Result: Beaumont Trophy & Curlew Cup

Abi Smith won the Curlew Cup in a bunch sprint from Charlotte Berry and April Tacey; Jacob Scott won a very exciting Beaumont Trophy from breakaway rival Alex Richardson with Matt Gibson winning the sprint for third.

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Result: Beaumont Trophy & Curlew Cup

The final round of the National Road Series for Men and Women was held at the popular village of Stamdfordham, home to two previous British Championship events.

Curlew Cup

The first event of the day was the Curlew Cup which had the riders setting off at 9 am. The race started fast with race radio letting everyone know it was active at the front but for now, the action was at the back as riders were being dropped and the peloton getting ever slimmer. On the first of two ascents of the Ryals, a climb with two very steep ‘steps’ in it, it was Illi Gardner who won the Grasscrete Ryedale GP, who forced the pace and the peloton was pictured strung out over the climb.

With a tailwind behind them, the pace was high on the climb but that same tailwind helped many dropped riders to get back to the peloton at speeds of 70kph. By the time they got to Black Heddon on the other side of the circuit, the peloton was across the road as the pace had eased back a knotch.

Second time over the Ryals on the big loops of 25 miles, Illi Gardner again was forcing the pace up the steep steps of this well known climb and there were six riders clear with Jo Tindley on her way across. Others in the move included eventual winner Abi Smith, series leader Natalie Grinczer and Connie Hayes. Tindley made it across to the breakaway and they had 30 seconds but a headwind stretch seemed to hurt them more than the peloton and it came back together. More attacks came and went but the pace was high as the ‘trains’ from the organised teams started to form and that kept the race together.

With a tailwind and a downhill slope leading to the finish line, the sprint started a long way out and it was Abi Smith, Charlotte Berry and April Tacey side by side to the line with Abi getting the victory from Charlotte and April.



1 Abi Smith (U23) Team TIBCO-Silicon Valley Bank 2:42:49
2 Charlotte Berry Pro-Noctis – Redchilli Bikes -Heidi Kjeldsen st
3 April Tacey (U23) Drops-Le Col supported by Tempur st
4 Monica Greenwood Macclesfield Wheelers st
5 Madeleine Gammons Jadan – Vive le Velo st
6 Eilidh Shaw (JNR) Tofauti Everyone Active st
7 Corinne Side (U23) Pro-Noctis – Redchilli Bikes -Heidi Kjeldsen st
8 Hannah Lancaster Loughborough Lightning TRG st
9 Natalie Grinczer CAMS-Basso st
10 Francesca Morgans-Slader AWOL OShea st
11 Lucy Lee Team LDN – Brother UK st
12 Alice McWilliam Grinta Coaching st
13 Sian Botteley Brother U.K – Cycle Team OnForm st
14 Lucy Gadd (U23) Storey Racing st
15 Francesca Hall Loughborough Lightning TRG st
16 Isabel Darvill (U23) Pro-Noctis – Redchilli Bikes -Heidi Kjeldsen st
17 Gwenno Hughes Crimson Orientation Marketing RT st
18 Suzetta Guerrini Team Watto-LDN st
19 Rachel Galler Saint Piran Womens st
20 Sophie Enever LVIV CYCLING TEAM (Womens) st
21 Miriam Jessett (U23) Vredestein Basso st
22 Lulu Bartlett st
23 Robyn Clay (JNR) Otley CC st
24 Amy Graham Team Boompods st
25 Jasmine Jones Bianchi Dama st
26 Anya Tamplin (U23) HuntBikeWheels st
27 Beth Morrow (U23) Storey Racing st
28 Helen Ralston Paceline RT st
29 Polly Mason Team LDN – Brother UK st
30 Beth Maciver (U23) Torvelo Racing st
31 Illi Gardner (U23) CAMS-Basso st
32 Melissa Greaves Crimson Orientation Marketing RT st
33 Beth Harley-Jepson Jadan – Vive le Velo st
34 Erin Avill (JNR) Storey Racing st
35 Kerry Middleton Team LDN – Brother UK st
36 Katie Scott (U23) CAMS-Basso st
37 Lucy Ellmore SKODA DSI Cycling Academy st
38 Olivia Bent (U23) AWOL OShea st
39 Becky Storrie CAMS-Basso st
40 Charlotte Colclough Bianchi Dama st
41 Lauren Watson Team Boompods st
42 Daisy Barnes (U23) Brother U.K – Cycle Team OnForm st
43 Emma Jeffers (JNR) JRC-Shutt-Ridley Race Team st
44 Alice Lethbridge AWOL OShea st
45 Connie Hayes (U23) AWOL OShea st
46 Olivia Bentley Torelli-Assure-Cayman Islands-Scimitar st
47 Sophie Lankford Jadan – Vive le Velo st
48 Nicole Coates (U23) Torelli-Assure-Cayman Islands-Scimitar st
49 Christina Wiejak Saint Piran Womens st
50 Phoebe Martin AWOL OShea st
51 Holly MacMahon Bianchi Dama st
52 Amy Gornall Pro-Noctis – Redchilli Bikes -Heidi Kjeldsen st
53 Jo Tindley Pro-Noctis – Redchilli Bikes -Heidi Kjeldsen st
54 Hannah Bayes (U23) AWOL OShea +21
55 Matea Deliu Team Watto-LDN +23
56 Heather Mayer Team Watto-LDN +5:26
57 Emma Edwards CAMS-Basso +5:27
58 Jennifer Powell Pro-Noctis – Redchilli Bikes -Heidi Kjeldsen st
59 Ione Johnson Team LDN – Brother UK st
60 Georgia Bullard (U23) Natural Greatness – Vib Sports st
61 Chloe Vickers (U23) Loughborough Lightning TRG +5:32
62 Dannielle Khan Isorex NoAqua Ladies Cycling Team +8:33
63 Flora Knight (U23) Loughborough Lightning TRG st
64 Jen McMahon Sub Rosa st
65 Meg Smith Loughborough Lightning TRG st
66 Morgan Newberry (U23) SKODA DSI Cycling Academy +8:36
67 Arianne Holland Forth Velo +8:37
68 Sophie Earl Crimson Orientation Marketing RT +12:09
69 Sarah Briggs (U23) RFDA +17:42

