Startlist: Westmorland National Trophy

This weekend is the Westmorland National Trophy cyclocross in the North West organised by Dave Haygarth and his team of helpers and coming out to play in the Cumbrian mud all of the winners bar one from round 1 of the series in Derby

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Startlist: Westmorland National Trophy

Last year, the Westmorland National Trophy round was the only one to be held and it was a shining light for the sport to show what could be done in the dark depths of a pandemic. The rain at the time made the event quite spectactular to watch although not so good for the cameras LOL. The event is back this year with another stacked field for round 2 of the National Trophy. Good luck to Dave and all his crewe as well as the riders enjoying what are said to be muddy conditions …


Saturday 9th October 2021

Official Practice (races 1‐3) 08:15 – 09:45
*First 30mins for MEN ONLY
*Last 30mins for WOMEN ONLY

Race 1: Veteran Men 50‐59 09:45
Veteran Men 60+ 09:47

Official Practice (race 3 ONLY) 10:45 – 11:00

Race 2: Veteran Men 40‐49 11:00
Race 3: Veteran Women 12:00

Official Practice (races 4‐6) 12:45 – 13:45

*First 15mins for GIRLS ONLY

Race 4: Youth Girls U16 13:45 | Youth Girls U14 13:47

Race 5: Youth Boys U14 14:30

Race 6: Youth Boys U16 15:15

Sunday 10th October 2021

Official Practice (races 7‐10) 08:30 – 09:55

Race 7: Junior Women 10:00

Race 8: Junior Men 11:15

Official Practice (races 9‐10) 12:15 – 12:55

Race 9: Elite & U23 Women 13:00

Official Practice (race 10) 14:05 – 1435

Race 10: Elite & U23 Men 14:45

Results from Day 1 at Derby


09:45 Veteran Men 50‐59
1 Nicholas Craig SCOTT Racing (winner round 1, Derby)
2 Mike Simpson Beeline Bicycles RT
3 Nicholas Whitley Chester RC
4 Simon Hale Army Cycling Union
5 Nicholas Popham ROTOR Race Team
6 Greg Simcock CC Luton
7 Ian Knights Velo Culture
8 Chris Taylor Shibden Cycling Club
9 Steven Henshall Port Sunlight Whls CC
10 Tim Gill Shibden Cycling Club
11 Stefan Macina Shibden Cycling Club
12 Adam Ellis Spalding Cycling Club
13 Pete Middleton RT ‐ Lazer helmets
14 Jason Marriott Army Cycling Union
15 Andrew Brindle Horwich CC
16 Anthony Turner Cotswold Veldrijden
17 Paul Nutton Shibden Cycling Club
18 Peter Christopher
19 Adrian Dalgleish Lune Racing Cycling Club
20 David Haygarth Wheelbase CabTech Castelli
21 Neil Mansfield Magspeed Racing
22 Keith Sheridan Recycles RCC
23 John Docker Huddersfield Star Wheelers
24 Simon Muir
25 Bill Kay Reifen Racing
26 Carl Jackson Ellmore Factory Racing
27 Andrew Turner Element Cycling Team
28 John Elwell RT ‐ Lazer helmets
29 Matthew Crouch Fossa Racing
30 Andrew Stokes Buxton CC ‐ Sett Valley Cycles
31 Mick Style Element Cycling Team
32 Kevin Dawson RTD ‐ J’sCycleShack
33 Nigel Dykes Lancaster CC
34 Steve Coombs Rockingham Forest Whls
35 John Hines 3C Payment sports
36 Craig Tabiner Port Sunlight Whls CC
37 Ben Bardsley Cyclewise Academy
38 David Kent Whitby Wheelers CC
39 Gary Strickland VC Long Eaton
40 Keith Siddle Reifen Racing
41 Sean Beswick RT ‐ Lazer helmets
