Feature: Brother UK/Cycle Team OnForm (Men)

The Brother UK/Cycle Team OnForm team is focused on delivering a solid foundation for developing riders and has named the riders in its 2021 men’s squad with Jamie Caldwell stepping up to manage the team

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Feature: Brother UK/Cycle Team OnForm (Men)

The Brother UK/Cycle Team OnForm team is focused on delivering a solid foundation for developing riders. The women’s team has already demonstrated this success, with many riders successfully moving on to racing at the World Tour level.

In 2021, the men’s team looks to start emulating this process more closely. Jamie Caldwell, a rider for the men’s team, will be stepping up to team manager in 2021. He says: “I have been racing and working with the team for a couple of years now. I have seen how much hard work goes on behind the scenes and how this translates to the riders and their performance. The success of the women’s team has been remarkable and I believe there is opportunity do something similar with the men’s team.”

“The team consists of up-and-coming Under 23 riders that we are supporting to help progress their racing careers. We have a range of experience in the team, with riders just starting out to riders aiming to race at the national level. This gives us an excellent balance for development, allowing new riders who have joined the team to learn from the experienced riders. While at the same time, riders are able to push for results to help move themselves and the team forward.”

“The long term goal for the men’s team is to provide a platform for aspiring riders to develop and race at the national level. Therefore, this year’s goal is to grow as a group and establish a foundation for us to build on over the coming years. We are excited by the announcement of a 3-Day stage race taking place in May (Bedfordshire) and will be one of our many targets for the year.

Also, we will be looking to ride a selection of the national series rounds, with the foresight in progressing the team towards this level in the coming years. With the continuing pandemic, we will be dynamic and realistic with what we can achieve this year. Gaining some sort of normality with racing again would be an achievement in itself. We are very fortunate to have such great sponsors who have provided continuous support through this time. The team are highly motivated to get racing again and show their gratitude for this support”

Team Director Simon Howes adds “I’m delighted that Jamie has decided to move towards managing the team, while I hope still pinning a number on occasionally. Jamie has experience at all levels of racing in the UK so can support riders new to the sport to racing in the tour series, this experience is invaluable to a team. With team OnForm women’s team established in the peloton it’s great Jamie has the same focus, ambition and enthusiasm to develop the boys team on a similar pathway.

Season 2021 will be our fifth year racing where our sponsors Brother UK, Writtle University College and Perkins Garages having supported us throughout this period. This offers tremendous stability in a challenging time for teams and give the boys confidence they can continue to race and develop for a team which continues year on year. I’m really look forward to seeing the boys organised and racing as a team, supporting and encouraging each other.”

The team line up for this year is as follows:
Corey Bale
Tom King
Bailey Wilmot
Oscar Wood
Josh Avery
Jacob Avery
Will Swarbrick
Frederick Gill
Jamie O’Connor
Kieran Jarvis
Thomas Timberlake
Adam Strudwick
Lance Vaughan
Alex Bosley
George Head
Owen Abery (J)
Bryn Richards (J)
Isaac Lawrence (J)

Here’s what some of our riders had to say about next year:
Corey Bale – “I’ve found 2020 to be a year of reflection on what’s been achieved in the last four years since I started racing and has given me a good chance to reset and work out why I ride, for the love of getting out there and exploring, pushing the limits of myself and my bike whether that’s on the road or off-road, racing or riding. For 2021, I’m looking to rebuild my fitness and get some speed in my legs again, after spending 2020 almost completely off-road, while looking to target races like the cycle classic, some shorter British stage racing, some French and Belgian racing in the flatter faster and winder regions with the potential of a national A in the mix if I feel I’m on that level with some XC racing thrown in there as well”

Tom King – “Next year I plan on continuing to grow stronger and try and consistently place some podiums in National B races. Also in terms of racing, I plan on targeting the ERRL standings with the aim of hopefully getting into a national series race.”

Bailey Wilmot – “I’m really happy to be staying with Team OnForm for 2021, after only completing Eddie Soens in 2020 due to the pandemic, I’m super excited to get back to racing and getting back together with the team. 2021 is looking like a good year for the team, with some promising races and a good strong team. I’m sure it’ll be a great year, especially with the help and commitment from the amazing sponsors.”

Frederick Gill – “I am hoping for a very successful season with OnForm. I would like to focus on a few national B and a few regional A’s races to start the season. I think this would help me progress to get back racing. I think it would be great to do some local races in the ERRL too. I would like to be able to work towards participating in the National Series depending on my progression during the start of the season. I also would like to get some results abroad, depending on how COVID pans out. I haven’t really targeted any races as I’m not sure how the season will plan out.”

Jacob Avery – “My main goals for the 2021 season are to progress into racing at the national level and to start getting good results in such races. I’m hoping to get to a point where I can compete in National A level races by 2022. I am also looking to pick up at least one win in both a road race and a time trial next season too”

Lance Vaughan – “I’m looking forward to road racing in England and look forward to transferring my mountain bike experiences to the road, learning new race craft throughout the season.”

Kieran Jarvis – “My goals for next year are to get my first cat license as early as possible and to get back into the rhythm of racing every weekend again.”

Oscar Wood – “With Team OnForm in the 2021 season, I’m looking forward to gaining experience in road racing particularly, and having fun with teammates.”

Owen Abery (Junior) – My goals for next year are to improve with the team and try to get good results in stage races like the Junior Tour of Ireland and Junior Tour of Assen.

Isaac Lawrence (Junior) – I’m currently studying Sports Coaching and Cycling Performance, at SGS College. I am really looking forward to making the big jump to juniors next year especially after such a disappointing season of no racing. The main races I am wanting to target next year are the Welsh and British National champs. I also really want to race in as many of the British national road race series as possible. And if I can, I would love to race in the Tour Series if it goes ahead. In general I really just want to do as much as possible to gain as much experience as I can. I have heard as a team we might get the opportunity to race abroad, so would really love to try and compete internationally.

Bryn Richards (Junior) -I would really like to target the national series and championships and get a few top 15s/ top 10s ideally. Alongside that, I would like to gain my cat 2. I was working my way towards it last season but missed out due to Covid. Also, I would like to be very competitive at the Van Bogel Race.

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