Result: Sussex Summer Circuit Racing 4

Anya Tamplin, Charlie Heffernan and Nicholas Hart winners at week 4 of the Sussex Summer Circuit Races in Brighton on June 18

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Result: Sussex Summer Circuit Racing 4

Women 3/4
1 Anya Tamplin HuntBikeWheels 4th
2 Jasmine Cornelius Lee Valley Youth Cycling Club 3rd
3 Laura Haydon Paceline RT 4th
4 Bethan Male
5 Grace Davies Project 51 4th
6 Gemma Hayes 1904 RT 3rd
7 Charlotte Buchanan 4th
8 Antonia Foster Kingston Wheelers CC 4th
9 Gwyneth Parry SKODA DSI Cycling Academy 4th
10 Sarah Hickman Nova Race Team 3rd
11 Samantha Holden Crawley Wheelers 4th
12 Isobel Beattie Brighton Mitre CC 4th

1 Charlie Heffernan HuntBikeWheels 2nd
2 Jamie Pullen Maison Du Velo In-Gear Cycles 2nd
3 Patrick Brown HuntBikeWheels 2nd
4 Isaac Wright Project 51 2nd
5 Stuart Bettis HuntBikeWheels 2nd
6 Adam Fulbrook Crawley Wheelers Race Team 3rd
7 Paul Barnard Precise Performance RT 2nd
8 Mark Gower Precise Performance RT 2nd
9 Mark Day HuntBikeWheels 2nd
10 Jacob James trainSharp Development team 3rd
11 Conor Clancy Sussex Revolution Velo Club 2nd
12 James Di Rico Sussex Revolution Velo Club 3rd

4th Cat only
1 Nicholas Hart Southborough & District Whls 4th
2 Benjamin Dewey Sussex Revolution Velo Club 4th
3 Joe Walker Brighton Mitre CC 4th
4 Nathan Cozens Brighton Mitre CC N/A
5 Ernesto Battinelli 4th
6 Michael Mackie Crawley Wheelers 4th
7 Jack Godfrey Nice Brew Racing 4th
8 Daniel Magrizos Brighton Mitre CC N/A
9 Leon Ryan Neighbourhood Brighton CC 4th
10 Ben Wilkinson University of Exeter Cycling C… 4th
11 Michael Faulkner Dorking Cycling Club 4th
12 Rory Knapp Brighton Mitre CC 4th
13 Freddie Hick 4th
14 Michael Amos Southborough & District Whls 4th
15 Joe Mellor Neighbourhood Brighton CC N/A
16 Robert Green Liss Cycling Club 4th
17 Jonathan McKee Liss Cycling Club 4th
18 Martyn Jepson Sussex Revolution Velo Club 4th
19 Vince Freeman Sussex Revolution Velo Club 4th
20 Peter Baker Lewes Wanderers CC 4th
21 Paul Budgen Crawley Wheelers 4th


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