Queen of the Mountain
1 Illi Gardner CAMS-Basso 6
2 Eilidh Shaw Tofauti Everyone Active 2
3 Connie Hayes AWOL OShea 2
4 Abi Smith Team TIBCO-Silicon Valley Bank 1
5 Natalie Grinczer CAMS-Basso 1

1 Abi Smith Team TIBCO-Silicon Valley Bank

Winning Team
1 Charlotte Berry Pro-Noctis – Redchilli Bikes -Heidi Kjeldsen
2 Corinne Side Pro-Noctis – Redchilli Bikes -Heidi Kjeldsen
3 Isabel Darvill Pro-Noctis – Redchilli Bikes -Heidi Kjeldsen

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Beaumont Trophy

This long running race has seen a number of scenarios played out for the victory over the years from bunch sprints to solo wins. With a strong field, with many a rider having finished the Tour of Britain, it was anyone’s guess who the winner was going to be. Having witnessed his ability to win two jerseys in the Tour of Britain though, Jacob Scott was a favourite as was the likes of Matt Gibson (Ribble Weldtite) and Alex Peters (Grasscrete Ryedale GP winner) who both had top threes on stages in the Tour of Britain.

The course for the races changed slightly with longer loops including the climb of the Ryals and the distance was 180 km which was going to certainly have its effect on the riders at the back end of the race. Hard up against the lead car bumper as they rolled out of Stamfordham, Steve Lampier (Saint Piran) was in a great position to launch the first attack which he did just as he’d done in the Tour of Britain. Listening to race radio, there was a lot of pressure at the front of the peloton and this finally lead to a nine man group escaping. This included Jacob Scott (Canyon DHB Sungod), Cameron Jeffers (Ribble Weldtite Pro Cycling), Ross Holland, Bradley Symonds (Saint Piran), Joseph Rees, Julian Roche, Jordan Peacock, Toby Jarvis and Owain Roberts.

Their gap was held at around 20 seconds for a long time, before the elastic snapped and the peloton let the gap go out to three minutes. On the Ryals, Owain Roberts was making his bid for the KoM award whilst the rest stayed together. Their lead did come down to a minute at one stage but then went back out to three minutes before a counter attack started to form on lap three with some powerful legs in there belonging to the likes of Alex Peters and Alex Richardson to name but two.

The leaders were caught on lap three to form a large lead group but that group split with Jacob Scott in the chase group as they went through Black Heddon. He managed to get  back to the front though before Alex Richardson lit the race up on the final climb of the Ryals chased by Jacob Scott, Max Stedman and Ross Lamb and behind them, only seconds in it, more potential winners in Rob Scott, Zeb Kyffin (Ribble Weldtite), Matt Gibson (Ribble Weldtite) with Matthew King on his wheel and then Damien Clayton a few more seconds behind them.

The race was flat stick now and a lead group of five formed with the rest chasing behind them flat out and the peloton with the Saint Piran train putting the hammer down to try and get back on terms and under two minutes behind with 14 miles to go. At the front however, Jacob Scott and Alex Richardson, who are both racing the World MTB Marathon championships together next Saturday, got clear of everyone and worked well together to such an extent that they opened up a big lead on the six chasers which included two from Ribble Weldtite (Gibson & Kyffin), two from Canyon DHB Sungod (Rob Scott and Max Stedman) and two others in Lamb and King from different teams.

In the sprint for the win, which started a long way out, Jacob Scott showed he had the speed to beat Richardson whilst Gibson made no mistake to win the sprint for third from the group of six. In the peloton, Tom Mazzone repaid his teammates work with a win in the bunch kick for 9th ahead of first Under 23, Alfie George.

