Result: Exeter Wheelers Hill Climb

Rotor sponsored Andrew Feather the winner of the Exeter Wheelers Hill Climb on September 26 in Devon; Elizabeth Sanders fastest woman

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Result: Exeter Wheelers Hill Climb

1 Andrew Feather HuntBikeWheels 04:13.0 Male Senior
2 Felix Whetter St Austell Whs CC 04:52.9 Male Junior
3 Peter Norris Cycle Sport South Hams 05:02.7 Male Vet
4 Daniel Eastment 1st Chard Wheelers 05:08.2 Male Vet
5 Reuben Heal Mid Devon CC 05:09.4 Male Junior
6 William Barr University of Bristol Cycling Club (UOBCC) 05:10.9 Male Senior
7 Adam Lightfoot University of Exeter Cycling Club 05:12.2 Male Espoir
8 Ollie Pennington 1st Chard Wheelers 05:14.0 Male Senior
9 Michael Shute Mid Devon CC 05:14.1 Male Senior
10 Ben Turner Wellington Wheelers Cycling Club 05:22.9 Male Vet
11 Jack Wilson Wheal Velocity 05:23.6 Male Junior
12 Tom Henry Team DCP 05:25.8 Male Senior
13 Richard Woodward Bridgwater Cycling Club 05:29.5 Male Senior
14 Jon Tune City Cycle Couriers RT 05:34.5 Male Vet
15 Matthew Batten Exeter Whs CC 05:36.8 Male Senior
16 Joe Kerner University of Exeter Cycling Club 05:43.0 Male Espoir
17 Finlay Wright Exeter Whs CC 05:44.7 Male Senior
18 Todd Oates Kendal Cycle Club 05:45.5 Male Senior
19 Harry Shadbolt Exeter Whs CC 05:46.3 Male Senior
20 Laurence Hanoman Brixton Cycles Club 05:50.8 Male Senior
21 Gregory Moss North Devon Wheelers 05:51.3 Male Espoir
22 Elizabeth Sanders Avid Sport 05:52.1 Female Senior
23 Rex Facey 1st Chard Wheelers 05:53.9 Male Vet
24 Simon Vincent YOGI Cycling 05:54.4 Male Senior
25 Nicholas Lumb Exeter Whs CC 05:58.4 Male Vet
26 Martin Shapland Revo Racing 06:05.6 Male Vet
27 Alan Hughes Exeter Triathlon Club 06:07.3 Male Vet
28 Lucy Driver Bridgwater Cycling Club 06:08.4 Female Senior
29 Lee Mallen Sid Valley CC 06:15.0 Male Senior
30 Edward Fraile-Whysall Mid Devon CC 06:15.6 Male Juvenile
31 Jason Hockridge Exeter Whs CC 06:19.3 Male Vet
32 James Powell Exeter Whs CC 06:22.5 Male Vet
33 Mark Watson Exeter Whs CC 06:24.0 Male Vet
34 Chris Murdoch Revo Racing 06:34.8 Male Vet
35 Pete Bishop Exeter Whs CC 06:42.1 Male Vet
36 Malcolm Chave Okehampton CC 06:44.3 Male Vet
37 Alice Lake Cranbrook Cycle Club 06:59.3 Female Senior
38 Keane Powell Exeter Whs CC 07:14.1 Male Senior
39 Melissa Seabrook Exeter Whs CC 07:30.6 Female Senior
40 Heather Mayne Wellington Wheelers Cycling Club 07:33.1 Female Vet
41 Jude Anthonisz Exeter Whs CC 08:49.8 Male Vet
42 Jean Ackford Exeter Whs CC 09:54.1 Female Vet
43 Anna Spence Cranbrook Cycle Club 10:34.2 Female Senior


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