Startlist: Chitterne Road Races

Big day of racing in Wiltshire with Avid Sport’s double header of a Men’s National B and Women’s 2/3/4 on a challenging circuit on Sunday (May 23rd)

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Startlist: Chitterne Road Races

This will be the fourth running of the Chitterne Road Race held on a challenging circuit with a combination of medium length climbs and exposed windy sections. There will be a women’s 2/3/4 race in the morning and a men’s E/1/2/3 race (National B) in the afternoon.

The race will roll out from in front of Chitterne Village Hall and proceed out of the village towards Shrewton. Just before Shrewton the race will turn sharp left on the A360 towards Tilshead. As you leave Tilshead the race will continue straight ahead on the unnamed road towards Chitterne. The finish line will be drawn 500m before the descent back towards Chitterne at the tank crossing point.

NATIONAL B – 2pm (52 miles)
1. Callum Macleod ,Canyon DHB Sungod 1st
2. Euan Macleod, Canyon DHB Sungod 2nd
3. Max Stedman, Canyon DHB Sungod 1st
4. Daniel Tulett, Canyon DHB Sungod 1st
5. Iwan Evans, Saint Piran 2nd
6. Ross Holland, Saint Piran 1st
7. Oliver Maxwell, Saint Piran 1st
8. Stephen Bradbury, Saint Piran Elite
9. James Bentley, Team PB Performance 1st
10. Jacques Coates, Team PB Performance 2nd
11. Sion Harlow, Team PB Performance 1st
12. Josh Whitehead, Team PB Performance 2nd
13. Samuel Asker, Richardsons-Trek RT 1st
14. Jim Bradford, Richardsons-Trek RT Elite
15. Aaron Freeman, Richardsons-Trek RT 2nd
16. Callum Riley, Richardsons-Trek RT 2nd
17. James Ashcroft, Nopinz Motip Race Team 2nd
18. Nathan Hallett, Nopinz Motip Race Team 1st
19. Tom Nancarrow, Nopinz Motip Race Team Elite
20. Sebastian Garry, Nopinz Motip Race Team 1st
21. Joshua Price, Spirit Racing Team 2nd
22. Tom Couzens, Spirit Racing Team 1st
23. Angus Hawkins, Spirit Racing Team 1st
24. Farley Barber, Spirit Racing Team 2nd
25. Jody Paxman, Team LDN – Brother UK 2nd
26. Tom Wiley, Team LDN – Brother UK 1st
27. Jamie Wimborne, Team LDN – Brother UK 1st
28. Tim Allen, Team LDN – Brother UK 2nd
29. Samuel Clark, TBW23 Stuart Hall Cycling 2nd
30. Samuel Painter, TBW23 Stuart Hall Cycling 2nd
31. Timothy Torrie, TBW23 Stuart Hall Cycling 1st
32. Joseph West, TBW23 Stuart Hall Cycling 2nd
33. James Nicholson, TAAP Cervelo 2nd
34. Elliot Barratt, TAAP Cervelo 2nd
35. Henry Latimer, TAAP Cervelo 2nd
36. Matthew Downie, TAAP Cervelo 1st
37. Jake Hollins, Veloschills Interbike
38. Luca D’Arcy Willett, JRC-Shutt-Ridley Race Team 3rd
39. Oliver Bowden, JRC-Shutt-Ridley Race Team 3rd
40. Zeb Kyffin, Ribble Weldtite
41. Frederick Scheske, Ribble Weldtite
42. Yanto Barker, Onyx RT 2nd
43. Piers Curle, Onyx Racing Team 3rd
44. Michael Koreneff, Onyx Racing Team 3rd
45. Conor McGoldrick, Primera-TeamJobs 2nd
46. George Smith, Primera-TeamJobs Elite
47. Nicholas Tyrie, Primera-TeamJobs 1st
48. Jack Freeman, Meudon Pedal Heaven Le Col RT Elite
49. Matthew Houlberg, Meudon Pedal Heaven Le Col RT 2nd
50. Red Walters, CC Plancoet
51. Oscar Hutchings, Team Tor 2000 Kalas Elite
52. Joshua Avery, Brother U.K – Cycle Team OnForm 1st
53. Tom Portsmouth, Carbonbike Discar Academy 1st
54. Andrew Taylor, DAP Cycling Club Elite
55. Ken Buckley, Nuun-Sigma Sports-London RT Elite
56. Shaun Cook, Bristol RC
57. Owain Roberts, Team Wales 1st
58. William Truelove, Wales Racing Academy 1st
59. Joshua Giddings, Z Junior Race Team 1st
60. Cameron Biddle, Vredestein Basso 1st

