Preview: Monsal Head Hill Climb

Sunday sees the 91st running of this hill climb classic at Monsal Head organised Sheffrec Cycling Club and the event has a very classy field of 238 entries including four former winners

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Preview: Monsal Head Hill Climb

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The 91st running of this hill climb classic at Monsal Head organised Sheffrec Cycling Club has a very classy field of 238 entries including four former winners. Both men’s and women’s defending Monsal champions, Calum Brown, Team Lifting Gear Products/Cycles In Motion and Rebecca Richardson, Team Brother UK are on the start sheet and will face some strong competition for the top spot on Sunday.

The men’s category is expected to be a very close run race for the podium places. Unsurprisingly with so many riders and the event being one of, if not the most prestigious event on the hill climb calendar, there are a lots of potential winners. Aside from two times winner and the second fastest rider in the event history, Calum Brown we have joint second placed riders in 2019, Adam Kenway, Brother UK and Brown’s team mate Andy Nichols on the start line. Nichols has been flying, he won the promoting club, Sheffrec CC’s summer hill climb at Bradfield back in August and continued his great run of form with convincing wins at Hardwick Hall and Pea Royd Lane last week.

Adam Kenway is always solid at Monsal so the usual three way fight will be on the cards for sure. This year there are a couple that could spring a surprise. Gregg Booker, Matlock CC has finished second to Nichols twice so he’s on form and will certainly be looking to the challenge for a podium place. Also on the start sheet is James Shaw. The Ribble Weldtite Pro Cycling rider is fresh from the Tour of Britain and is a natural climber and one rider who could certainly strike a big bow to the Monsal regulars. Jim Brown, Canyon dhb SunGod is no stranger to Monsal and he’s back after his podium place as a junior in 2016.

The HMT ladies cup is another packed field full of talent. 2019 winner Rebbecca Richardson, Brother UK has some major competition, headed by an on form National Hill Climb Champion, Bithja Jones, Pankhurst Cycles who is riding the event for the first time. Second and third placed riders from 2019 are also back. Emilie Verroken, Team Lifting Gear Products/Cycles In Motion and Becky Hair, Magspeed Racing will be looking to repeat their rides from 2 years ago. Hair is going well after winning last week on Peak Royd Lane. Verroken finished second at Hardwick Hall to a flying Zoe Langham.

The Beeston RC rider will certainly have an eye on the podium. Like the men’s category, there are several riders would could easily podium. Mary Wilkinson, Yorkshire Road Club, Monica Greenwood, Macclesfield Wheelers and Joanna Blackburn, Team Bottrill are contenders. Wilkinson finished 2nd and Greenwood finished 3rd at the 2020 National Hill Climb Championships and Blackburn is flying after a win on the longer Struggle Hill Climb last week, so the fight for the top spot is well and truly wide open.

Everyone is in search of a slice from the £2700.00 prize fund. First prize is £250.00 and there is an equal prize for men and women and top 3 prizes for all categories. The big question is, can anyone be a real threat to the 40 year old record set by Elliott in 1981? Year Brown came close in 2018 with a 1:14.5, just 3 tenths off so it’s a possibility.

The vets race is also looking like a three horse race with defending vets champion and course record holder, Steve Tait, OVB is back to stamp his mark on the climb once again. This year he’ll face a fresh challenge from first year vet, Dan Evans, Assos Speed Club UK. The former National Hill Climb champion will be strong competition for Tait and Evans may even be a threat to the vets course record of 1.1:25.3. Darrell Clarke, Ilkeston Cycle Club was 3rd in 2019 and placed 2nd at Hardwick a few weeks ago so has the form to challenge Tait and Evans.

Former winner and record holder Malcolm Elliott

First run in 1930, Monsal Hill Climb has been on the hill climb calendar for an amazing 91 years. This event was first started by a few mates riding out to Monsal Head at the end of the track season and timing each other up the hill, at this time it was an unmade road. How times have changed. The course is a one-in-six and 675 yards long.

This year is again supported by the Healthcare Management Trust. HMT were founded in 1985 as a registered charity to provide consultancy services to healthcare providers.

