Result: Solihull CC Youth Circuit Races

Ioan Oldfield, Edward Peters, Martha Roper, Oliver Howard, Finlay Storrie, Rose Lewis, Zoe Parker, Samuel Greenwell and Ioan Oldfield winners at the Solihull CC Youth Circuit Races on Saturday, June 26

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Result: Solihull CC Youth Circuit Races

U16 Girls
1 Mari Porton Halesowen A & CC A

U16 Boys
1 Ioan Oldfield Marsh Tracks Racing – Trek A
2 Ben Woodhouse Solihull CC A
3 Lewis Tinsley ROTOR Race Team A
4 George Stephen Cero – Cycle Division Racing T… A
5 Luke Mannings Halesowen A & CC A
6 Ben Ellis Matlock CC A
7 Jack Alexander Solihull CC A
8 Max Saunders Solihull CC A
9 Marc Charton Solihull CC A
10 Kaleb Herbert Wyre Forest CRC A
11 Gregory Jones Solihull CC A
12 Isaak Herbert Wyre Forest CRC A
13 Mark Dixon Solihull CC A
14 Tom Hyde Newport Shropshire CC A
15 Matthew Jordan Solihull CC A

U14 Boys
1 Samuel Greenwell Solihull CC B
2 Ray Lovell Wolverhampton Wheelers B
3 Samuel Brownsword Solihull CC B
4 Fraser Cummings Matlock CC B
5 Samuel Murcott Beeston Cycling Club B
6 Patrick Neely Solihull CC B
7 Dylan Phipps Redditch Road & Path CC B

U14 Girls
1 Zoe Parker Solihull CC B
2 Sofia Brandon-Higgs Hafren CC B
3 Lucy Sartain Stratford CC B
4 Holly Saunders Solihull CC B

U12 Boys
1 Finlay Storrie Maindy Flyers CC C
2 Noah White Mid Shropshire Wheelers C
3 Joel Thomas C
4 Xander Brandon-Higgs Hafren CC C
5 James Saunders Wyre Forest CRC C
6 Daniel Charton Solihull CC C
7 Ben Bramford-Hale Newport Shropshire CC C
8 Malakhi Bailey Halesowen A & CC C
9 Iestyn John Rowlands Hafren CC C
10 Dylan Shepherd Stratford CC C
11 Harry Lane Wyre Forest CRC C
12 Elliot Turner Hafren CC C
13 George Gregory Wyre Forest CRC C
14 Daniel Brownsword Solihull CC C
15 Benjamin Whitehouse Wolverhampton Wheelers C
16 Samuel Thomas Solihull CC C
17 Joshua Wood Wolverhampton Wheelers C

U12 Girls
1 Rose Lewis Halesowen A & CC C
2 Jessica Simon Halesowen A & CC C
3 Jaime Downing Wolverhampton Wheelers C
4 Lauren Oldfield Redditch Road & Path CC C
5 Scarlett Ford Stratford CC C
6 Rose Neely Solihull CC C

U10 Boys
1 Oliver Howard Halesowen A & CC D
2 Isaac Vickery Mid Shropshire Wheelers D
3 Micah Johnson Hayward Wolverhampton Wheelers D
4 Osian Phillips Maindy Flyers CC D
5 Aidan Sherriff Stratford CC D
6 James Trippier Newport Shropshire CC D
7 Jude White Mid Shropshire Wheelers D
8 Lucas McCann Newport Shropshire CC D
9 James Caine Solihull CC D
10 Finn McCann Newport Shropshire CC D
11 Ben Turner Hafren CC D
12 James Phillips Solihull CC D
13 Harry Wright Solihull CC D
14 Jacob Lattimer Solihull CC D
15 Ethan Leonards Solihull CC D
16 Daniel Rose Solihull CC D
17 Rueben Abbotts Solihull CC D
18 Harry Evans D
19 Charlie Palgrave Solihull CC D

U10 Girls
1 Jorgie Gillett Banbury Star CC D

U8 Boys
1 Edward Peters Cheltenham Town Wheelers E
2 Milo Banner Leicester Forest CC E
3 Owen Baird E
4 Benedict Sherriff Stratford CC E
5 Caleb Smith Banbury Star CC E
6 Noah Warne Wyre Forest CRC E
7 Andrew Mannings Halesowen A & CC E
8 Thomas Downing Wolverhampton Wheelers E
9 Fabien Mason Wyre Forest CRC E
10 Samuel Boazman Wyre Forest CRC E
11 George Nicholls Newport Shropshire CC E
12 Fabian Etienne Solihull CC E
13 Thomas Boazman Wyre Forest CRC E
14 Claire Mason Wyre Forest CRC
15 Ibrahim Sheikh Solihull CC E

U8 Girls
1 Martha Roper Newport Shropshire CC E
2 Annabelle Whitehouse Wolverhampton Wheelers E
3 Elise Storey Stratford CC E
4 Victoria Paris Milner-lane Wyre Forest CRC E


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