42 Dermot Mckee Bronte Wheelers ‐ Neophix Eng
43 Thomas Bardgett
44 Jonathan Robinson Army Cycling Union
45 Alan Parsons Bolsover & District Cycling Club
46 Dominic Watts Bolsover & District Cycling Club
47 Anthony Matthews Paul Milnes ‐ Bradford Olympic RC
48 Phil Oliver Rutland CC
49 Stephen Jones Banjo Cycles/Raceware
50 Nicholas Kershaw Welland Valley CC
51 Jim Davies Kendal Cycle Club
52 John Wood
53 Scott Heyhoe Handsling Racing
54 Richard Collins Imperial Racing Team
55 Michael Burdon PH‐MAS ‐ Paul Milnes Cycles
56 Duncan McIntosh Peebles CC
57 Keith Law Lakes RC
58 Roger Chamberlain VCEquipe‐FlixOralHygiene‐Propulse
59 Richard Noble Tyne&Wear Fire&Rescue CC
60 Andrew Johnston Clifton CC
61 David Smith Kendal Cycle Club
62 Philip Roach Team Jewson‐M.I.Racing
63 John Houlihan Here Come The Belgians
64 David Collins Here Come The Belgians
65 Grant Johnson
66 Graham Wilson Royal Albert CC
67 Murray Swanson Livingston Cycling Club
68 Martin Smith Mid Devon CC
69 Jonathan Watson SCOTT Racing
70 Michael Thomson Deeside Thistle CC
71 Joseph Heywood Horwich CC
72 Duncan Mcminn Kendal Cycle Club
73 Robin Murray Buxton CC ‐ Sett Valley Cycles
74 Simon Fox Port Sunlight Whls CC
75 Neil Raitt Dundee Thistle RC
76 John Tomlinson Barnsley RC
77 Tom Nicholson Hoddom Velo
78 Ian Kendall Liverpool Century RC
79 James Melville Glasgow United CC
80 Keith Bidwell
81 Russell Bayliss GS Metro
82 Andrew Strathdee Nevis Cycles Racing Team
83 David Lindsay Musselburgh RCC
84 Paul Steadman South Shields Velo Cycling Club
85 Andrew Cracknell
86 David Baird Loudoun RC
87 Andy Collins Mid Shropshire Wheelers
88 Edward Sarmiento
89 Clive Sharman Montvelo CC
90 Allan Maclean VC Glasgow South
91 Ben Whatley Buxton CC ‐ Sett Valley Cycles
92 George Roberts VC Glasgow South
93 Paul Crapper Abergavenny Road Club
94 Martin McTavy South Shields Velo Cycling Club
95 Cameron Gray Royal Albert CC
96 Matthew Camps Bridport CC
97 Rob Pettitt Chester RC
98 Graham Veal Weaver Valley CC
99 Simon Meadwell Bournemouth Jubilee Wheelers
100 Richard Bremner North Hampshire RC
101 Andrew Peace Shibden Cycling Club
102 David Jennaway
103 Simon Pateman
09:47 Veteran Men 60+
1 Robin Delve Mid Devon CC
2 Michael Davies Pedal Power Loughborough
3 Peter Harris Pearce Cycles RT
4 John Galway Richardsons Cycle Club
5 Colin Blacklock Muckle Cycle Club
6 Malcolm Cross Velo Club Venta
7 Jan Kardasz Fibrax Wrexham Roads Club
8 Brian Gough Southport CC
9 Martin Eadon Ride Coventry
10 Ian Robson ProSport UK
11 Alistair Dow Peebles CC
12 Victor Barnett Welland Valley CC
13 Peter Murray Salford Cycling Club
14 Donald Gray Cardiff JIF
15 Peter Payton
16 Colin Shearer Hors catégorie (HC)
17 Peter Anderson Seacroft Wheelers
18 Peter Golding West Suffolk Wheelers
19 Ray Pugh St Helens CRC
20 Michael Speirs Kendal Cycle Club
21 Clifford Featherstone MTS Cycle Sport
22 Colin Murley Derwentside CC
23 Derek Schofield Rossendale RC
24 Chris Watts Matlock CC
25 James Dickinson
26 John Newton Leslie Bike Shop‐Bikers Boutique
27 Graham Wright Rossendale RC
28 Jeremy Toy Dundee Wheelers CC