HMT’s aim has always been to develop and promote the services offered by associated charitable hospitals and care homes so that they can be a viable alternative to the commercial companies both now and into the future. Event organiser, Marc Etches commented “This is a great partnership and the support from HMT has made this prestigious event now very prestigious. We are excited to be able to offer such a great prize list to all the riders and we will now continue to lead the way in setting the standard very high in hill climb promotion nationally”.

The Healthcare Management Trust Chief Executive, Tony Barrett commented, “It is an honour for HMT Hospitals to be supporting such a historic event, and one that really brings professional cycling close to communities. The Monsal Hill Climb gives local club cyclists the opportunity to compete against world-class athletes and serves to promote cycling in general. Cycling is a sport that aligns with our goal of promoting health and wellbeing to all ages and abilities, and that is epitomised in this event.”

Event Website Here

91st HMT Hospitals Monsal Hill Climb Running Order
2 11:02 Hugo Reynolds V & Jago Reynolds SB Matlock CC Tandem
4 11:04 Sam Clark V & George Clark SB Buxton CC/Sett Valley Cycles Tandem
5 11:05 Raife Sheehan Sheffield Triathlon Club SB
6 11:06 John Flanagan Moonglu CC V50+
7 11:07 George Anthony Matlock CC SB
8 11:08 Clare Ash Holmfirth C C LV
9 11:09 Lewis Dixon Kingud Factory Racing SB
10 11:10 Oliver Coefield Matlock CC SB
11 11:11 Eamonn Postlethwaite Eastlands Velo SB
12 11:12 Jim McQuaid Cyclesense CC V50+
13 11:13 Red Johnson Eastlands Velo SB
14 11:14 Finn Miller Matlock CC SB
15 11:15 Jago Wilson North Midland Youth Squad SB
16 11:16 Cody Bassett Derby Mercury R C SB
17 11:17 Mark Havenhand Sheffield Triathlon Club V50+
18 11:18 Olivia Marriott Derby Mercury R C SG
19 11:19 Ady Dench Team Sheffield V50+
20 11:20 Charles Van Adrichem Matlock CC SB
21 11:21 Pete Clements Clancy Briggs Cycling Academy V50+
22 11:22 Felix Oliver North Midland Youth Squad SB
23 11:23 Elizabeth Bridgen Ilkeston Cycle Club LV
24 11:24 William Harvey Eastlands Velo SB
25 11:25 Jude Alcock North Midland Youth Squad SB
26 11:26 Richard Walker VTTA (North Midlands) V50+
27 11:27 Frederick Farr Matlock CC SB
28 11:28 Simon Collins Wootton Tri V
29 11:29 Sam Martin Banbury Star Cyclists’ Club SB
30 11:30 Maddi Smith Bolsover and District CC LV
31 11:31 Ben Smith Verulam CC V
32 11:32 Edward Oakley Matlock CC S
33 11:33 Jane Grant Velo Club Bridgford LV
34 11:34 Finley Hudson Matlock CC SB
35 11:35 Benjamin Taylor North Midland Youth Squad SB
36 11:36 Simon Keeton Rutland Cycling Club V50+
37 11:37 Harper Johnson Eastlands Velo SB
38 11:38 George Robb Bedfordshire Road CC SB
39 11:39 Claire Hughes Peddlamaniacs Cycle Club LV
40 11:40 Jonas Mullington Derby Mercury R C SB
41 11:41 Jamie Brough Matlock CC SB
42 11:42 George Scott Islington Cycling Club S
43 11:43 David Shepherd Sheffield Triathlon Club V50+