The race rolls out of Stamdfordham

The breakaway had formed before the Ryals the first time and Owain Roberts on the left was making his move to get the KoM points

All calm at the front on the third  of the laps

But behind them a chase group was looking to get across

The leaders are insight of the chasers now third time up the Ryals

Bradley Symonds (Saint Piran) made it into the lead group after being caught …

… But Jacob Scott was in the chase group with teammate Max Stedman

Last time up the Ryals though and Richardson gapped his rivals well and truly

But Jacob Scott was back in the mix with Ross Lamb and Max Stedman and more riders not far behind them

After a shake up at the front and Scott and Richardson escaping, it was Jacob Scott who won the race from Richardson

Matt Gibson of Ribble Weldtite was third

And Tom Mazzone (Saint Piran) was 9th … 


1 Jacob Scott Canyon DHB Sungod 4:19:08
2 Alexandar Richardson Alpecin-Fenix +2
3 Matthew Gibson Ribble Weldtite Pro Cycling +1:08
4 Ross Lamb SwiftCarbon Pro Cycling st
5 Matthew King Team PB Performance st
6 Max Stedman Canyon DHB Sungod st
7 Robert Scott Canyon DHB Sungod st
8 Zeb Kyffin Ribble Weldtite Pro Cycling +1:16
9 Tom Mazzone Saint Piran +1:51
10 Alfred George (U23) Team Inspired st
11 Gruffudd Lewis Ribble Weldtite Pro Cycling st
12 Joe Hill (U23) UpShift Nutrition Race Team st
13 Isaac Mundy Richardsons-Trek DAS st
14 Aaron Freeman (U23) Richardsons-Trek DAS st
15 Joshua Price (U23) Spirit Bontrager BSS Rotor st
16 Sebastian Garry (U23) Nopinz Motip Race Team st
17 Matti Dobbins (U23) RT23 st
18 Finn Crockett (U23) Wheelbase CabTech Castelli st
19 William Bjergfelt SwiftCarbon Pro Cycling st
20 Isaac Peatfield (U23) Crimson Orientation Marketing RT st
21 William Perrett Spellman – Dublin Port Track Team st
22 James Jobber Kuwait Pro Cycling Team st
23 Joe Holt Wales Racing Academy st
24 Euan Macleod (U23) Canyon DHB Sungod st
25 David Hird (U23) Halesowen A & CC Academy st
26 Cameron Mason (U23) TRINITY Road Racing st
27 Jamieson Blain (U23) BIKESTRONG KTM st
28 Joseph Bennett Netllar Telecom-Alé st
29 George Wood (U23) Cycling Sheffield st
30 Michael Chadwick Clancy Briggs Cycling Academy st
31 Peter Cocker Richardsons-Trek DAS st
32 Cameron Jeffers Ribble Weldtite Pro Cycling st
33 Matthew Houlberg (U23) Meudon Pedal Heaven Le Col RT st
34 Samuel Painter (U23) TBW23 Stuart Hall Cycling st
35 Conor McGoldrick Primera-TeamJobs st
36 Jacques Coates (U23) Team PB Performance st
37 Owain Roberts (U23) Wales Racing Academy st
38 Cameron Orr (U23) Team Inspired st
39 Daniel McDermott BC Private Member st
40 Matt Clarke Wheelbase CabTech Castelli st
41 Frazier Carr Spirit Bontrager BSS Rotor st
42 George Kimber (U23) Spirit Bontrager BSS Rotor st
43 Dean Watson Clancy Briggs Cycling Academy st
44 Joseph Rees (U23) BIKESTRONG KTM st
45 Miles Burton ysixfiles st
46 Julian Roche Richardsons-Trek DAS st
47 Oscar Hutchings Team Tor 2000 Kalas st
48 Toby Jarvis Team PB Performance +1:58
49 Oliver Maxwell Saint Piran st
50 Willaim Scott Richardsons-Trek DAS st
51 Samuel Clark (U23) TBW23 Stuart Hall Cycling +2:02
52 Adam Mitchell (U23) Crimson Orientation Marketing RT st
53 Christopher Latham SwiftCarbon Pro Cycling +2:03
54 Jack Freeman Meudon Pedal Heaven Le Col RT st
55 Damien Clayton Canyon DHB Sungod st
56 George Peden (U23) Team PB Performance st
57 Ross Holland Saint Piran +2:17
58 Leon Mazzone Saint Piran st
59 Bradley Symonds Saint Piran +3:50
60 Steve Lampier Saint Piran +7:38
61 Steven Parsonage Richardsons-Trek DAS +7:57
62 Logan Maclean (U23) Wheelbase CabTech Castelli +11:55

King of the Mountain
1 Owain Roberts Wales Racing Academy 9
2 Julian Roche Richardsons-Trek DAS 4
3 Alexandar Richardson Alpecin-Fenix 3
4 Jacob Scott Canyon DHB Sungod 3
5 Bradley Symonds Saint Piran 3
6 Ross Lamb SwiftCarbon Pro Cycling 1
7 Toby Jarvis Team PB Performance 1

1 Alfred George Team Inspired

1 Jacob Scott Canyon DHB Sungod
2 Max Stedman Canyon DHB Sungod
3 Robert Scott Canyon DHB Sungod


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