1 Paul Oldham Hope Factory Racing (winner round 1 Derby)
2 Adrian Lansley
3 Paul Lloyd Banjo Cycles/Raceware
4 Tony Fawcett SCOTT Racing
5 David Earth Rose Race Team
6 Lewis Craven Wheelbase CabTech Castelli
7 Dave Powell Horwich CC
8 Chris Buchan
9 Ian Taylor Shibden Cycling Club
10 Robert Jebb Hope Factory Racing
11 Morgan Donnelly Allen Valley Velo
12 Ben Eedy Team Empella Cyclo‐Cross.Com
13 Bill Nickson
14 James Allaway
15 Graeme Wardale South Shields Velo Cycling Club
16 David Spencer Velo Club Venta
17 Gareth Whittall
18 Crispin Doyle Montezuma’s Race Team
19 Phillip Craker Barrow Central Wheelers
20 Scot Easter Magspeed Racing
21 Philip Simcock Team JMC
22 Kevin Smith Shibden Cycling Club
23 Simon Gibbs Reifen Racing
24 Steve Wood Ellmore Factory Racing
25 Richard Knowles
26 Stuart Nisbett Crawley Wheelers
27 Sam Chatwin Army Cycling Union
28 Dave Wilby Ilkley Cycling Club
29 Paul Colling Shibden Cycling Club
30 Stewart Melling
31 Chris Thomas North Cheshire Clarion
32 Nick Taylor Red Rose Olympic CC
33 Chris Mather Derwentside CC
34 Keith Randle Amisvelo Racing Team
35 Malcolm Gray Cestria CC
36 David Morris Harrogate Nova CC
37 Magnus Wills Dulwich Paragon CC
38 Mike Brunsdon Magspeed Racing
39 Nigel Wood Kendal Cycle Club
40 Gary Spencer Shibden Cycling Club
41 David Grindley North Cheshire Clarion
42 Arthur Wilson Ilkley Cycling Club
43 Leon Goodwin Louth Cycle Centre RT
44 Phil Cook Velo Culture
45 Darren Rutterford Iceni Velo
46 Alistair Fisher Bruntwood Park BMX Club
47 Christian Nightingale Nottingham Clarion CC
48 Spencer Laborde Iceni Velo
49 Stuart Reid Wheelbase CabTech Castelli
50 James Thompson Magspeed Racing
51 Phil Mowbray
52 Timothy Peters Horsham Cycling
53 Robert Wimble Drogon Racing Team
54 Graham Carrick Barrow Central Wheelers
55 Matt Lawton Macclesfield Wheelers
56 Nigel Dilks Team Empella Cyclo‐Cross.Com
57 Marcus Fielden Macclesfield Wheelers
58 Matt Waters Army Cycling Union
59 Alistair Aitken Deeside Thistle CC
60 Simon Titmuss Ronde Cycling Club
61 David Whittaker Origin Race Team
62 Dave Allen Alford Wheelers
63 Malcolm Bain Granite City RT
64 Dan Hurst Ruthin Cycling Club
65 Andrew Whiteside Shibden Cycling Club
66 Stephen Bradbrook Marsh Tracks Racing ‐ Trek
67 Mathew Livesey
68 Chris Glass Hetton Hawks Cycling Club
69 Scott Smith Biggar Cycling Club
70 James Tresman Dukinfield Cyclists’ Club
71 David Lines Wheelbase CabTech Castelli
72 Mark Wood Kendal Cycle Club
73 Paul Hendy Team HUP
74 Daniel Brazier Orkney Cycling Club
75 Karl Schumacher Matlock CC


Veteran Women 40‐49
1 Ceris Styler (winner round 1 Derby)
2 Caroline Reuter Dulwich Paragon CC
3 Alison Kinloch PH‐MAS ‐ Paul Milnes Cycles
4 Lucy Siddle Reifen Racing
5 Karen Heppenstall Origin Race Team
6 Deborah Smith Nova Race Team
7 Melanie Annable Allen Valley Velo
8 Celia Brown Gorilla Coffee Cycling Club
9 Alicia Lisle Team Empella Cyclo‐Cross.Com
10 Tracy Bremner
11 Helen Jackson Kendal Cycle Club
12 Julia Behnsen Port Sunlight Whls CC
13 Louise Wainwright Bolsover & District Cycling Club
14 Zoe Allsop ROTOR Race Team
15 Gail Dillon Shibden Cycling Club
16 Donna Goodwin Louth Cycle Centre RT
17 Emma Payne Bolsover & District Cycling Club
18 Ruth Taylor Element Cycling Team
19 Chloe Dilks Team Empella Cyclo‐Cross.Com
20 Virginia Phillips Cotswold Veldrijden
21 Nikola Matthews Boot Out Breast Cancer C.C
22 Sarah Grimshaw Element Cycling Team
23 Claire Weller Barrow Central Wheelers

Veteran Women 50‐59
41 Catriona Ross Bridport CC (winner round 1 Derby)
42 Helen Pattinson Montezuma’s Race Team
43 Helen Dussek Nottingham Clarion CC
44 Kate Dixon Oscar Bravo
45 Clare Hoskins Cardiff JIF
46 Caroline Harvey Peebles CC
47 Janet Marsden Ludlow CC
48 Jacqui Simcock Team JMC
49 Nicola Kent Whitby Wheelers CC
50 Caroline Mansfield Magspeed Racing
51 Tracey Fletcher Magspeed Racing
52 Louise Potter Torvelo Racing

Veteran Women 60+
91 Nicola Davies (winner round 1 Derby)
92 Carolyn Speirs Kendal Cycle Club
93 Karen Payton Cycle Sport Pendle
94 Sally Reid Magspeed Racing