44 11:44 Maria David Serpentine Running Club LV
45 11:45 Jake Wade Lindsey Roads Cycling Club S
46 11:46 Ruby Blanc Sportcity Velo SG
47 11:47 Pasco Reynolds Matlock CC SB
48 11:48 Laura Ganderton Peddlamaniacs Cycle Club L
49 11:49 Peter Grant Velo Club Bridgford V50+
50 11:50 Caspar Reynolds Matlock CC SB
51 11:51 Lydia Turan Holmfirth C C SG
52 11:52 Isaac Oliver North Midland Youth Squad SB
53 11:53 Rob Whittle Shutt Velo Test Team V50+
54 11:54 Ethan Haughton Sportcity Velo SB
55 11:55 Dale Wilkes Mansfield Road Club V
56 11:56 Katy Vose Team Sheffield L
57 11:57 Richard Palmer Ashfield RC V
58 11:58 Ben Brewis Cheshire Maverick Cycle Club S
59 11:59 Cameron Turner Malton Whs V50+
60 12:00 Jacob Bradbury Manchester Wheelers SB
61 12:01 Adam Lathbury Rutland Cycling Club S
62 12:02 Hudson Hendry Rockingham Forest Wheelers SB
63 12:03 Mandy Hibberd Rapha Cycling Club LV
64 12:04 George Hales 3C Test Team SB
65 12:05 Isabella Ash Holmfirth C C L
66 12:06 Michael Walker Guide Cycling S
67 12:07 Sandra MacKay Datalynx-Parenesis Cycling LV
68 12:08 Toby Wilson Rutland Cycling Club V
69 12:09 Tom Damant Lea Valley CC S
70 12:10 Hannah Clough ABC Centreville JG
71 12:11 Khaled Balabil Holmes Chapel Velo V50+
72 12:12 Matt Blythe Newport (Shropshire) CC V50+
73 12:13 Mark Conanughton Fusion Cycling Club Dronfield V50+
74 12:14 Bhima Bowden Macclesfield Wheelers S
75 12:15 Noah Starbuck Sleaford Wheelers Cycling Club SB
76 12:16 Alice Larkin Glossop Kinder Velo Cycling Club LV
77 12:17 Mark Jones Bury Clarion Cycling Club V
78 12:18 Matthew Sparkes Beeston Cycling Club V
79 12:19 Maia Howell Matlock CC SG
80 12:20 Mark Broster MULE .C.C. S
81 12:21 Mark Van Adrichem Matlock CC V
82 12:22 Richard Knowles Stafford RC V50+
83 12:23 Gregory McCullum Nottingham Clarion CC S
84 12:24 Dean Johns Calder Clarion V
85 12:25 Joel Barnett Belper BC S
86 12:26 Elliot Sleath Macclesfield Wheelers V
87 12:27 Thomas Robb Bedfordshire Road RT V50+
88 12:28 Robert Sansby Leicestershire RC S
89 12:29 Brendan Hirst Rugby Racing Cycling Club V50+
90 12:30 Alex Taylor Sportstest RT V
91 12:31 Ryan Oldam Reading CC S
92 12:32 Mark Pilling Macclesfield Wheelers S
93 12:33 Faye Sharpley Holmes Chapel Velo L
94 12:34 Ewen Ross Matlock CC V
95 12:35 Sam Cockerill Clifton CC York V
96 12:36 Laurence Tendler Buxton CC/Sett Valley Cycles V
97 12:37 John Hind Bolsover and District CC V50+
98 12:38 Alastair Merrill VC 10 V50+
99 12:39 Laurie Stobbs Ribble Cycles V
100 12:40 Stanley Clough ABC Centreville SB
101 12:41 Sam Marshall Trash Mile S
102 12:42 Jamie-Lee Wright CC London L
103 12:43 Daniel Farrand TrueSapien V
104 12:44 Nick Mallaband Team Sheffield S
105 12:45 Chris Kaye Ilkeston Cycle Club V
106 12:46 Jake Hounsell 7 Hills Cycling Club S
107 12:47 Manat Patthamasing Barrow Central Wheelers S
108 12:48 Darren Miller Fusion Cycling Club Dronfield S
109 12:49 Paul Faulkner Common Lane Occasionals V50+
110 12:50 Sam Amps Beeston Cycling Club S
