Result: Crystal Palace Crits 4

James Jenkins, Benjamin Tuchner, Matea Deliu, William Munday and Samuel Little winners at week 4 of the Dulwich Paragon CC Crystal Palace Crits on Tuesday, July 13

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Result: Crystal Palace Crits 4

1 James Jenkins Richardsons-Trek RT Elite
2 Neil Phillips TEKKERZ CC 1st
3 Alec Briggs TEKKERZ CC Elite
4 Isaac Mundy Richardsons-Trek RT Elite
5 Matt Holmes Arctic Aircon RT Elite
6 Euan Macleod Canyon DHB Sungod 2nd
7 Olivier Mangham VC Londres 2nd
8 Stephen Maxwell Dulwich Paragon CC 2nd
9 Grant Fraser G!RO Cycles 2nd
10 Jordan Calcutt Dulwich Paragon CC 2nd
11 James Somerfield TRASH MILE 2nd
12 Thomas Mason Sunday Echappée 2nd
13 Jacob Storey Partenza – Nude Espresso RT 2nd
14 Conor Williams VC Londres 2nd
15 Theo Clarke TRASH MILE 3rd

3rd Cat only
1 Benjamin Tuchner TEKKERZ CC 3rd
2 Phillip Belshaw Dulwich Paragon CC 3rd
3 Edward Bowley VC Londres 3rd
4 Charles Gaimster Dulwich Paragon CC 3rd
5 Kendal Noctor Kibosh 3rd
6 Thomas Geoffrey Lea CC London 3rd
7 Lee Davies London Dynamo 3rd
8 Sam Llewellyn-Jones London Dynamo 3rd
9 David Webborn London Dynamo 3rd
10 James Brown G!RO Cycles 3rd
11 George Oehlert Mono CC 3rd
12 George Jary VC Londres 3rd

Women (E/1/2/3)
1 Matea Deliu Team Watto-LDN 2nd
2 Sannah Zaman Panagua CC 3rd
3 Heather Mayer Team Watto-LDN 2nd
4 Emma Jane Hornsby VC Londres 2nd
5 Maddie Heywood Team Watto-LDN 3rd
6 Niki Kovacs VC Londres Elite
7 Anna Harborow Brixton Cycles Club 3rd
8 Christine Robson VC Londres 1st
9 Alexandra Sheehan TEKKERZ CC 2nd
10 Sarah King The 5th Floor Cycle Club 2nd
11 Jessica Holloway Velociposse 3rd
12 Sofie Kirk VC Londres 3rd
13 Francesca Cutts Team LDN – Brother UK 1st

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U16 Boys
1 William Munday 4T+ Cyclopark A
2 Edward Moore Woolwich CC A
3 Piers Higginson VC Londres A
4 Yani Angelo Djelil Una Forza Racing A
5 Owen Prenelle VC Londres A
6 Max Capamagian VC Londres A
7 Stanley Kent London Dynamo A
8 Owain Williams Hillingdon Slipstreamers A
9 Oscar Jarden
10 Ollie Peters VC Londres A
11 Max Parrott Islington Cycling Club A
12 Stanley Cooke Islington Cycling Club A
13 Eben Haskel Hulley VC Londres A

U14 Boys
1 Samuel Little VC Londres B
2 Tom FitzGerald-Jones VC Londres B
3 Mikhail Gitnik VC Londres B
4 Milo Morgan VC Londres B
5 Jack Curling VC Londres B
6 Milo Wills VC Londres B
7 Jamie Coulson Herne Hill Youth CC B

U14 Girls
1 Rianna Mahoney Woolwich CC B

U12 Boys
1 Christopher Campos VC Londres C
2 Alexander Campbell Limited Edition Cycling C
3 Tiger Gloag VC Londres C
4 Timofey Gitnik VC Londres C
5 John-Paul Hughes VC Londres C

U10 Boys
1 Barney Higgins VC Londres D
2 Jasper Shapton VC Londres D
3 George Haines Merton Saints BMX Club D
4 Riley Mahoney Limited Edition Cycling D
5 Luca Baron Bailey VC Londres D
6 Mujtaba Taimur Hillingdon Slipstreamers D
7 Hal Appleby Penge Cycle Club D
8 Sebastian Szarzynski Crawley Wheelers D
9 Oscar Chambers Brixton BMX Club D
10 Finn Jones Herne Hill Youth CC D

U8 Boys
1 Daniel Furlong Limited Edition Cycling E
2 Otas Adhikari
3 Felix Chambers Brixton BMX Club E
4 Isaac Cordle E
5 Rohan Griffiths
6 Toby Mills
7 Murtaza Taimur Hillingdon Slipstreamers E

U8 Girls
1 Alyssa Gitnik VC Londres E
2 Mehreen Taimur Hillingdon Slipstreamers E
3 Anitya Sewa
4 Helen Taliadoros

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