Result: Guildford Town Centre Races

Max Stedman, Lucy Lee (Brother UK/Tm LDN) and Benjamin Tuchner three of the winners at the Guildford Town Centre Races on Wednesday evening (July 7) organised by Charlotteville CC

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Result: Guildford Town Centre Races


E/1/2 Men : 50 min
1st Maximilian STEDMAN Canyon DHB Sungod Elite
2nd Daniel TULETT Canyon DHB Sungod 1st
3rd Rory TOWNSEND Canyon DHB Sungod Elite
4th Callum MACLEOD Canyon DHB Sungod 1st
5th Toby BARNES Crimson Orientation Marketing RT 1st
6th Simon WYLLIE Halesowen A & CC 2nd
8th James ALEXANDER Beeston Cycling Club 2nd
9th James JENKINS Richardsons-Trek RT Elite
10th Jamie PULLEN Maison Du Velo In-Gear Cycles 2nd
11th Archie PEET Flamme Rouge Rouleurs 2nd
12th Conor MCGOLDRICK Primera-TeamJobs 2nd
13th Matthew ELLIS Saint Piran 2nd
14th Alexander WELBURN trainSharp Development team 1st
15th Thomas LOWTHER Vredestein Basso 2nd
16th Matthew HOULBERG Meudon Pedal Heaven Le Col RT 2nd
17th Thomas SPRINGBETT Foran CCC 2nd
18th Chad SCALLAN Team PB Performance 1st
19th Matthew KING Team PB Performance Elite
20th Josh HOUSLEY Willebrord Wil Vooruit 1st
21st Elliot PHILLIPS VC Londres 2nd
22nd Iwan EVANS Saint Piran 2nd
23rd Isaac MUNDY Richardsons-Trek RT Elite
24th Callum RILEY Richardsons-Trek RT 2nd
25th Sion HARLOW Team PB Performance 1st
26th Richard MARDLE Nuun-Sigma Sports-London RT 2nd
27th Max SILLIFANT Team PB Performance 2nd
28th Aaron STONE Richardsons-Trek RT 2nd
29th Luke CRADDOCK TAAP Cervelo 2nd
30th Timothy LYNCH London Dynamo Elite
31st Euan MACLEOD Canyon DHB Sungod 2nd
32nd Cameron MCLAREN Nopinz Motip Development Team 2nd

E/1/2/3 Women : 40 min
1st Lucy LEE Team LDN – Brother UK 2nd
3rd Jo TINDLEY Pro-Noctis – Redchilli Bikes – Heidi Kjeldsen Elite
4th Rebecca SEAL Weston Homes-Torelli-Assure 2nd
5th Jessica FINNEY CAMS-Basso 1st
6th Harriet DODD Team LDN – Brother UK 2nd
7th Heather MAYER Team Watto-LDN 2nd
8th Charlotte BERRY Pro-Noctis – Redchilli Bikes – Heidi Kjeldsen 1st
9th Alice MCWILLIAM Grinta Coaching 2nd
10th Samantha FAWCETT Pro-Noctis – Redchilli Bikes – Heidi Kjeldsen 1st
11th Jasmine JONES Bianchi Dama 2nd
12th Holly MACMAHON Bianchi Dama 2nd
13th Rebecca HAIR Magspeed Racing 3rd
14th Bexy DEW Saint Piran WRT 2nd
15th Polly BURGE Jadan – Vive le Velo 2nd
16th Katie SCOTT CAMS-Basso 2nd
17th Francesca HALL Loughborough Lightning – TRG 1st
18th Emma Jane HORNSBY VC Londres 2nd
19th Penny COLLOFF Paceline RT 2nd
20th Marine GUERIN Team Watto-LDN 2nd
21st Ellen INGLIS Brother U.K – Cycle Team OnForm 3rd
22nd Emma EDWARDS CAMS-Basso 2nd
23rd Amy PERRYMAN Montezuma’s Race Team 3rd
24th Lucia BRUTON Saint Piran WRT 2nd
25th Victoria LOVETT Awol 2nd
26th Lydia WATTS AWOL Worx Galliard 2nd
27th Meg SMITH Loughborough Lightning – TRG 2nd
28th Madeleine NUTT Paceline RT 2nd
29th Christine ROBSON VC Londres 1st
30th Kate WOOTTON CAMS-Basso 1st
31st Charlotte-Louise MCGREEVY AWOL Worx Galliard 3rd
32nd Chloe VICKERS Loughborough Lightning – TRG 2nd
33rd Nicola SODEN Datalynx-Parenesis Cycling 2nd
34th Laura PITTARD Brother U.K – Cycle Team OnForm 2nd
35th Clover MURRAY CAMS-Basso 2nd
36th Isabella TORRIE Datalynx-Parenesis Cycling 3rd
37th Lena KANE Paceline RT 3rd
38th Laura SENIOR VCGH 2nd
39th Katarzyna MADEJ Paceline RT 2nd
40th Madeleine GAMMONS Jadan – Vive le Velo 2nd
41st Amy MARKS Team LDN – Brother UK 2nd

