Result: HHV Crit League 14

Joshua Wilder, Mathilde Pauls, and Christopher Campos winners at round 14 of the Herne Hill Circuit Race league on Friday (August 20) in SE London

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Result: HHV Crit League 14

Men 3/4
1 Joshua Wilder Brixton Cycles Club
2 Freddie Weller VC Londres
3 Ben Wheeler Brixton Cycles Club
4 Guido Blee
5 Casper Brazier
6 Reuben Stovold
7 Lewis Bloyce GFTL
8 Rob Vincent
9 Jack Childerstone Brixton Cycles Club
10 Rory Palmer London Dynamo

Women 2/3/4
1 Mathilde Pauls 1904 RT
2 Jessica Holloway Grinta Coaching
3 Grace Mills Dirty Wknd
4 Laura Kaar Brixton Cycles Club
5 Nikki Ray Brixton Cycles Club
6 Linda Wijlaars Dulwich Paragon CC
7 Stephanie Boland Peckham Cycle Club
8 Amy Sedghi Poole Wheelers CC
9 Danielle Farnfield Grinta Coaching
10 Julene Kuoa

Youth C/D (Under 12 and Under 10)
1 Christopher Campos VC Londres
2 Peggy Knox ViCiOUS VELO
3 Jacob Day Hillingdon Slipstreamers
4 Barney Higgins VC Londres
5 Mujtaba Taimur Hillingdon Slipstreamers
6 Oscar Chambers Brixton BMX Club
7 Timofey Gitnik VC Londres
8 Alyssa Gitnik VC Londres
9 Eoin Medlyn Bigfoot Youth Cycle Club Ltd
10 Mehreen Taimur Hillingdon Slipstreamers

Youth A/B (Under 16 and Under 14)
1 Mikhail Gitnik VC Londres
2 Eben Haskel Hulley VC Londres


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