111 12:51 Andy Smith Mansfield Road Club V
112 12:52 Joanna Cebrat Bury Clarion CC LV
113 12:53 Nick Burton Newark Castle C C V
114 12:54 Harry Hudson Matlock CC SB
115 12:55 Stuart Bolton Sheffrec CC V50+
116 12:56 Harriet Hernando Will Houghton Racing Team (WHRT) L
117 12:57 Liam McNulty 3C Test Team S
118 12:58 Niko Raine University of Lincoln Cycling Club S
119 12:59 Matthew Smith Muckle Cycle Club S
120 13:00 Emil Howell Matlock CC SB
121 13:01 Lilja Raine JG
122 13:02 Richard Stoodley TrueSapien V50+
123 13:03 Matthew Wilkins Rutland Cycling Club S
124 13:04 Louis Lermite Guide Cycling J
125 13:05 Joe Shillabeer Clifton CC York S
126 13:06 Christian Fox Team Lifting Gear Products/Cycles In Motion V
127 13:07 Will Davies Hale Velo V50+
128 13:08 Samuel Thomas Derby Mercury R C J
129 13:09 Calvin Cheung Hub Velo S
130 13:10 Daniel Rollins S
131 13:11 James Davies MULE .C.C. V
132 13:12 Jack Lilley Derby Triathlon Club S
133 13:13 James Pearce Solihull CC S
134 13:14 Tom Llewellyn Mansfield Road Club S
135 13:15 Nicholas Cousins Ilkeston Cycle Club V
136 13:16 Patrick Wood Macclesfield Wheelers S
137 13:17 Connor Newsome Barnsley Road Club S
138 13:18 Robert McGregor Paramount CRT S
139 13:19 Darren Kidson Onyx RT S
140 13:20 Phillip Oliver Rutland Cycling Club V50+
141 13:21 Duncan Edwards Harrogate Nova CC S
142 13:22 Steven Morrow Chorlton Velo S
143 13:23 Steven Prince Ludlow Brewery Race Team V
144 13:24 Andrew Cutts Team Bottrill S
145 13:25 Adam Millington Team PB Performance S
146 13:26 Christopher Peach Ilkeston Cycle Club S
147 13:27 Oliver Mellors Team Spectra Wiggle P/B Vitus S
148 13:28 Paul Armstrong Team Lifting Gear Products/Cycles In Motion S
149 13:29 Nicholas Trbovic Cheshire Maverick Cycle Club S
150 13:30 Josh Rowe OVB S
151 13:31 Freddie Jagger Team Lifting Gear Products/Cycles In Motion S
152 13:32 Dave Diston Muckle Cycle Club V
153 13:33 Zoe Langham Beeston Cycling Club L
154 13:34 James Hawkins JRC Shutt Ridley RT J
155 13:35 Dan Jackson 3C Test Team J
156 13:36 Harrison Dainty Team Cystic Fibrosis SB
157 13:37 Nicola Soden Datalynx-Parenesis Cycling L
158 13:38 Graham Martin Banbury Star Cyclists’ Club V
159 13:39 Neil Bentley Common Lane Occasionals V50+
160 13:40 Tim Glenie Ilkeston Cycle Club V
161 13:41 Sarah Briggs Matlock CC L
162 13:42 Andy Hibberd North Hampshire RC V50+
163 13:43 Matthew Cleave The Service Course S
164 13:44 Charlie Openshaw Team Lifting Gear Products/Cycles In Motion V
165 13:45 Dan Taylor Leicester Forest CC J
166 13:46 Simon Warren Norwood Paragon CC V
167 13:47 Rick Bailey Team Lifting Gear Products/Cycles In Motion S
168 13:48 Erin Avill Storey Racing JG
169 13:49 Gavin Alcock 7 Hills Cycling Club V
170 13:50 Ben MacKinson Apache Brave Racing S
171 13:51 Tobi Ng Team PB Performance S
172 13:52 George Griffin Innovation Racing J
173 13:53 Jessica Evans ASSOS Speed Club UK LV
174 13:54 Joseph Turnbull Otley CC SB
175 13:55 George Cooke 3C Test Team S
176 13:56 Michael Hobson S
