Result: Eastern Region Return to Racing Circuit #1

Alfie Salmon, Jennifer Millmore, Matthew Clements and Vaughn Pretorius winners at Eastern Region’s Return to Racing meeting at Redbridge Cycling Centre on Saturday

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Result: Eastern Region Return to Racing Circuit #1

1 Alfie Salmon Lee Valley Youth Cycling Club 3rd
2 Callum Laborde Tofauti Everyone Active 3rd
3 Brandon Baldacci Lee Valley Youth Cycling Club 3rd
4 Rupert Beharrell Islington Cycling Club 4th
5 Samuel Thienel Hart Performance Coaching 3rd
6 Joseph Smith Tofauti Everyone Active 3rd
7 Dean Hart Hart Performance Coaching 4th
8 William Taylor Dirty Wknd 3rd
9 Luca Unwin Lee Valley Youth Cycling Club 4th
10 Bradley Redgewell VC Revolution 4th
11 Callum Biggs FlandersColor Galloo 3rd
12 Connor Stevens Lee Valley Youth Cycling Club 3rd
13 Ryan Allen Verulam – 3rd
14 Thomas Geoffrey Lea CC London 3rd
15 Oliver Tyler-Elder East London Velo N/A
16 Ross Finlay Islington Cycling Club 3rd
17 Stephen Byrne Dirty Wknd 3rd
18 Angus Lawrence St Ives CC 3rd
19 Iain McNaught CC London 3rd
20 Adam Tonini Finchley Racing Team 3rd
21 Edward Delville-Jones Lee Valley Youth Cycling Club 4th
22 Nicholas Knight Basildon CC 4th
23 Jack Charlton-Hunt Lee Valley Youth Cycling Club 3rd
24 Simon Higgs Essex Roads CC 3rd
25 David Wells Cycle Club Ashwell (CCA) 3rd

Womens Handicap
1 Jennifer Millmore Islington Cycling Club 4th
2 Mathilde Pauls 1904 RT 1st
3 Bethany Barnett Awol 3rd
4 Maddie Heywood Team Watto-LDN 3rd
5 Amber Junker-Brameld VC Londres 3rd
6 Georgia Doolan CC London 4th
7 Sophie Tolhurst CC London 4th
8 Baiba Fogele CC London 4th
9 Emma Andrews CC London N/A
10 Uta Jenny Pollmann CC London N/A
11 Hannah Roberts CC London 4th
12 Louise Davidson Team Watto-LDN 4th
13 Isabelle Rayner 4th
14 Jamie-Lee Wright 3rd
15 Michelle Ko CC London N/A
16 Jennifer Andrews 1904 RT 2nd
17 Rosina Digne-Malcolm Team Watto-LDN 3rd
18 Amy Harvey Verulam – 3rd
19 Rosie Day Brixton Cycles Club 3rd
20 Mollie Bilner Fast Test Racing Team 3rd
21 Zoe Warner Lee Valley Youth Cycling Club 3rd
22 Abigail Coles North Road CC 3rd

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1 Matthew Clements 1st
2 Jake Crossley Tofauti Everyone Active 2nd
3 Tim Allen Team LDN – Brother UK 2nd
4 Max Bolton QSW Fenwicks 2nd
5 Samuel Asker Richardsons-Trek RT 1st
6 Lance Childs trainSharp Development team 2nd
7 Will Auty 4T+ Cyclopark 2nd
8 Liam Fenner API-Metrow/Bodyby JR 1st
9 Cai Davies BIKESTRONG-KTM 2nd
10 Dominic Schils Velo Schils – Interbike RT Elite
11 James Somerfield TRASH MILE 2nd
12 Tom Elwood Team LDN – Brother UK 1st
13 Tom Wiley Team LDN – Brother UK 1st
14 Archie Peet Flamme Rouge Rouleurs 2nd
15 Dexter Mansel-Thomas KDM-Pack Cycling 2nd
16 Joshua Avery Brother U.K – Cycle Team OnFor… 1st
17 Jody Paxman Team LDN – Brother UK 2nd
18 Kieran Jarvis Brother U.K – Cycle Team OnFor… 2nd
19 Bradley Shenton Partenza – Nude Espresso RT 2nd

3/4 Cat Race 2
1 Vaughn Pretorius CC London 3rd
2 Alex Jones Sigma Sports Official 3rd
3 Conor Williams VC Londres 3rd
4 Daniel Rees Glendene CC 4th
5 Calvin Cheung Hub Vélo 3rd
6 Peter Hargreaves VC Londres 3rd
7 Angus Bennett Hub Vélo 3rd
8 Will Salisbury Coalville Wheelers CC 3rd
9 Guillermo Castro Hub Vélo 3rd
10 Rob O’Grady Hub Vélo 4th
11 Simon Hooper Hub Vélo 3rd
12 Ben Wheeler Brixton Cycles Club 4th
13 Andrew Buckwell Hub Vélo 3rd
14 Seun Aderibigbe Brixton Cycles Club 3rd
15 Aimee Hockley-Righton Ely & District CC

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