Result: Litherland Circuit League 2

Richard Evans, Evelina Black, John White, and Tyler Jackson winners at round 2 of the Litherland Circuit League in Liverpool on Wednesday evening (June 30)

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Result: Litherland Circuit League 2


1 Richard Evans Birkenhead North End C.C. 3rd. 32m. 15s.
2 George Higgins Birkenhead North End C. C. 3rd. @ 1 Lap
3 Chris Finnan CCN UK 3rd. Same
4 Ben Singer JRC-Stutt-Ridley Race Team 3rd. Same
5 Adam Tattersall Innovation Racing Jnr-3rd. Same
6 John Bolton Chorley Cycling Club 4th. Same
7 Adam Shakir 3rd. Same
8 Jac Gruffydd Caffi Gruff 4th. Same
9 Luke Jackson Harry Middleton Cycling Club 3rd. Same
10 Richard Gadsden L’pool Braveheart Bicycle Club 4th. Same
11 Ryan Gordon Windle Race Team 3rd. Same
=12 Tom Leigh Windle Race Team 3rd. Same
=12 Jake Makin Windle Race Team 3rd. Same
14 Lee Christie Chorley Cycling Club 4th, Same
15 Ryan McDonough Harry Middleton Cycling Club 4th. Same
16 Terry Bolland Harry Middleton Cycling Club 3rd. @ 2 Laps
17 Mark Black Crewe Clarion Wheelers 3rd. Same
18 Matthew Williams Harry Middleton Cycling Club 4th. @3 Laps
19 Tom Green Ludlow Cycling Club 4th. Same

1 Evelina Black RFDA Jnr-3rd.
2 Olivia French SKODA DSI Cycling Academy
3 Issy McKinnon Team 22 Jnr-3rd.
4 Grace Shorrock Liverpool Century Road Club
5 Laura Watson Velo Fixers


Youth A – Boys Laps:14
1 John White North Cheshire Clarion 22m. 47s.
2 Elliott Bujac Birkenhead North End C.C. st.
3 Harry Roberts Liverpool Century Road Club @ 55 Secs.
4 James Clinton L’pool Braveheart Bicycle Club @1 Lap

Youth A – Girls Laps: 13
1 Jamie Leigh Lloyd L’pool Braveheart Bicycle Club 22m. 52s.

Youth B – Boys Laps: 14
1 Tyler Jackson North Cheshire Clarion 23m. 28s.
2 Tom Murphy Dolan Ellesse Race Team @ 1m. 22s.
3 Matthew Hill North Cheshire Clarion Same
4 Kaden Williams Harry Mddleton Cycling Club @ 2 Laps

Youth B – Girls Laps: 8
1 Magdalena Buchwald Liverpool Century Road Club 25m. 31s.

Youth C – Boys Laps: 14
1 Freddie Winkley Eastlands Velo 23m. 58s.
2 Edward Black Eastlands Velo @ 1 Lap
3 Finlay Leatherbarrow L’pool Century Cycling Academy @ 2 Laps

Youth C – Girls Laps: 12
1 Melissa Moscrop Southport Cycling Club 25m. 41s.
2 Lexi Webb North Cheshire Clarion @ 1 Lap

Youth D – Boys (Small Circuit) Laps: 8
1 Frank White North Cheshire Clarion 7m. 11s.
2 Albert Winkley Eastlands Velo ‘@ 12 Secs.
3 Alexander Faragher-Ginn @ 1 Lap

Youth D – Girls (Small Circuit) Laps: 8
1 Seraphina Clegg North Cheshire Clarion 7m. 19s
2 Livia Scuryova Liverpool Mercury Cycling Club @ 1 Lap

Youth E – Boys (Small Circuit) Laps: 7
1 Nathaniel Clegg North Cheshire Clarion 7m .27s.
2 Victor Bettany L’pool Century Cycling Academy @ 1 Lap
3 Oliver Scury Liverpool Mercury Cyclng Club @ 2 Laps
Youth E – Girls (Small Circuit) Laps: 7
1 Libby Winkley Red Rose Olympic Cycling Club 7m. 51s.
2 Faye Curran Harry Middleton Cycling Club @ 54 Secs,



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