Result: VC Bristol 10m Time Trial

Arthur Franklin fastest in the VC Bristol 10 mile time trial on April 11; Megan Dickerson  fastest female; Oliver Bridgewood fastest on a road bike, Amelia Mitchell fastest female on a road bike

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Result: VC Bristol 10m Time Trial

1 Arthur Franklin FTP (Fulfil The Potential) Racing 20:51 Male Senior
2 Oscar Hutchings Team Tor 2000 | KALAS 21:03 Male Senior
3 Ted Cross University of Bristol Cycling Club (UOBCC) 21:34 Male Senior
4 Nick Livermore Bristol South Cycling Club 21:46 Male Senior
5 Robert Grover Rogue Racing 22:01 Male Senior
6 Will Bjergfelt AeroCoach 22:21 Male C5
7 Ben Jones Portishead Cycling Club 22:37 Male Senior
8 Tom Sharp Bristol Road Club 23:06 Male Senior
9 Paul Derrick Sodbury Cycle Sport 23:08 Male Senior
10 Megan Dickerson ŠKODA DSI CYCLING ACADEMY 23:26 Female Senior
11 Iwan Jones Total Tri Training 23:32 Male Senior
12 Gareth Jones Clevedon & District Road Club 24:07:00 Male Vet
13 Tamsin Miller Avid Sport 24:11:00 Female Espoir
14 Andrew Legge Bristol South Cycling Club 24:19:00 Male Vet
15 Kevin Garland PDQ Cycle Coaching 24:26:00 Male Vet
16 Mark Bradley Bristol South Cycling Club 24:39:00 Male Vet
17 Luke Smith Bristol South Cycling Club 24:39:00 Male Vet
18 Alastair McChesney Bath Cycling Club 25:00:00 Male Vet
19 Rob Sutton Velo Club Bristol 25:10:00 Male Vet
20 Maris Brugis Bristol Road Club 25:20:00 Male Senior
21 Dan Laasna Reuter Virtual Cycling Club 25:35:00 Male Vet
22 Chris Truman Velo Club Bristol 25:45:00 Male Vet
23 Ben Loxton University of Bath Cycling Club 26:04:00 Male Senior
24 Stefan Hoole Velo Club Bristol 26:08:00 Male Senior
25 Paul Tutton Velo Club Bristol 26:18:00 Male Vet
26 Christopher Newby Bristol CX 26:21:00 Male Vet
27 Alex Rice Bath Cycling Club 26:58:00 Male Vet
28 Chris Redfern Tewkesbury Triathlon Club 27:29:00 Male Vet
29 Tim Griffiths Penge Cycle Club 27:56:00 Male Senior
30 Stewart Downie North Bristol Triathlon Club 27:57:00 Male Vet
31 Joanna Knight Bristol South Cycling Club 28:26:00 Female Vet

Road Bikes
1 Oliver Bridgewood Bath Cycling Club 24:03:00 Male Senior
2 William Fussell Thornbury Cycling Club 25:05:00 Male Senior
3 James Harrison Sodbury Cycle Sport 25:16:00 Male Senior
4 Robert Borek Bristol South Cycling Club 25:29:00 Male Senior
5 David Stoyle Bath Cycling Club 25:45:00 Male Vet
6 Peter Phillips Bath Cycling Club 26:00:00 Male Vet
7 Steve Rocliffe Bath Cycling Club 26:03:00 Male Vet
8 Kai Ruesch Bath Cycling Club 26:07:00 Male Senior
9 Alex Wallace Bikestrong-KTM 26:16:00 Male Senior
10 Patrick Dawson Cowley Road Condors CC 26:19:00 Male Senior
10 Tobias Coates Bath Cycling Club 26:19:00 Male Senior
12 Amelia Mitchell University of Bath Cycling Club 26:30:00 Female Senior
13 Sam Rutty Velo Club Bristol 26:38:00 Male Espoir
14 Ashley Dunn Velo Club Bristol 27:03:00 Male Vet
15 Simon Martin Bath Cycling Club 27:51:00 Male Vet
16 Claire Gregory Kingswood Tri Club 29:00:00 Female Vet
17 Adam Slee Sodbury Cycle Sport 29:12:00 Male Vet
18 Simon Thomas Bath Cycling Club 29:39:00 Male Vet
19 Neil Hodges Sodbury Cycle Sport 29:56:00 Male Vet
20 David Bailey Sodbury Cycle Sport 30:05:00 Male Vet
21 Claire Mills Sodbury Cycle Sport 30:29:00 Female Vet
22 Mark Bishton Velo Club Bristol 31:57:00 Male Vet
23 Bob Symons PDQ Cycle Coaching 32:40:00 Male Vet



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