Result: Bristol South CC 10m Time Trial

Nick Livermore fastest in the Bristol South CC 10 mile Time Trial on April 17; Megan Dickerson fastest female in 8th; Conor McGoldrick fastest on a road bike

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Result: Bristol South CC 10m Time Trial

1 Nick Livermore Bristol South Cycling Club 20:25 Male Senior
2 Sam Beckett Wales Racing Academy 20:42 Male Espoir
3 Nick English AeroCoach 20:44 Male Vet
4 Philip Tucker Bynea Cycling Club 20:57 Male Vet
5 Robin Short Cotswold Veldrijden 21:11 Male Vet
6 George Bazley Bristol Cycling Development Squad 21:33 Male Espoir
7 Tom Burke-Nott Bristol South Cycling Club 21:43 Male Vet
8 Megan Dickerson ŠKODA DSI CYCLING ACADEMY 21:46 Female Senior
9 Tom Sharp Bristol Road Club 21:53 Male Senior
10 Elizabeth Bennett Drops – Le Col s/b Tempur 21:56 Female Espoir
11 Robert Borek Bristol South Cycling Club 21:57 Male Senior
12 Steven Cottington Bath Cycling Club 21:59 Male Vet
13 John O’Dwyer Dursley Road Club 22:05 Male Senior
14 Andrew Derrick Portishead Cycling Club 22:20 Male Vet
15 Simon Bromley Bristol South Cycling Club 22:22 Male Senior
16 David Leighton Severn Road Club 22:29 Male Vet
17 David Bolton Bristol South Cycling Club 22:42 Male Vet
18 Gareth Jones Clevedon & District Road Club 22:44 Male Vet
19 Daniel Burbridge Bristol South Cycling Club 22:48 Male Senior
20 Lawrence Martindale Chippenham & District Wheelers 22:50 Male Junior
21 Anthony Clark FTP (Fulfil The Potential) Racing 22:56 Male Senior
22 Morgan Lloyd Cycle Specific 23:02 Male Junior
23 Andrew Legge Bristol South Cycling Club 23:06 Male Vet
24 Mark Bradley Bristol South Cycling Club 23:17 Male Vet
25 Alastair McChesney Bath Cycling Club 23:19 Male Vet
26 Andrea Ricci Bristol South Cycling Club 23:20 Male Senior
27 Thomas Hogan VeloVitesse/ALLCAP/James Barry 23:38 Male Senior
28 Poppy Thompson Pro-Noctis – Redchilli Bikes – Heidi Kjeldsen 23:44 Female Senior
29 Peter Crease Royal Navy & Royal Marines CA 23:49 Male Senior
30 Daniel Madden Bristol South Cycling Club 23:50 Male Senior
31 Daniel Kempe Bristol South Cycling Club 23:57 Male Vet
32 David English Chippenham & District Wheelers 24:01:00 Male Vet
33 Peter Iffland Northumbria Police C.C. 24:25:00 Male Vet
34 Roger Wood Pontypool Road Cycling Club 24:51:00 Male Vet
35 Dan Laasna Reuter Virtual Cycling Club 24:57:00 Male Vet
36 Maris Brugis Bristol Road Club 25:06:00 Male Senior
37 Jeremy Bigg Royal Dean Forest Cycle Club 25:19:00 Male Senior
38 Ian Mountjoy Bristol South Cycling Club 25:22:00 Male Vet
39 Cameron Leslie Royal Air Force Cycling Association 25:31:00 Male Senior
40 Josie Harcourt Beeston Cycling Club 25:45:00 Female Senior
41 Darren Lunn Bristol South Cycling Club 25:49:00 Male Senior
42 Paul Rogoll Salt and Sham Cycle Club 25:54:00 Male Vet
43 Joshua Blackmore Bynea Cycling Club 26:12:00 Male Senior
44 Joanna Knight Bristol South Cycling Club 26:29:00 Female Vet
45 Gemma Waterjohns Somerset Road Club 26:38:00 Female Senior
46 Roger Taylor Frome and District Wheelers 27:16:00 Male Vet
47 Bob Symons PDQ Cycle Coaching 28:56:00 Male Vet
48 Grace Lusby Royal Navy & Royal Marines CA 29:21:00 Female Senior
49 Steven MacDonald Bristol South Cycling Club 29:49:00 Male Vet
50 Kyle Baker Royal Navy & Royal Marines CA 31:04:00 Male Senior
51 Paula Bradshaw North Bristol Triathlon Club 31:10:00 Female Vet
52 John J Murphy Gloucester City Cycling Club 31:22:00 Male Vet
53 Bob Brabbins VTTA West Group 34:21:00 Male Vet

1 Conor McGoldrick Primera-Teamjobs 21:41 Male Senior
2 Jake Hollins Bath Cycling Club 22:20 Male Senior
3 Joe Colley Royal Air Force Cycling Association 23:40 Male Senior
4 Andrew Turner Bristol South Cycling Club 24:42:00 Male Senior
5 Thomas Southey Bristol South Cycling Club 25:00:00 Male Senior
6 Emily Kate Walton Bristol South Cycling Club 26:10:00 Female Senior
7 Callum Crew Bristol South Cycling Club 26:25:00 Male Senior
8 Elizabeth Pressage Velo Club Venta 26:43:00 Female Senior
9 Samuel Jones FTP (Fulfil The Potential) Racing 27:11:00 Male Senior
10 Simon Thomas Bath Cycling Club 27:31:00 Male Vet
11 Edward Le Masurier Bristol South Cycling Club 27:40:00 Male Senior
12 Keith Smith Kingswood Tri Club 27:42:00 Male Vet
13 Fergus Ryan Royal Dean Forest Cycle Club 27:44:00 Male Senior
14 Solene Mosley Thornbury Cycling Club 29:03:00 Female Senior
15 Carleigh Wright Royal Dean Forest Cycle Club 29:44:00 Female Senior
15 Kirsty Bennett Bristol South Cycling Club 29:44:00 Female Vet
17 Stuart Maule Bristol South Cycling Club 33:03:00 Male Senior


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