Result: Blaydon CC Road Races

Ross Turner and Robyn Clay winners in the Men’s and Women’s Blaydon CC Road Races on Sunday (June 27) in Northumberland

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Result: Blaydon CC Road Races

Mens 2/3/4
1 Ross Turner Fietsen Tempo 2nd
2 Ben Flanagan Derwentside CC 3rd
3 Matthew Smith Muckle Cycle Club 2nd
4 Tom Roper Inflite-Dynamic Rides Race Tea… 2nd
5 Patrick Clark Lifting Gear Prod- CyclesInMot… 2nd
6 Adam Martin SCOTT Racing 3rd
7 Matthew Kipling MTS Cycle Sport 3rd
8 Ben McMullen Sprockets Cycle Shop Race Team… 3rd
9 Lee Cuthbertson Muckle Cycle Club 2nd
10 Peter Hawkins Muckle Cycle Club 2nd
11 Sam Kettlewell TS Racing 2nd
12 John Russell Team Bikestop Tyrekey 4th
13 Christopher Burns Reifen Racing 2nd
14 Richard King MTS Cycle Sport 2nd
15 Kevin Alexis High Peak Cycles RT 3rd
16 Simon Robinson Fietsen Tempo 2nd
17 Graeme Wardale South Shields Velo Cycling Clu… 2nd
18 Rafe Williams Team Bikestop Tyrekey 3rd
19 Michael Sloanes 3rd
20 Ben Etherington Manilla Cycling 3rd
21 Hugo Lutz-Atkinson HUUB Ribble Performance Academ… 2nd
22 Tom Harcourt Team Bikestop Tyrekey 3rd
23 Josh Gibson Reifen Racing 4th
24 Danny Hedley Royal Air Force CA 2nd
25 Malachy Wicks Manilla Cycling 3rd
26 Ian Lee Royal Air Force CA 3rd
27 John Brown Sub Rosa 2nd
28 Simon Gibbs Reifen Racing 3rd
29 John Davidson Reifen Racing 3rd
30 Colin Ash Reifen Racing 3rd
31 Daniel Smith TS Racing 2nd
32 John Routledge Barnesbury CC 3rd
33 Charlie Mace TS Racing 4th
34 Mark Hansom TS Racing 2nd
35 Stuart Matthews Infinity Cycles 2nd
36 Adam Cooke Reifen Racing 2nd
37 Andrew Hindmarch Sub Rosa 3rd
38 Michael Smith Newcastle Cheviot CC 2nd
39 David Lawson Fietsen Tempo 3rd
40 Jonathan Bayley Reifen Racing 3rd
41 Craig Berry Reifen Racing 3rd
42 Harry Robson TS Racing 2nd
43 Joe Leiserach Blaydon Cycle Club 3rd
44 Noel Stoddart Blaydon Cycle Club 3rd
45 Lee Ridden Reifen Racing 3rd
46 Patrick Kilcullen Manilla Cycling 3rd
47 Stuart Neilson Fietsen Tempo 3rd
48 Chris Smith Reifen Racing 3rd
49 Damon Devine Reifen Racing 3rd

Women’s 2/3/4
1 Robyn Clay Otley CC 3rd
2 Joanne Thom Ronde Works Racing 2nd
3 Hannah Farran Team Boompods 2nd
4 Megan Anderson Clifton CC 3rd
5 Lauren Watson Team Boompods 2nd
6 Helen Jackson Kendal Cycle Club 2nd
7 Gemma Hutchins Blaydon Cycle Club 2nd
8 Jen McMahon Sub Rosa 3rd
9 Katy Denham Muckle Cycle Club N/A
10 Jihanna Bonilla-Allard PMRR 2nd
11 Lily Young PH-MAS – Paul Milnes Cycles 3rd
12 Julie Marie Haabeth Brox 4th
13 Millie Jones Manilla Cycling 3rd
14 Sarah Cramoysan Prima Team Racing 3rd
15 Lucy Siddle Reifen Racing 3rd
16 Phoebe Brown Otley CC 3rd
17 Miriam Jessett Team Kirkley Cycles 2nd
18 Laura Sarkis Velocita Coaching Race Team 3rd
19 Rachel Galler Blaydon Cycle Club 2nd
20 Louise Scupham AWOL- O’Shea 2nd
21 Lydia Horsfield N/A


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