00 Mark Fairhead CC Breckland
07:18:00 Tony Truepenny-Phillipson Bec CC
07:19:00 Mattie Dodd Pearson Works
07:20:00 Matthew Smith Team TMC
07:21:00 Hannah Droscher Mid Sussex Triathlon Club
07:22:00 David England Crabwood CC
07:23:00 Lawrence Coyle South Downs Bikes / Casco Pet
07:24:00 Trevor Leeding Worthing Excelsior CC
07:25:00 David Clark Eastbourne Rovers CC
07:26:00 Oliver McDonald Tuff Fitty Tri Club
07:27:00 Mark Aldred Kingston Wheelers CC
07:28:00 Martin Brown 7Oaks Tri Club
07:29:00 Spencer Kirkham Worthing Excelsior CC
07:30:00 Josh Copley TBW23 Stuart Hall Cycling Gett Taxi
07:31:00 Nicola Spensley Kent Velo Girls/Boys
07:32:00 Peter Owen Norwood Paragon CC
07:33:00 Colin Toppin Worthing Excelsior CC
07:34:00 John Marinko Brighton Mitre CC
07:35:00 Richard Tully Elite Cycling
07:36:00 Phil Couch Mid Sussex Triathlon Club
07:37:00 Paul Fletcher Lewes Wanderers CC
07:38:00 Benjamin Morrison Team HUUB
07:39:00 Colin McDermott Festival Road Club
07:40:00 Chris Jones Bynea Cycling Club
07:41:00 Anita Turner Eastbourne Rovers CC
07:42:00 Stefan Gloyn Army Cycling
07:43:00 Mike Boyce …a3crg
07:44:00 Simon Steeles Worthing Excelsior CC
07:45:00 Gavin Ash Team TMC
07:46:00 Darren Bird Sussex Nomads CC
07:47:00 Neil Giles Mid Sussex Triathlon Club
07:48:00 Peter Madarasz Brighton Triathlon Club
07:49:00 Matt Hill Velo Club Godalming & Haslemere
07:50:00 Alex Bonzi Brighton Phoenix Athletic Club
07:51:00 Robin Johnson Brighton Mitre CC
07:52:00 Ian Newbold Worthing Excelsior CC
07:53:00 Russell Thorne-Jones Crawley Wheelers
07:54:00 Simon Skinner Paceline RT
07:55:00 Adrian Blacker C and N Cycles RT
07:56:00 Jack Smith Brighton Mitre CC
07:57:00 Andrew Quye Southborough & Dist. Whs
07:58:00 Brian Molloy Brighton Excelsior CC
07:59:00 Paul Sewell Bigfoot CC
08:00:00 Christopher McNamara Nuun-Sigma Sport-London RT
08:01:00 Daniel Quinn South London Harriers
08:02:00 Paul Townsley Worthing Excelsior CC
08:03:00 Oliver Hurdle University of Southampton RC
08:04:00 Colin Harrison East Grinstead CC (Merlin Cycle Coaching)
08:05:00 Henry James Crawley Wheelers
08:06:00 Peter Horsfield Redmon CC
08:07:00 Ben Cumpstone Brighton Mitre CC
08:08:00 Mark Thomas Bigfoot CC
08:09:00 Chris Lord Brighton Excelsior CC
08:10:00 Nick Dwyer Lewes Wanderers CC
08:11:00 Becca Drake BellaVelo cc
08:12:00 Nick Elson Woolwich CC
08:13:00 Daniel Sharp Charlotteville Cycling Club
08:14:00 James Stone Brighton Excelsior CC
08:15:00 John Franklin Twickenham CC
08:16:00 Jerry Keen Eastbourne Rovers CC
08:17:00 Andrew Gowland Tuff Fitty Tri Club
08:18:00 Jez Parsons Brighton Excelsior CC
08:19:00 Robert Rollings Lewes Wanderers CC
08:20:00 Howard Shaw trainSharp
08:21:00 Luc Berthouze Mid Sussex Triathlon Club
08:22:00 Peter Davies Brighton Mitre CC
08:23:00 Paul Newsome Project 51
08:24:00 Philip Hersey Eagle Road Club
08:25:00 Nik Allen Worthing Excelsior CC
08:26:00 Bruce English Eastbourne Rovers CC
08:27:00 Ferdie Parsons Brighton Excelsior CC
08:28:00 Simon Arnold Royal Navy & Royal Marines CA
08:29:00 Paul Batten Crawley Wheelers
08:30:00 Robert Moore Nuun-Sigma Sport-London RT
08:31:00 Steve McMenamin Crawley Wheelers
08:32:00 Ian Leeding Norwood Paragon CC
08:33:00 Donald Parker Brighton Mitre CC
08:34:00 Nolan Heather Worthing Excelsior CC
08:35:00 Charlie Bailey Lee Valley Youth CC
08:36:00 Christopher, Rosam Epsom CC
08:37:00 Vince Freeman Sussex Revolution Velo Club
08:38:00 Lawrence Wintergold Hounslow & District Whs
08:39:00 Ian Bray Addiscombe CC
08:40:00 Simon McNamara

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