WOMEN’S 2/3/4 – 10am (43 miles)

1. Margaret Dods
2. Leah Moorman 4th
3. Tia Froom Abergavenny Road Club 4th
4. Francesca Derbyshire Army Cycling Union 2nd
5. Molly Hodges Avid Sport 2nd
6. Olive Holliday Avid Sport 2nd
7. Tamsin Miller Avid Sport
8. Grace Park Avid Sport 4th
9. Elizabeth Sanders Avid Sport 2nd
10. Vivienne Tomlin Avid Sport 3rd
11. Freya Richardson Awol 2nd
12. Maddi Aldham Gates, Bath CC
13. Jessie Walters Bike Doctor 4th
14. Katie Scott CAMS-Basso 2nd
15. Jamie-Lee Wright CC London 3rd
16. Grace Lister Cero – Cycle Division Racing Team 2nd
17. Claire Fennell Chew Valley Cycling Club 4th
18. Charlotte Davies Clapham Chasers Run & Tri Club 4th
19. Emma Cadoux-Hudson Cowley Road Condors 4th
20. Emma O’Toole DHC (DistrictsofHamwicCyclesport) 2nd
21. Rosie Wayland Dursley RC 4th
22. Jonna de Vries Grinta Coaching 3rd
23. Martha Mackay Grinta Coaching 4th
24. Alice McWilliam Grinta Coaching 4th
25. Anya Tamplin HuntBikeWheels 4th
26. Jennifer Millmore Islington Cycling Club 4th
27. Emma Watson Islington Cycling Club
28. Madeline Cooper Jam Cycling RT coached by BPC 3rd
29. Zoe Warner Lee Valley Youth Cycling Club 3rd
30. Abbie Manley Montezuma’s Race Team 2nd
31. Amy Perryman Montezuma’s Race Team 3rd
32. Sarah Hickman Nova Race Team 3rd
33. Suzetta Guerrini Onyx Racing Team 3rd
34. Connie McLaughlin, Tofauti Everyone Active
35. Penny Colloff Paceline RT 3rd
36. Katarzyna Madej Paceline RT 4th
37. Maryka Sennema Paceline RT 2nd
38. Kate Voller Browning Paceline RT 4th
39. Lauren Booth PDQ Cycle Coaching 3rd
40. Millie Couzens PH-MAS – Paul Milnes Cycles 2nd
41. Anna Wadsworth PH-MAS – Paul Milnes Cycles 2nd
42. Millie Skinner Pro-Noctis – Redchilli Bikes – 2nd
43. Hannah Rainger Propello 3rd
44. Georgina Paul Ross On Wye & District CC 3rd
45. Rebecca Seal Saint Piran WRT 4th
46. Laura Senior Saint Piran WRT 2nd
47. Emma Matthews Sowerby Sunday Club 4th
48. Sian Reynolds Sprinteur Club Feminin 3rd
49. Harriet Dodd Team LDN – Brother UK 2nd
50. Lauren Higham Team LDN – Brother UK 2nd
51. Lucy Lee Team LDN – Brother UK 2nd
52. Amy Marks Team LDN – Brother UK 2nd
53. Polly Mason Team LDN – Brother UK 2nd
54. Louise Davidson Team Watto-LDN 4th
55. Rosina Digne-Malcolm Team Watto-LDN 3rd
56. Maddie Heywood Team Watto-LDN 3rd
57. Feodora Rayner Team Watto-LDN 4th
58. Dannielle Watkinson Team Watto-LDN 4th
59. Lauren Johnston Torvelo Racing 2nd
60. Tina Reid VC Londres 3rd


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