13:45 Youth Under 16 Girls
41 Cat Ferguson Hope Factory Racing (winner round 1 Derby)
42 Alice Colling Shibden Cycling Club
43 Aine Doherty VC Glendale
44 Bethany‐Ann Jackson WXC World Racing
45 Greta Carey Palmer Park Velo RT
46 Carys Lloyd VC Londres
47 Rebecca Woodvine Mid Shropshire Wheelers
48 Isabel Mayes Cleveland Wheelers CC
49 Arabella Blackburn Deeside Thistle CC
50 Mia Rutterford Iceni Velo
51 Zoe Parker Solihull CC
52 Esther Wong Cog Set Papyrus Racing Club
53 Tulsi Bakrania WXC World Racing
54 Florence Greenhalgh Paul Milnes ‐ Bradford Olympic RC
55 Daisy Taylor Royal Albert CC
56 Lucy Allsop Welwyn Wheelers CC
57 Madeline Moorhouse Smith Shibden Cycling Club
58 Skye Willis Una Forza Racing
59 Amelia Cebak Team Milton Keynes
60 Amelia Staunton Sprockets Cycle Club
61 Ellen Phillips Welwyn Wheelers CC
62 Eleanor Whalley Magspeed Racing
63 Charlotte Smith Solent Pirates
64 Amy Kolbert Witham Wheelers Cycling Club
65 Imogen Wolff Shibden Cycling Club
66 Melissa Cooper Jam Cycling RT coached by BPC
67 Amelia Cleathero Racing Metro 15
68 Jamie Leigh Lloyd Liverpool Braveheart Bicycle Club
69 Gabby Scott North Cheshire Clarion
70 Harriette Taylor Newport Shropshire CC
71 Caitlyn Beardsmore Team Empella Cyclo‐Cross.Com
72 Layla Bradbrook Marsh Tracks Racing ‐ Trek
73 Amelia Walton Shibden Cycling Club
74 Briony Roberts Hafren CC
75 Isla Glossop Bolton Hot Wheels CC
76 Faye Williams North Cheshire Clarion
77 Evie Smith Sportcity Velo
78 Jessica Hoskins Cardiff JIF
79 Lily Brindle JRC‐Shutt‐Ridley Race Team
80 Anna Cooke Hetton Hawks Cycling Club
81 Millie Thomson Deeside Thistle CC
82 Ellie Mitchinson Welwyn Wheelers CC
83 Ellie Harrison Clifton CC
84 Lola Stevenson Huddersfield Star Wheelers
85 Thea Aitken Deeside Thistle CC
86 Erin Boothman East Kilbride Road Club
87 Emily Miller WXC World Racing
88 Megan Lloyd Harry Middleton Cycling Club
89 Harriet Greensill Rapid Racer Products
90 Daisy Freer Stockton Wheelers CC

13:47 Youth Under 14 Girls
1 Anna Lloyd VC Londres (winner round 1 Derby)
2 Zoe Roche WXC World Racing
3 Aelwen Davies Velo Myrddin CC powered by Y Beic
4 Melanie Rowe Deeside Thistle CC
5 Rose Lewis Halesowen A & CC
6 Charlotte Lissaman Newark Castle CC
7 Georgia Mahoney Origin Race Team
8 Megan Cherry Leicester Forest CC
9 Phoebe Taylor Eastlands Velo
10 Hope Thomson Deeside Thistle CC
11 Orla Willis Southborough & District Whls
12 Lara Dix Dartmoor Velo–CareControlSystems
13 Eva Fox Mid Devon CC
14 Elsie Haygarth Wheelbase CabTech Castelli
15 Elena Green Huddersfield Star Wheelers
16 Lola Arnold WXC World Racing
17 Isabel Beale Welwyn Wheelers CC
18 Gemma Newall Team Empella Cyclo‐Cross.Com
19 Lauren Oldfield Redditch Road & Path CC
20 Isla Pattinson Solent Pirates
21 Pippa Taylor Beeston RC
22 Lauren Charles Charlotteville CC
23 Isla Kolbert Witham Wheelers Cycling Club
24 Josephine Hurst Marsh Tracks Racing ‐ Trek
25 Bethany Goodwin Louth Cycle Centre RT
26 Katie Allsop ROTOR Race Team
27 Jessie Jo Haslingden Red Rose Olympic CC
28 Mabli Phillips Maindy Flyers CC
29 Izabel Young Shibden Cycling Club
30 Millie Jebb Hope Factory Racing
31 Esme Glossop Bolton Hot Wheels CC
32 Joscelyn Kennedy Royal Albert CC
33 Daisy Wilkinson Edinburgh RC