Local Heroes (3rd Cat Only) : 25 min
1st Benjamin TUCHNER TEKKERZ CC 3rd
2nd Michael EWING Foran CCC 3rd
3rd Thomas BRIERS Loughborough Students CC 3rd
4th Patrick ATKINSON Renvale RT 3rd
6th Joseph KIRTON Kingston Wheelers CC 3rd
7th Thomas VASSEN G!RO Cycles 3rd
8th Conor WILLIAMS VC Londres 3rd
9th Oliver EAST Ex Machina 3rd
10th Jacob JAMES trainSharp Development team 3rd
11th Jallani QURESHI Crawley Wheelers Race Team 3rd
12th Harry GILES Sotonia CC 3rd
13th Dean HENDRY GS Mossa 3rd
14th Philip PALMER Paceline RT 3rd
15th Tom SMITH Velo Club Venta 3rd
16th George SLOAN VC Londres 3rd
17th Oscar PRATT Velo Club Venta 3rd
18th Stephen BYRNE CC London 3rd
19th Joshua BALLINGER trainSharp Development team 3rd
20th Hamish FORSYTH trainSharp Development team 3rd
21st Elliot MOREVE 3rd
22nd Matthew SIM Dorking Cycling Club 3rd
23rd Adam DART GS Mossa 3rd
24th Robert FORD Portsmouth North End CC 3rd
25th Tijmen SCHEL Crawley Wheelers Race Team 3rd
26th Ross OVENS VCGH 3rd
27th James BUCHANAN Balham Cycling Club 3rd
28th Lee HIGLETT Norwood Paragon CC 3rd
29th David SCRIVENER Surrey Hills Cycleworks 3rd
30th Gareth FIFORD Portsmouth North End CC 3rd
31st Tristan NATOLI Charlotteville CC 3rd
32nd Ryan MACHIN Crawley Wheelers Race Team 3rd
33rd David FARMER Surrey Hills Cycleworks 3rd
34th Chris CARTER Kingston Wheelers CC 3rd
35th Neil GRUNSHAW Kingston Wheelers CC 3rd
36th George CREASY Bournmouth Cycle Works 3rd Cat



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Youth Cat A (Under 16) : 15 min
1st Benjamin NEAL Southborough & District Whls Yth A
2nd Charlie ABRAHAM Charlotteville CC Yth A
3rd William MUNDAY 4T+ Cyclopark Yth A
4th Ben COPPOLA Four4th Yth A
5th Edward CHARLES WORX Factory Racing Yth A
6th Oliver CLEMENTS Southborough & District Whls Yth A
7th Reece PITTMAN Palmer Park Velo RT Yth A
8th Oliver MASTERS Yth A
9th Electra MORRIS Charlotteville CC Yth A
10th Hope INGLIS Kent Velo Youth Yth A
11th Sam GILBERT Welwyn Wheelers CC Yth A
12th Stanley KENT London Dynamo Yth A
13th Joseph O’BRIEN Lee Valley Youth Cycling Club Yth A
14th Owain WILLIAMS Hillingdon Slipstreamers Yth A
15th Oscar JORDAN Hillingdon Slipstreamers Yth A
16th Bobbie O’BRIEN Lee Valley Youth Cycling Club Yth A
17th Georgina PASMORE Velo Club Venta Yth A
18th Evie MORAN Palmer Park Velo RT Yth A