177 13:57 Thomas Moody JRC Shutt Ridley RT S
178 13:58 Matt Sumpton Dulwich Paragon CC S
179 13:59 Anna Brittain 7 Hills Cycling Club L
180 14:00 Marcus Cockerill Clifton CC York J
181 14:01 Adam Pinder Hale Velo S
182 14:02 Matthew Coates OVB S
183 14:03 Oliver Humphreys National Clarion CC V
184 14:04 Tom Garnett Geared Up & CN Cycles RT S
185 14:05 Abbie Taylor Team Spectra Wiggle P/B Vitus L
186 14:06 Robert Copeland Sheffrec CC V
187 14:07 Joshua Williams JRC Shutt Ridley RT J
188 14:08 Daniels Kucerjavijs 3C Test Team S
189 14:09 Joanna Blackburn Team Bottrill L
190 14:10 David Setterington 7 Hills Cycling Club S
191 14:11 Nicholas Latimer Team Lifting Gear Products/Cycles In Motion S
192 14:12 Ben Lowe Veloviewer V
193 14:13 Ryan Williams Beeston Cycling Club SB
194 14:14 Monica Greenwood Macclesfield Wheelers L
195 14:15 Simon Froberg Buxton CC/Sett Valley Cycles V50+
196 14:16 Martyn Stewart East Lancashire RC S
197 14:17 Charlie Murray 3C Test Team S
198 14:18 Tony Cope Leek CC – Den Engel Belgian Bar V
199 14:19 Richard Helm Barrow Central Wheelers V
200 14:20 Emilie Verroken Team Lifting Gear Products/Cycles In Motion LV
201 14:21 Alex Whitmore Ratae RC S
202 14:22 David Scott MULE .C.C. S
203 14:23 Jon Wild Veloviewer V
204 14:24 Eugene Cross Team Lifting Gear Products/Cycles In Motion S
205 14:25 Andrew Laidler Sitwell Cycling Club V
206 14:26 Madeleine Heywood Team Watto L
207 14:27 Luke Hind Team Lifting Gear Products/Cycles In Motion S
208 14:28 James Scrivener Reading CC S
209 14:29 James Hartley JRC Shutt Ridley RT J
210 14:30 James Byatt Ilkeston Cycle Club S
211 14:31 Hamish McDougall Team Lifting Gear Products/Cycles In Motion S
212 14:32 Becky Hair Magspeed Racing L
213 14:33 Jonny Wale Team HUUB S
214 14:34 James McKay Cycling Sheffield S
215 14:35 Callum Stewart East London Velo S
216 14:36 Darrell Clarke Ilkeston Cycle Club V
217 14:37 David Huck Barrow Central Wheelers S
218 14:38 George Wood Cycling Sheffield S
219 14:39 Tom Parsons Bolsover and District CC S
220 14:40 Theodor Obholzer Ribble Weldtite Pro Cycling S
221 14:41 Mary Wilkinson Yorkshire Road Club LV
222 14:42 Dan Evans ASSOS Speed Club UK V
223 14:43 James King OVB S
224 14:44 Kieran Smith Team Lifting Gear Products/Cycles In Motion S
225 14:45 Steve Tait OVB V
226 14:46 Ricki Ellison CC Giro S
227 14:47 Rebecca Richardson Team Brother UK L
228 14:48 Kieran Wynne-Cattanach Team Lifting Gear Products/Cycles In Motion S
229 14:49 Gregg Booker Matlock CC S
230 14:50 Callum Dixon Kingud Factory Racing S
231 14:51 Alex Raynard Team Lifting Gear Products/Cycles In Motion S
232 14:52 Josh Coyne Bpm Coaching S
233 14:53 James Shaw Ribble Weldtite Pro Cycling S
234 14:54 Jim Brown Canyon dhb SunGod S
235 14:55 Bithja Jones Pankhurst Cycles LV
236 14:56 Andy Nichols Team Lifting Gear Products/Cycles In Motion S
237 14:57 Adam Kenway Team Brother UK S
238 14:58 Calum Brown Team Lifting Gear Products/Cycles In Motion S


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