1 Leon Atkins Welwyn Wheelers CC (winner round 1 Derby)
2 George Cooper Sherwood Pines Cycles Forme
3 Harrison Evans Sleaford Wheelers Cycling Club
4 Jody Mills East Bradford Race Team
5 Teddy Taylor Newport Shropshire CC
6 Oliver Beale Welwyn Wheelers CC
7 Daniel Davies Maindy Flyers CC
8 Evander Wishart Fenland Clarion CC
9 Jem Henderson Hetton Hawks Cycling Club
10 Cameron Annable Derwentside CC
11 Noah Smith Southborough & District Whls
12 Dillon Preece Clancy Briggs Cycling Academy
13 Jacob Steed Sherwood Pines Cycles Forme
14 Harrison Hendy Team HUP
15 Alfie Steed Sherwood Pines Cycles Forme
16 Rocco Schumacher ROTOR Race Team
17 Finn Davies A Cycling
18 Xander Graham Team HUP
19 Sam Genazzini Solent Pirates
20 Jamie Kershaw Welland Valley CC
21 Tomas McIntosh Peebles CC
22 Luke Trafford Holmfirth Cycling Club
23 Fraser Cummings Matlock CC
24 Jack Morgan Solent Pirates
25 Freddie Winkley Eastlands Velo
26 Daniel Ward Cero ‐ Cycle Division Racing Team
27 George Hughes Shibden Cycling Club
28 Oscar Shaw RT ‐ Lazer helmets
29 Aaron Cocker Clancy Briggs Cycling Academy
30 Murphy Hamilton Lichfield City CC
31 Cormac Denwood Harrogate Nova CC
32 Mark Ketteringham Harrogate Nova CC
33 Harry Speak Clifton CC
34 Finley Wilkinson East Bradford Race Team
35 Noah White Mid Shropshire Wheelers
36 Louis Wright Team Zoyland Race Academy
37 Corin Bradley Lichfield City CC
38 Milo Wills VC Londres
39 Arthur Limb Matlock CC
40 William Brown Clancy Briggs Cycling Academy
41 Charlie Shepherd Solent Pirates
42 Leon Parker Salt Ayre Cog Set
43 Alarik Knox Verulam ‐
44 Jonah Hearn Lichfield City CC
45 Harper Johnson Eastlands Velo
46 Daniel Thompson Cleveland Wheelers CC
47 Ethan Geall Shibden Cycling Club
48 Ivo Thwaites Kent Velo Youth
49 Samuel Stewart‐Ball Eastlands Velo
50 Frederic Moorhouse‐Smith Shibden Cycling Club
51 Pasco Reynolds Matlock CC
52 Brodie Duncan West Lothian Clarion CC
53 James Calvert Clifton CC
54 Charlie Albone Shibden Cycling Club
55 Caspar Reynolds Matlock CC
56 Ashley Watton Newport Shropshire CC
57 Joel Gibbon Hetton Hawks Cycling Club
58 Charlie Brennan Sportcity Velo
59 Theo Sandell Southborough & District Whls
60 Jamie Brough Matlock CC
61 Bayley Woodger Mid Devon CC
62 Oliver Bain Deeside Thistle CC
63 Finn Crowther Team Andrew Allan Architecture
64 Gus Lawson Edinburgh RC
65 James Harrison Clifton CC
66 Albie Jones North Cheshire Clarion
67 Innes Long Deeside Thistle CC
68 Ross Eastaugh Deeside Thistle CC
69 Shane O’Brien Fermoy cycling club
70 Fraser MacArthur Team HUP

