Result: Return to Racing at Cyclopark 1

Irfan Zaman and Matt O’Brien winners at round 1 of the Return to Racing at Cyclopark in Kent on May 6 (Thursday)

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Result: Return to Racing Cyclopark 1

4th Cat Only
1 Matt O’Brien Crawley Wheelers 4th
2 Dru Dennis 4th
3 Howard Mainwaring Smart 4th
4 Leo Whyton Elitecycling Junior Team 4th
5 Edward Bowyer Southborough & District Whls 4th
6 Patrick Torrison Southborough & District Whls 4th
7 David Carter VC Deal 4th
8 Roger Crouch Dulwich Paragon CC 4th

3rd Cat Only
1 Irfan Zaman Brixton Cycles Club 3rd
2 Jesse Yates Team Solo Vinci 3rd
3 Ryan Allen Verulam – 3rd
4 Daniel Fowler Woolwich CC 3rd
5 Nathan Delaney Project 51 3rd
6 Ashley Dennis S.C.Punta Galea 3rd
7 Jonathan McCann Paceline RT 3rd
8 Connor Stevens Lee Valley Youth Cycling Club 3rd
9 Thomas Seller Oxted Cycling Club 3rd
10 Harry Ives trainSharp Development team 3rd
11 Marco Coppola 3rd
12 Simon Carter 4T+ Cyclopark 3rd
13 Simon Bell 4T+ Cyclopark 3rd
14 Antonius Wubben 3rd
15 Philip Hersey Eagle RC 3rd
16 Simon Higgs Essex Roads CC 3rd
17 Daniel Gullefer Beds Road Race Team 3rd
18 Rob Brice trainSharp Club 3rd
20 Connie Hayes AWOL- O’Shea 2nd
21 Lee Messenger Project 51 3rd
22 Andrew Buckwell Hub Vélo 3rd
23 Thomas Barnes 4T+ Cyclopark 3rd
24 Gary Bull Elitecycling 3rd
25 Emmeric Hurault 4T+ Cyclopark 3rd



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