Result: FTP Racing 50M TT

Arthur Franklin fastest in the FTP Racing 50 mile time trial on May 30 near Swindon; Megan Dickerson fastest woman

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Result: FTP Racing 50M TT

1 Arthur Franklin FTP (Fulfil The Potential) Racing 01:48:49 Male Senior
2 Rob Walker AeroLab Ward WheelZ 01:49:23 Male Senior
3 Jake Sargent FTP (Fulfil The Potential) Racing 01:52:34 Male Espoir
4 Robert Grover Rogue Racing 01:55:00 Male Senior
5 Tony Chapman Frome and District Wheelers 01:55:34 Male Vet
6 Sebastian Dickson AeroLab Ward WheelZ 01:56:02 Male Senior
7 Andrew Rivett Velo Club St Raphael 01:56:31 Male Vet
8 Humfrey Jeakins Bath Cycling Club 01:56:47 Male Senior
9 Robert Francis Reflex Racing 01:57:34 Male Senior
10 Niel Dunnage PDQ Cycle Coaching 01:57:47 Male Vet
11 Lee Williams North Hampshire RC 01:58:13 Male Senior
12 David Bolton Bristol South Cycling Club 01:59:54 Male Vet
13 Megan Dickerson ŠKODA DSI CYCLING ACADEMY 02:02:18 Female Senior
14 Luke Smith Bristol South Cycling Club 02:03:19 Male Vet
15 Simon Brace Bath Cycling Club 02:04:40 Male Vet
16 Matthew Hill Gloucester City Cycling Club 02:06:05 Male Vet
17 William Hamilton FTP (Fulfil The Potential) Racing 02:06:13 Male Senior
18 Gareth Jones Clevedon & District Road Club 02:06:19 Male Vet
19 Malcolm Dixon Dream Cycling 02:07:07 Male Senior
20 Justin Dance 1st Chard Wheelers 02:09:19 Male Vet
21 Paul Winchcombe Chippenham & District Wheelers 02:10:12 Male Vet
22 Roy Carless Swindon Road Club 02:11:52 Male Vet
23 Daryl Stroud Gloucester City Cycling Club 02:12:00 Male Vet
24 Ian Barrett Performance Cycles CC 02:12:23 Male Vet
25 Lindsey Lyes The Ark Cycles 02:12:45 Female Senior
26 Tony Lake Gloucester City Cycling Club 02:13:02 Male Vet
27 Stuart Peckham Velo Club St Raphael 02:13:21 Male Vet
28 Maria Powell Bristol South Cycling Club 02:13:22 Female Vet
29 Chris Truman Velo Club Bristol 02:14:43 Male Vet
30 Roger Whittle Gloucester City Cycling Club 02:15:27 Male Vet
31 Maris Brugis Bristol Road Club 02:16:08 Male Senior
31 Jo Buckland FTP (Fulfil The Potential) Racing 02:16:08 Female Vet
33 Chanel Mason Storey Racing 02:16:20 Female Vet
34 Mike Anderson CC Moncontour 02:16:24 Male Vet
35 Martin Beale Velo Club St Raphael 02:17:00 Male Vet
36 Mark Evans Chippenham & District Wheelers 02:21:40 Male Vet
37 Darren Wrintmore Westbury Wheelers 02:22:47 Male Vet
38 Isabella McNally Westbury Wheelers 02:26:58 Female Senior
39 Jayme Fraioli Salt and Sham Cycle Club 02:31:52 Female Senior
40 Chris Lowe Swindon Road Club 02:32:24 Male Vet
41 Daniel Colman Arctic Aircon RT 02:33:56 Male Senior
42 Nichola Rorke Exeter Whs CC 02:47:05 Female Vet

Road Bikes
1 Karl Norris 360VRT 02:04:31 Male Vet
2 Ben Parker Swindon Wheelers 02:08:59 Male Vet
3 Olivia Bentley High Wycombe CC 02:15:20 Female Senior



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