Q&A: Domini Radway-Fatuga (16)

Continuing our Q&A with riders from the Tofauti Everyone Active Team and in this one, 16 year old Domini Radway-Fatuga from South West London answers the questions

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Q&A: Domini Radway-Fatuga (16)

Continuing our Q&A with riders from the Tofauti Everyone Active Team and in this one, 16 year old Domini Radway-Fatuga from South West London answers the questions. Domini has been racing bikes for three years now.

Q: How did you come to race bikes?
Domini : I have lived around a five minute cycle ride from Herne Hill velodrome my whole life and my mum signed me up for a session there when I was 13. I fell in love with the sport, joined a club and have been racing since.

Q: What have been the highlight of your cycle racing so far and why?
Domini : Coming top 30 in a race at Assen as I was not expecting to stay in the bunch at all due to the fact that it was my first big race and I was one of the youngest riders.

Q: What event has been the most fun to do so far in your cycle racing?
Domini : Assen 2019 was probably the most fun race for me so far. It was really fast and really cool racing abroad.

Q: What was the hardest thing about not racing in 2020?
Domini : I was really looking forward to being one of the oldest in the age category and as I started the sport late, I worried that I was loosing out on the opportunity to gain experience.

Q: What was the longest ride and/or biggest challenge you had in 2020?
Domini : The biggest ride I did in 2020 was a 170 km ride from London to Grain and back. It was really tiring and at the peak of the summer but it was really enjoyable.

Q: What has been the best bike you have ridden so far and why?
Domini : The best bike I have ridden so far is probably my Scott Foil as it’s super light and super aero, but I am very excited to get the team Basso bike as they look really cool.

Q: What is the best thing about being part of a team like your one?
Domini : The best part of being in a team is that we get lots of support and get to train with people from all across Britain.

Q: What event in 2021 are you looking forward to most?
Domini : I’m really looking forward to the Nation’s Cups and the other UCI races as it will be the highest level of racing that I have ever raced at.

Q: How many hours a week do you do on average training?
Domini : Normally I aim for 10 hours during term time but on the holidays I spend a lot more time on the bike.

Q: Where is the favourite part of your world you like to ride your bike?
Domini : I really liked riding in the Netherlands as its really flat, but in London with the velodromes and big Royal parks

Q: If it is raining/snowing, do you have a rest day and put the feet up, or do the session on the turbo?
Domini : Depends how I feel, but most likely turbo.

Q: What’s your favourite social media and why?
Domini : Instagram because I can connect with more people my age

Q: What’s the furthest you have traveled for a bike race?
Domini : We drove from London to Holland in a day.

Q: How do you keep warm (how much clothing) on the bike during a freezing winter we had?
Domini : I normally wrap up really well, but I normally get caught out once or twice a winter and underdress.

Q: When the roads are icy, do you go off-road or stay inside?
Domini : I stay inside – my parents are way too overprotective to let me out when it’s icy.

Q: Finally, if you could win one race this year, which one would it be?
Domini : That’s a difficult question, I would love to have a win on the road, but at the same time I’m also looking forward to racing track as a junior so I suppose the dream would be to get a national title.

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