Result: ART Summer Series 4

Ben Stockdale, James Muir, Ole Henrik Bang-Andreasen and Lucy Lee of Brother UK/Team LDN winners at round 4 of the ART Summer Series at Abingdon on July 3rd

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Result: ART Summer Series 4

Womens 2/3/4 Cat Race
1 Lucy Lee Team LDN – Brother UK 2nd
2 Penny Colloff Paceline RT 2nd
3 Lena Kane Paceline RT 3rd
4 Lydia Watts AWOL Worx Galliard 2nd
5 Sarah Hickman Nova Race Team 3rd
6 Laura Haydon Paceline RT 3rd
7 Ruth Fisher Abingdon Race Team 4th
8 Katrina Tse Oxford University Cycling Club 4th
9 Marianne Day Swindon Wheelers 3rd
10 Rose McGovern Cowley Road Condors 2nd
11 Chloe Vickers Loughborough Lightning – TRG 2nd
12 Laura Pittard Brother U.K – Cycle Team OnFor… 2nd
13 Emma Watson Grinta Coaching 3rd
14 Jo Atkins Abingdon Race Team 2nd
15 Alderney Baker Loughborough Lightning – TRG 2nd
16 Elizabeth Haskins Cowley Road Condors 4th
17 Lucy Harris Cowley Road Condors 4th
18 Caroline Nottage Army Cycling Union 4th

Mens E/1/2/3 Race
1 Ben Stockdale Cotswold Cycles-TREK -RT 2nd
2 Toby Barnes Crimson Orientation Marketing … 1st
3 Thomas Springbett Foran CCC 2nd
4 Tobias Dahlhaus Foran CCC 1st
5 Jamie Francis UpShift Nutrition Race Team 1st
6 Josh Avery
7 Fergus Jones Yomp Bonk Crew 2nd
8 Charlie Genner Zappi Racing Team 2nd
9 Charles Page Ribble Weldtite Pro Cycling Elite
10 Gavin Howell VéloElite RC 1st
11 Conor McGoldrick Primera-TeamJobs 2nd
12 Charles Ager Vredestein Basso 2nd
13 Oliver Morgan TatraFitness (inc Jane Racing) 3rd
14 Joshua Knowles Will Houghton Racing Team 2nd
15 Jacob Avery Brother U.K – Cycle Team OnFor… 3rd
16 Joe Baker Zappi Racing Team 2nd
17 Guy Davis Thames Velo 2nd
18 Chris Spencer Royal Leamington Spa CC (RLSCC… 3rd
19 Tobi Ng Team PB Performance 2nd
20 Cameron Foster Bedfordshire Road Cycling Club 2nd
21 Henry Eve Cotswold Cycles-TREK -RT 3rd
22 Ryan Peirce Surrey Hills Cycleworks 3rd
23 Frank Kilsby TAAP Cervelo 1st
24 James Pittard Didcot Phoenix CC 2nd
25 Fraser Joyce Swindon Wheelers 2nd
26 Edward Bowley VC Londres 3rd
27 Andrew Wilde Cotswold Cycles-TREK -RT 3rd
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Mens 3rd Cat Race
1 James Muir Onyx Racing Team 3rd
2 Yusuf Solomon Thames Velo 3rd
3 Jona Boender Cowley Road Condors 3rd
4 Roberto Ortolan Solihull CC 3rd
5 Christopher Stuart-Leach Beds Road Race Team 3rd
6 Matt Hermon Mickey Cranks CC 3rd
7 Thomas Briers Loughborough Students CC 3rd
8 James Gill 360VRT 3rd
9 David Holland Cowley Road Condors 3rd
10 Mark Peters 360VRT 3rd
11 Freddie Loveday Team Surrey Cycling 3rd
12 James Jones WCCS 3rd
13 Thomas Clarke Will Houghton Racing Team 3rd
14 Neil Johnson 3rd
15 Bob McGlue High Wycombe Cycling Club 3rd
16 Myles Thwaites Team Swindon Cycles 3rd
17 Gary Blackman West Midlands Police CC 3rd
18 Jude Chamberlain Team Jewson-M.I.Racing 3rd
19 Brendan Schofield Abingdon Race Team 3rd
20 Henry Knott High Wycombe Cycling Club 3rd
21 Sebastian Palmer Rugby Velo 3rd
22 Matthew Peberdy GS Mossa 3rd
23 Matthew Hallett Swindon Wheelers 3rd
24 James Osborn Army Cycling Union 3rd
25 Peter Smith Cowley Road Condors 3rd
26 Jacob Anderson South Shields Velo Cycling Clu… 3rd
27 James Garrett FTP-Fulfil The Potential-Racin… 3rd
28 Iain McNaught CC London 3rd
29 Joshua Brown Tofauti Everyone Active 3rd
30 Oli Gummery Mickey Cranks CC 3rd
31 Tim Doole Cowley Road Condors 3rd
32 Andrew Haines Cowley Road Condors 3rd
33 Rodney Perry Thames Velo 3rd
34 Jonathan Hitch Army Cycling Union 3rd
35 Jeremy Bishop VCEquipe-FlixOralHygiene-Propu… 3rd
36 Jaco Bruwer GS Henley 3rd

Mens 4th Cat Race
1 Ole Henrik Bang-Andreasen Onyx Racing Team 4th
2 Iain Evans Army Cycling Union 4th
3 Aleksa Djordjevic Gloucester City Cycling Club 4th
4 James Sellick 4th
5 Dan Cammack Loose Cannons – Aylesbury 4th
6 Alexander Luisi Bath Cycling Club 4th
7 Ollie Hanks Ride 24 – 7 4th
8 Luke Norris Banbury Star CC 4th
9 Benjamin Bussmann Cowley Road Condors 4th
10 Luke Lynch Kingston Wheelers CC 4th
11 Richard King 360VRT 4th
12 Alexander Slaughter 4th
13 Paul Smith Thornbury Cycling Club 4th
14 Joseph Green Shipston Cycling
15 Bailey Rafferty 4th
16 Matt Norris Banbury Star CC 4th
17 Sooraj Mahesh
18 Paul Whitehouse Banbury Star CC 4th
19 Jonathan Andrews Oxford University Cycling Club
20 Dean Hart Hart Performance Coaching 4th
21 Alex Royal Mickey Cranks CC 4th
22 Tom Lightfoot Reading CC 4th
23 James Moss Hart Performance Coaching 4th
24 Oliver Brookwell Mickey Cranks CC 4th
25 Alexander Craig Royal Leamington Spa CC (RLSCC… 4th
26 William Preston 4th
27 Marcus Stannard 4th
28 Stuart Quick Banbury Star CC 4th
29 Jonathan Martin Oxford University Cycling Club
30 Ed Cookson 4th
31 Ben Walter Swindon Wheelers
32 Bruno Cabrelli Hemel Hempstead CC 4th
33 Alexander Fisher La Cassette Cycling 4th
34 John Deal Rugby Velo 4th
35 Nathan Buck 360VRT 4th
36 Danny Goggin Swindon Wheelers 4th

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