Youth Cat B (Under 14) : 15 min
1st Oscar PASMORE Velo Club Venta Yth B
2nd Finn O’BRIEN Lee Valley Youth Cycling Club Yth B
3rd Kyran LEVEY Solent Pirates Yth B
4th Huw WATKINS Palmer Park Velo RT Yth B
5th Harry WOODHOUSE Kent Velo Youth Yth B
6th Thomas BOTTOMLEY Solent Pirates Yth B
7th Charlie SHEPHERD Solent Pirates Yth B
8th Rebecca CARTER Palmer Park Velo RT Yth B
9th Charlotte SMITH Solent Pirates Yth B
10th Ewan WATSON Solent Pirates Yth B
11th Lauren CHARLES Charlotteville CC Yth B
12th Ollie BODLEY-SCOTT London Dynamo Yth B
13th Millie DEAN 4T+ Cyclopark Yth B
14th Noah POTTER WyndyMilla Yth B
15th Emma HARRISON Sotonia CC Yth B
16th Sophie BARNETT Charlotteville CC Yth B
17th George SLEIGHT Charlotteville CC Yth B

Youth Cat C (Under 12) : 10 min
1st Harrison HENDY Team HUP Yth C
2nd Samuel DE LA MARE VC Londres Yth C
3rd Milo DE LA MARE VC Londres Yth C
4th Thomas WILKS Sotonia CC Yth C
5th Isla PATTINSON Solent Pirates Yth C
6th Sammy BAKER Palmer Park Velo RT Yth C
7th Skye MARTINGALE Sotonia CC Yth C
8th Asher GRAY Palmer Park Velo RT Yth C
9th Myles ASTON Solent Pirates Yth C
10th Eloise WARD Lee Valley Youth Cycling Club Yth C
11th Isla WATSON Solent Pirates Yth C
12th Finley ANDREWS Redhill Raiders Yth C
13th James EARL Hillingdon Slipstreamers Yth C
14th Rory CLARKE Charlotteville CC Yth C
15th Charles PUNTER VCGH Yth C
16th Daniel SHARLAND Charlotteville CC Yth C
17th Katharine STRAUB Charlotteville CC Yth C
18th Joseph LEGGE Charlotteville CC Yth C
19th Phoebe POTTER WyndyMilla Yth C
20th John HIGHET Charlotteville CC Yth C
21st Rosie WINGATE Solent Pirates Yth C
22nd Ieuan GRIFFITHS Pedal Heaven Kids Yth C
23rd Harry MORAN Palmer Park Velo RT Yth C
24th Stirling STRUGNELL VCGH Yth C
25th Sebastian SOCHOVSKY VCGH Yth C
26th Daniel ANJOMSHOAA Charlotteville CC Yth C
27th Evelyn SLEIGHT Charlotteville CC Yth C
28th William HOLLAND-LEADER VC Londres Yth C

Youth Cat D (Under 10) : 10 min
1st William GOOCH Palmer Park Velo RT Yth D
2nd Mutjaba TAIMUR Hillingdon Slipstreamers Yth D
3rd Jacob DAY Hillingdon Slipstreamers Yth D
4th Callum MOORE Charlotteville CC Yth D
5th Jack SHEPARD Charlotteville CC Yth D
6th Matilda WILKS Sotonia CC Yth D
7th Archie CLIPSHAM VCGH Yth D
8th Harry ADSHEAD Redhill Raiders Yth D
9th Jaya MARTINGALE Sotonia CC Yth D
10th Daniel GRAHAM Redhill Raiders Yth D
11th Matteo MINELLI Charlotteville CC Yth D
12th Alexander FRASER Redhill Raiders Yth D
13th Alexander BARNETT Charlotteville CC Yth D
14th Evie COX Swallowfield Velo Club Yth D
15th Callum GRAHAM Yth D
16th Harry CHARLTON Charlotteville CC Yth D
17th Austin GRAY Charlotteville CC Yth D
18th Grace GOOCH Yth D
19th Noah HAZAEL Charlotteville CC Yth D
20th Leo GILMORE Charlotteville CC Yth D
21st Austin CLARKE Charlotteville CC Yth D

Youth Cat E (Under 8) : 2 Laps
1st Stanley COX Swallowfield Velo Club Yth E
2nd Thomas ADSHEAD Manchester Wheelers Club Yth E
3rd Alyssa GITNIK VC Londres Yth E
4th Poppy BISHOP Hayes Hawks BMX Club Yth E
5th Mehreen TAIMUR Hillingdon Slipstreamers Yth E
6th Django PARFITT Charlotteville CC Yth E
7th Holly BISHOP Hayes Hawks BMX Club Yth E
8th Miles PARFITT Charlotteville CC Yth E
9th Alice LANGLEY Solent Pirates Yth E
10th Martha HAZAEL Charlotteville CC Yth E
11th Billy GILMORE Charlotteville CC Yth E
12th Murtaza TAIMUR Hillingdon Slipstreamers Yth E

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