1 Sebastian Grindley Garden Shed UK‐Ribble‐Verge Sport (winner round 1 Derby)
2 Alfie Amey DB Racing
3 Peter Carpenter C and N Cycles RT
4 Joshua Jackson Team Ohten Aveas
5 Elliot Rowe Deeside Thistle CC
6 Spencer Corder ROTOR Race Team
7 Denholm Edwards Harrogate Nova CC
8 Ben Coppola Four4th
9 Oscar Amey DB Racing
10 Matthew Bell Kirklees Cycling Academy
11 Callum Evans Sleaford Wheelers Cycling Club
12 Oscar Martin ROTOR Race Team
13 Alfie Davies A Cycling
14 Luca Bednarek Kirklees Cycling Academy
15 Daniel Phillips WORX Factory Racing
16 Declan Oldham Hope Factory Racing
17 Dylan Cherruault Avid Sport
18 Mak Larkin ROTOR Race Team
19 Milo McIntosh Peebles CC
20 Ollie Boarer FlandersColor Galloo
21 Innes McDonald Edinburgh RC
22 Oscar Davies CC Abergavenny ‐ JP Signs & Print
23 Conor Murphy Rostrevor Mountain Bike Club
24 John White North Cheshire Clarion
25 Ben Ellis Matlock CC
26 Ruan Vorster West Lothian Clarion CC
27 Will Roberts Derwentside CC
28 Alex Taylor
29 Lewis Tinsley ROTOR Race Team
30 Adam Jones Banjo Cycles ‐ Raceware ‐ Specialized
31 Reece Pittman Palmer Park Velo RT
32 Mackenzie Mellish Vector Cycling Race Team
33 Mackenzie Riley Shibden Cycling Club
34 Noah Horton Palmer Park Velo RT
35 Felix Earth Sleaford Wheelers Cycling Club
36 Joseph Wright Team Zoyland Race Academy
37 Oliver Dawson RTD ‐ J’sCycleShack
38 Rowan Baxter Huddersfield Star Wheelers
39 Magnus Denwood Harrogate Nova CC
40 Ethan Storti Welwyn Wheelers CC
41 Seth Jackson Kirklees Cycling Academy
42 Joel Hurt Derwentside CC
43 Isaac Oliver Sheffield Youth Cycling Club
44 Charlie Hoyle Ashfield RC
45 Cian Evans The Bulls
46 Finlay Woodliffe Welwyn Wheelers CC
47 Samuel Greenwell Solihull CC
48 Edward Charles WORX Factory Racing
49 Harley Gregory West Suffolk Wheelers
50 Daniel Kemp Clifton CC
51 Oscar Nisbett Crawley Wheelers
52 Ryan Oldfield Redditch Road & Path CC
53 Sam Budd Magspeed Racing
54 Jamie Stewart Shibden Cycling Club
55 James Ingham Green Jersey CC
56 Ben Mellor Matlock CC
57 Oliver Morgan Solent Pirates
58 Samuel Brownsword Solihull CC
59 Kai Buckley Cycle Derby CC
60 Lucas Elwell East Bradford CC
61 Finlay Mowat Avid Sport
62 Joe Watkins‐Wilson North Cheshire Clarion
63 James Beagley Harrogate Nova CC
64 Jesse Bradley Lichfield City CC
65 Noah Ellison Shibden Cycling Club
66 Benjamin Pearcey Avid Sport
67 Matthew Peace Otley CC
68 Oliver Agombar Magspeed Racing
69 Oscar Pasmore Welwyn Wheelers CC
70 Tom Jackson Newport Shropshire CC
71 Huw Watkins Palmer Park Velo RT
72 William Best Derwentside CC
73 Toby Pullan Cambridge Junior Cycling Club
74 Thomas Hepton Paul Milnes ‐ Bradford Olympic RC
75 Finley Macfarlane Palmer Park Velo RT
76 Ethan Campbell Newport Shropshire CC
77 Ellis Jackson Leicester Forest CC
78 Nathan Smith Clifton CC
79 Oscar Saxton Huddersfield Star Wheelers
80 Joseph Cosgrove Dolan Ellesse Race Team
81 Ben Scott Racing Metro 15
82 Jack Livesey Salt Ayre Cog Set
83 Thomas Woolf Matlock CC
84 Harry Gilligan Shibden Cycling Club
85 Feargus Pearson Peebles CC
86 Rory Ogilvie West Lothian Clarion CC
87 Murray Gray Johnstone Wheelers Cycling Club
88 Rhys Edwards Edinburgh RC
89 Ewan Dix Origin Race Team
90 Oliver Barker Shibden Cycling Club
91 Archie Honeysett Salt Ayre Cog Set
92 Ciaran Lally Racing Metro 15
93 Toby Bush Bourne Whls CC
94 Nathaniel Henderson Hetton Hawks Cycling Club
95 Arran Cairns Derwentside CC
96 Monty Rigby DEVOCannondale
97 Oliver Blyth Edinburgh RC
98 Charlie Yardy Lee Valley Youth Cycling Club
99 Freddie Dixon Hope Factory Racing
100 Alasdair Easton Edinburgh RC
101 Trayden Jarrett Eastlands Velo
102 Alex Hart Mid Shropshire Wheelers

