Result: A3crg Ten Mile TT

Samuel Wadsley fastest solo in the A3crg Ten Mile Time Trial; Hayley Simmonds sets women’s record for a 10 on a road bike and Rachel Elliot and Ian Greenstreet are fastest on the night on the tandem

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Result: A3crg Ten Mile TT

Thanks to Neil Mackley for the photos and report….

80 riders turned up in Liss, Hampshire for the final of the three A3crg Wednesday evening tens on the fast P881. The three events organised by Kirsty, James and Neil have had full fields for each event. For a change, last nights event was all about the Women, with Fay Fabre back to defend her course record of 20:26 set two weeks ago on a TT bike, and Hayley Simmonds wanting to beat the women’s 10m Road bike record and to go under the magic sub 20 on a road bike?

With what turned out to be a less than perfect night, Hayley returned a 20:30, just missing the course record, but setting a new National record for 10 miles on a road bike, and “chickin” many male riders on their faster TT machines! Fastest on the night was the Tandem of Rachel Elliot and Ian Greenstreet with a 19:08. Fastest male on a TT bike was Sam Wadsley 19:11 closedly followed by Josh Clark on 19:16. Fastest Females were Hayley, then Tamsin Miller 21:07 followed by Faye 21:19, so what could Hayley post on the right day!

1 Samuel Wadsley Primera-Teamjobs 19:11 Male Senior
2 Joshua Clark Royal Navy & Royal Marines CA 19:16 Male Senior
3 Ben Williams GS Mossa 19:25 Male Senior
4 Joe Parker Racing Club Ravenna 19:45 Male Senior
5 Eddie Allen Redmon CC 19:52 Male Senior
6 Howard Bayley Blazing Saddles 19:58 Male Vet
7 John Franklin Twickenham CC 20:02 Male Senior
8 Brett Davis trainSharp 20:04 Male Vet
9 James Fawcett …a3crg 20:05 Male Vet
10 Matthew Buckley Velo Club St Raphael 20:14 Male Senior
11 Kevin Nelson Crawley Wheelers 20:22 Male Senior
12 Keir Odonnell VTTA (Surrey/ Sussex) 20:32 Male Vet
12 Nik Allen Team TMC 20:32 Male Vet
14 Mark Bashford East Grinstead CC 20:39 Male Senior
15 Matt Hill Velo Club Godalming & Haslemere 20:51 Male Vet
16 Keith Lea Paceline RT 20:57 Male Vet
16 Kevin Baker Velo Club St Raphael 20:57 Male Senior
16 David Clark Eastbourne Rovers CC 20:57 Male Vet
19 Adam Dart GS Mossa 21:00 Male Espoir
20 Andrew Martin Kingston Wheelers CC 21:12 Male Senior
21 Chris Jones Bynea Cycling Club 21:14 Male Vet
21 Peter Younghusband Petersfield Triathlon Club 21:14 Male Vet
23 Andrew Thomas …a3crg 21:16 Male Vet
24 Max Doyle …a3crg 21:18 Male Espoir
25 Adrian Blacker VTTA (Surrey/ Sussex) 21:19 Male Vet
26 Chris Carroll Velo Club Godalming & Haslemere 21:27 Male Senior
27 Lee Smith Nuun-Sigma Sport-London RT 21:29 Male Senior
27 Kevin Plummer Team TMC 21:29 Male Vet
29 Tom Foster Charlotteville Cycling Club 21:32 Male Senior
30 Andy Tucker Newbury Velo 21:40 Male Vet
30 Darren Anderson Fareham Wheelers CC 21:40 Male Vet
32 Antonio Maschio Sotonia CC 21:41 Male Vet
32 Mark Stafford …a3crg 21:41 Male Vet
34 Colin Harrison East Grinstead CC 21:46 Male Vet
35 Adrian Talley Portsmouth North End CC 21:47 Male Vet
35 Evan Jardine-Skinner Sotonia CC 21:47 Male Vet
37 Paul Batten Crawley Wheelers 21:50 Male Senior
38 Shaun Smart Southdown Velo 21:58 Male Vet
39 Perry Lee Southdown Velo 22:03 Male Vet
40 Andrew Phipps Royal Navy & Royal Marines CA 22:04 Male Vet
41 Spencer Kirkham Worthing Excelsior CC 22:08 Male Vet
42 Mark Wright Velo Club Godalming & Haslemere 22:11 Male Vet
43 Graham Harman Sotonia CC 22:12 Male Vet
44 Andy Lack Paceline RT 22:15 Male Vet
45 Greg Harding Farnham RC 22:18 Male Vet
46 William Grainger Andover Wheelers 22:22 Male Vet
47 Chris Wallis Blazing Saddles 22:27 Male Vet
48 Zach Walters …a3crg 22:33 Male Juvenile
49 Richard Cornes Newbury Velo 22:37 Male Senior
50 David Patten Bognor Regis CC 22:41 Male Vet
51 Gary Ferrett Atlas Clever Racing Team 22:48 Male Vet
52 Stu Carver North Hampshire RC 22:54 Male Vet
53 Matthew Butler Charlotteville Cycling Club 23:20 Male Senior
54 Alan Allcock Didcot Phoenix CC 23:45 Male Vet
55 John Isard Hampshire Road Club 24:27:00 Male Vet
55 Steve Skinner Bognor Regis CC 24:27:00 Male Vet
57 Mike Boyce …a3crg 24:47:00 Male Vet
58 Simon Craig-McFeely …a3crg 24:53:00 Male Vet

1 Hayley Simmonds CAMS Racing 20:30 Female Senior
2 Tamsin Miller Avid Sport 21:07 Female Espoir
3 Faye Faber 21:19 Female Senior
4 Claire Emons Newbury RC 21:59 Female Vet
5 Lisa Davis DRAG2ZERO 23:00 Female Vet
5 Kirsty McSeveney …a3crg 23:00 Female Vet
7 Marianne Holt Fareham Wheelers CC 23:03 Female Vet
7 Danuta Tinn Maidenhead & District CC 23:03 Female Vet
9 Sarah Matthews …a3crg 23:18 Female Vet
10 Teresa Robbins Reading CC 23:44 Female Vet
11 Lucy Mitchell …a3crg 24:00:00 Female Vet
12 Deborah Sheridan Warwickshire Road Club 24:28:00 Female Vet
12 Deborah Smith Southdown Velo 24:28:00 Female Vet
14 Joy Payne High Wycombe CC 24:50:00 Female Vet
15 Michelle Walter Bournemouth Arrow CC 25:38:00 Female Vet
16 Rachel Green Cheltenham & County Cycling Club 27:53:00 Female Vet
17 Deanna Ferrett Atlas Clever Racing Team 30:15:00 Female Vet

1 Rachael Elliott Newbury Velo 19:08 Female Vet
1 Ian Greenstreet Newbury Velo 19:08 Male Vet


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