Result: MK Bowl Youth Crit racing #3

Autumn circuit race series for youth riders (week 3) at the Milton Keynes Bowl on Saturday (October 17). Winners included Lotty Dawson, Harrison Hendy, Billy Ladle, Theo Simpson and Lucas Jowett

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Result: MK Bowl Youth Crit racing #3


Overall Results


Category A & B
1 Lotty Dawson F Female Cat A
2 Carys Lloyd F Female Cat B
3 Lucy Benezet Minns F Female Cat B
4 Amelia Cebak F Female Cat B
5 Ellen Phillips F Female Cat B
6 Caitlin Loveless F Female Cat A
7 Katie-Anne Calton F Female Cat B
8 Ella Ruggles F Female Cat A
9 Amy Harvey F Female Cat A
10 Freya Eccleston F Female Cat A
11 Lucy Allsop F Female Cat B
12 Kate Coulson F Female Cat B
13 Posie Forrester F Female Cat A
14 Tabitha Ward F Female Cat B

Category C
1 Harrison Hendy M Male Cat D
2 Anna Lloyd F Female Cat C
3 Evander Wishart M Male Cat C
4 Harry Tozer M Male Cat C
5 Daniel Ward M Male Cat C
6 Lauren Charles F Female Cat C
7 Jenson Groves M Male Cat C
8 Thomas Styles M Male Cat C
9 Rose Lewis F Female Cat C
10 Megan Cherry F Female Cat C
11 Otto Allison M Male Cat C
12 Katie Allsop F Female Cat C
13 Jake Bird M Male Cat C
14 Mikhail Gitnik M Male Cat C
15 Tyler Six M Male Cat C
16 Jack Morgan M Male Cat C
17 Elijah Storti M Male Cat C
18 Edith Heslop F Female Cat C

Category D
1 Billy Ladle M Male Cat D
2 Harvey Woodroffe M Male Cat D
3 Theo Wan M Male Cat D
4 Charlie Shalders M Male Cat D
5 Harriet Butcher F Female Cat D
6 William Tate M Male Cat D
7 Mujtaba Taimur M Male Cat D
8 Edward Kent M Male Cat D
9 Archie Mutchell M Male Cat D
10 George Haines M Male Cat D
11 William Butcher M Male Cat D
12 Timofey Gitnik M Male Cat D
13 Archie May M Male Cat D
14 Jemima Ward F Female Cat D
15 Harry Dutton M Male Cat D
16 Harriet Hughes F Female Cat D

Cat E
1 Lukas Humplik
2 Isaac Barral
3 Thomas Talor-Burt
4 James Utteridge
5 Mehreen Talmur
6 Alyssa Gitnik

Category B
1 Theo Simpson M Male Cat B
2 Toby Bush M Male Cat B
3 Max Hinds M Male Cat B
4 Charlie Abraham M Male Cat B
5 Sam Gilbert M Male Cat B
6 Dylan Starkey M Male Cat B
7 Samuel Quiggin M Male Cat B
8 Edward Charles M Male Cat B
9 Ethan Storti M Male Cat B
10 Stanley Kent M Male Cat B
11 Alec Rowles M Male Cat B
12 Oliver Morgan M Male Cat B
13 Luke Mannings M Male Cat B
14 Samuel Abbott M Male Cat B
15 Nathan Grady M Male Cat B
16 William Horspool M Male Cat B
17 Daniel Phillips M Male Cat B
18 Edward Hennah M Male Cat B
19 Aaron Caulfield M Male Cat B
20 Jacob Sunderland M Male Cat B
21 Kyran Levey M Male Cat B
22 Callum Prior M Male Cat B
23 Oscar Knight M Male Cat B

Category A
1 Lucas Jowett M Male Cat A
2 Jed Smithson M Male Cat A
3 Alex Galpin M Male Cat A
4 Finlay Holland M Male Cat A
5 Jack Pearson M Male Cat A
6 Mark Lightfoot M Male Cat A
7 Freddie Weller M Male Cat A
8 William Smith M Male Cat A
9 Daniel Lloyd M Male Cat A
10 Lewis Holmes M Male Cat A
11 Elliot Moreve M Male Cat A
12 Carrick Hewing M Male Cat A
13 Jamie Maxen M Male Cat A
14 Nathan Hardy M Male Cat A
15 Jacob Bush M Male Cat A
16 Alasdair Mildred M Male Cat A
17 Dan Galpin M Male Cat A
18 Zak Machin M Male Cat B
19 Joseph Smith M Male Cat A
20 Adam Lea M Male Cat A
21 Oscar Heslop M Male Cat B
22 Alexander Wood M Male Cat A
23 Huw Wilson M Male Cat A
24 Nabeel Akhtar M Male Cat A

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Race 2 Overall Results

1 Katie-Anne Calton F
2 Lotty Dawson F
3 Carys Lloyd F
4 Caitlin Loveless F
5 Ellen Phillips F
6 Kate Coulson F
7 Amelia Cebak F
8 Amy Harvey F
9 Lucy Benezet Minns F
10 Ella Ruggles F
11 Lucy Allsop F
12 Freya Eccleston F
13 Posie Forrester F
14 Tabitha Ward F

Category C
1 Harrison Hendy M
2 Daniel Ward M
3 Anna Lloyd F
4 Evander Wishart M
5 Lauren Charles F
6 Harry Tozer M
7 Jenson Groves M
8 Otto Allison M
9 Mikhail Gitnik M
10 Megan Cherry F
11 Thomas Styles M
12 Rose Lewis F
13 Jake Bird M
14 Tyler Six M
15 Katie Allsop F
16 Elijah Storti M
17 Jack Morgan M
18 Edith Heslop F

Category B
1 Theo Simpson M
2 Charlie Abraham M
3 Ethan Storti M
4 Edward Charles M
5 Samuel Quiggin M
6 Stanley Kent M
7 Max Hinds M
8 Luke Mannings M
9 Daniel Phillips M
10 Sam Gilbert M
11 Dylan Starkey M
12 Oliver Morgan M
13 Toby Bush M
14 Alec Rowles M
15 Samuel Abbott M
16 Nathan Grady M
17 William Horspool M
18 Edward Hennah M
19 Jacob Sunderland M
20 Aaron Caulfield M
21 Kyran Levey M
22 Callum Prior M
23 Oscar Knight M

Category A
1 William Smith M
2 Alex Galpin M
2 Jed Smithson M
4 Zak Machin M
5 Finlay Holland M
6 Jacob Bush M
7 Jack Pearson M
8 Mark Lightfoot M
9 Daniel Lloyd M
10 Nathan Hardy M
11 Carrick Hewing M
12 Jamie Maxen M
13 Dan Galpin M
14 Lucas Jowett M
15 Alasdair Mildred M
16 Joseph Smith M
17 Freddie Weller M
18 Lewis Holmes M
19 Oscar Heslop M
20 Adam Lea M
21 Alexander Wood M
22 Huw Wilson M
23 Nabeel Akhtar M
24 Elliot Moreve M

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