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Results from day 2 here

1 Libby Bell Garden Shed UK‐Ribble‐Verge Sport
2 Ella Maclean‐Howell Tofauti Everyone Active (winner round 1 Derby)
3 Elizabeth McKinnon Derwentside CC
4 Emily Carrick‐Anderson T‐Mo Racing
5 Hope Inglis Kent Velo Youth
6 Niamh Murphy Montezuma’s Race Team
7 Phoebe Roche WXC World Racing
8 Christina Mcgorum Una Forza Racing
9 Freya Whiteside PH‐MAS ‐ Paul Milnes Cycles
10 Hannah McClorey RFDA
11 Eva Newby RFDA
12 Amy Mourne Shibden Cycling Club
13 Daphne Jones Cero ‐ Cycle Division Racing Team
14 Abigail Miller WXC World Racing
15 Heather Robinson Hetton Hawks Cycling Club
16 Evie Steed Sherwood Pines Cycles Forme
17 Katie Hadnum PH‐MAS ‐ Paul Milnes Cycles
18 Harriet Limb WXC World Racing
19 Elena Day Montezuma’s Race Team
20 Matilda McKibben Team SB Hub
21 Madeline Cooper Montezuma’s Race Team
22 Alice Orgill Team Empella Cyclo‐Cross.Com
23 Georgina Pasmore Welwyn Wheelers CC
24 Florence Lissaman Newark Castle CC
25 Lucy Dalgleish Cog Set Papyrus Racing Club
26 Kacey Eyeington Derwentside CC
27 Sally Walsh
28 Freya Evans The Bulls
29 Annie Roche Scott Quanta Racing
30 Isla Long Deeside Thistle CC
31 Morven Yeoman Tofauti Everyone Active

1 Ben Askey Backstedt Bike Performance RC
2 Callum Laborde Tofauti Everyone Active (winner round 1 Derby)
3 Oliver Akers Garden Shed UK‐Ribble‐Verge Sport
4 Nathan Smith Garden Shed UK‐Ribble‐Verge Sport
5 Max Greensill Hope Factory Racing
6 Huw Buck Jones Backstedt Bike Performance RC
7 Joseph Smith Tofauti Everyone Active
8 Oliver Peace PH‐MAS ‐ Paul Milnes Cycles
9 Reuben Oakley Edinburgh RC
10 Tomos Pattinson Halesowen A & CC Academy
11 Tom Scott Trek Sheffield Fox Valley
12 Raphael Tabiner Innovation Racing
13 Jamie Gostick Banjo Cycles ‐ Raceware ‐ Specialized
14 Sullivan Berry ROTOR Race Team
15 Christopher Hilbert Clancy Briggs Cycling Academy
16 Yani Angelo Djelil Una Forza Racing
17 Jacob Bush Fensham Howes ‐ MAS Design
18 Arlo Carey Palmer Park Velo RT
19 Oscar Taylor Clifton CC
20 Fred Meredith Backstedt Bike Performance RC
21 Dominic Switzer Welland Valley CC
22 Scott Fisher Una Forza Racing
23 Jude Chamberlain Team Jewson‐M.I.Racing
24 Bjoern Koerdt Shibden Cycling Club
25 Harry Owen Herne Hill Youth CC
26 Matthew Wilson Team Milton Keynes
27 Daniel Lloyd VC Londres
28 Oscar Pratt Velo Club Venta
29 Ben Ramsden Shibden Cycling Club
30 Joe Brookes Halesowen A & CC
31 Oliver Halliday The Bike Rack CC
32 Kieron Heuberger Backstedt Bike Performance RC
33 Alfie Speck Ellmore Factory Racing
34 Daniel Porter Horwich CC
35 Mark Lightfoot Welwyn Wheelers CC
36 Deetray Jarrett Green Jersey CC
37 Harry Ellison Shibden Cycling Club
38 William Ryan Solihull CC
39 John Cull Cog Set Papyrus Racing Club
40 Nathan Cracknell
41 Oscar Heslop Team Milton Keynes
42 Ethan Pratten Cardiff JIF
43 Jack Hastings Cardiff JIF
44 Owen Thompson Paul Milnes ‐ Bradford Olympic RC
45 Benjamin Livesey Cog Set Papyrus Racing Club
46 Pedro Hutchinson Velo Club Venta
47 Jasper Dilks Team Empella Cyclo‐Cross.Com
48 Daniel Holmes Derwentside CC
49 Jack Shanley Cog Set Papyrus Racing Club
50 Jack Parnaby Shibden Cycling Club
51 Travis Harkness VC Glendale
52 Evan McKenzie West Lothian Clarion CC
53 Curtis Neill Carn Wheelers
54 Liam O’Brien Fermoy cycling club
55 Sam Chisholm West Lothian Clarion CC
56 Ioan Oldfield Marsh Tracks Racing ‐ Trek
57 Niall McLoughlin Westport Covey Wheelers
58 Kayden Davidson Team Andrew Allan Architecture
59 Oisin Ferrity Island Wheelers
60 Finn Mason West Lothian Clarion CC
61 Dan Eastham Cog Set Papyrus Racing Club
62 Douglas Main Derby Mercury RC
63 Arran Robinson Hetton Hawks Cycling Club
64 James Andrew Elves Hetton Hawks Cycling Club
65 Cameron Archibald Falkirk Junior Bike Club
66 Oliver Coughlan Shibden Cycling Club
67 Robin Steer Welwyn Wheelers CC
68 Gregor Mcphaden West Lothian Clarion CC
69 Otto Chilton Derby Mercury RC
70 Alessandro Sella Lee Valley Youth Cycling Club
71 Ben McMullen Sprockets Cycle Shop Race Team (Scotland)
72 Cody Lee Hetton Hawks Cycling Club
73 Ethan Grimshaw
74 Rory Laidlaw Peebles CC
75 Finlay Taylor Royal Albert CC
76 Luca Gray
77 Elliott Davies Edinburgh RC
78 Dan Galpin Bourne Whls CC
79 Campbell Mackintosh Nevis Cycles Racing Team

