Result: Newbury RC Club Time Trial

Rachael Elliott & Ian Greenstreet (tandem) fastest in the Newbury RC Club Time Trial on the H10/3A (Wednesday 26 Aug); Felix Wilkinson fastest solo and Melanie Sneddon fastest woman

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Result: Newbury RC Club Time Trial

1 Rachael Elliott & Ian Greenstreet 20min 7sec Aerocoach V Tandem
2 Felix Wilkinson 20min 18sec FTPracing –
3 Bob Richardson 21min 46sec Bournemouth Jubilee Wheelers V
4 Matt Fisher 22min 16sec Newbury Velo V
5 Felix Wernham 22min 27sec FTPracing –
6 Martin Stanley 22min 30sec Didcot Phoenix CC –
7 Philip Watts 22min 38sec North Hampshire RC V
8 Rob Vessey 22min 45sec Didcot Phoenix CC V
9 Melanie Sneddon 23min 15sec TORQ Performance WV
10 David Wright 23min 24sec Tetbury Velo –
11 Tristan Davenne 23min 27sec Newbury RC –
12 Charlotte Berry 23min 40sec Tetbury Velo W
13 Claire Emons 23min 52sec Newbury RC WV
14 Stuart Carver 24min 6sec North Hampshire RC V
15 Oscar Clark 24min 10sec Team Vision Innovative Leisure Jun
16 Peter Brooke-Wavell 24min 29sec Newbury RC –
17 Steve Dawes 24min 48sec Newbury RC V
18 Ian Chitty 24min 49sec Newbury RC V
19 Alex Cavill 24min 53sec Newbury Velo –
20 Graham Morrison 24min 59sec Newbury RC –
21 Alan Allcock 25min 4sec Didcot Phoenix CC V
22 William Emons 25min 18sec Newbury RC V
23 Simon Evans 25min 19sec Didcot Phoenix CC V
24 Trevor Price 25min 28sec Swindon Wheelers V
25 Marion Templeman 25min 30sec Newbury RC WV
26 Teresa Robbins 26min 8sec Reading CC WV
27 Dave Martin 26min 15sec Newbury RC V
27 Allan Bartlett 26min 15sec Newbury RC V
29 David Welling 26min 17sec Farnham RC V
30 Marc Allen 26min 19sec Swindon RC –
30 Andrew Larkins 26min 19sec Newbury Velo V
32 Ian Lakey 26min 29sec Newbury RC V
33 Peter Dennett 26min 36sec Andover Wheelers V
34 Cliff Voller 26min 54sec Newbury RC V
35 Rob Saunders 26min 59sec Newbury Velo V
36 David Taylor 27min 7sec Newbury RC V
37 Wei Tsung Yau 27min 21sec Newbury RC –
38 Peter Jenkins 28min 29sec Newbury RC V
39 Phillip Burgin 29min 56sec Newbury Velo V
40 Rachel Green 30min 12sec Cheltenham & County CC WV

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