1 Amira Mellor Spectra Wiggle p/b Vitus (winner round 1 Derby)
2 Anna Flynn Edinburgh RC U23
3 Abbie Manley Montezuma’s Race Team U23
4 Alderney Baker Team Empella Cyclo‐Cross.Com U23
5 Xan Crees Spectra Wiggle p/b Vitus U23
6 Ishbel Strathdee VeloRevolution‐WPCycles U23
7 Lotta Mansfield Montezuma’s Race Team U23
8 Joanne Thom Ronde Works Racing
9 Abbie Taylor Spectra Wiggle p/b Vitus
10 Christina Wiejak Saint Piran WRT
11 Sian Botteley Brother U.K ‐ Cycle Team OnForm
12 Darcey Harkness VC Glendale U23
13 Lily Young PH‐MAS ‐ Paul Milnes Cycles U23
14 Adeline Moreau Sunday Echappée
15 Amy Perryman Montezuma’s Race Team U23
16 Rebecca Preece Hope Factory Racing
17 Bethany Barnett AWOL Worx Galliard U23
18 Emma Jane Hornsby VC Londres
19 Lucy Hart Cero ‐ Cycle Division Racing Team U23
20 Ellie Dilks Team Empella Cyclo‐Cross.Com U23
21 Roisin Lally Torelli‐Assure‐Cayman Islands U23
22 Joanne Clarke Velo Club Venta
23 Holly Bradbrook Marsh Tracks Racing ‐ Trek U23
24 Eleanor Strathdee
25 Charlotte‐Louise McGreevy AWOL Worx Galliard U23
26 Celia Brown Gorilla Coffee Cycling Club
27 Imogen Chastell Brother U.K ‐ Cycle Team OnForm U23
28 Victoria Peel Hope Factory Racing
29 Jana Dobbelaere Starcasino Cycling Team
30 Millie Couzens Crelan‐IKO U23
31 Sophie Thackray CAMS‐Basso
32 Ruby Miller Hope Factory Racing
33 Lucy Allan Kendal Cycle Club
34 Bethany Crumpton Spectra Wiggle p/b Vitus
35 Ffion James Hope Factory Racing

RACE 10: SUNDAY 14:45 ELITE & U23 MEN (Lewis Askey winner round 1)
1 Thomas Mein Tormans Cyclo Cross Team
3 Ian Field Spectra Wiggle p/b Vitus (3rd in round 1)
4 Rory McGuire Leslie Bike Shop‐Bikers Boutique U23
5 Joe Coukham Shibden Cycling Club U23
6 Jenson Young Saint Piran U23
7 Corran Carrick‐Anderson T‐Mo Racing U23
8 Daniel Barnes Spectra Wiggle p/b Vitus U23
9 Simon Wyllie Spectra Wiggle p/b Vitus U23
10 Joseph Blackmore ROTOR Race Team U23
11 Alistair Slater Clancy Briggs Cycling Academy
12 Paul Oldham Hope Factory Racing
13 Tom Couzens Spirit Bontrager BSS Rotor U23
14 Kishan Bakrania TBW23 Stuart Hall Cycling U23
15 Barney Clacy U23
16 Ben Chilton Spectra Wiggle p/b Vitus U23
17 Michael Newall Team Empella Cyclo‐Cross.Com U23
18 Grant Ferguson Hope Factory Racing
19 Lewis Craven Wheelbase CabTech Castelli
20 Nicholas Craig SCOTT Racing
21 David Duggan Wheelbase CabTech Castelli
22 Samuel Howes Sleaford Wheelers Cycling Club U23
23 James Swadling NSR (Nigel Smith Racing) U23
24 James Madgwick
25 Matthew Ellis Saint Piran U23
26 Joseph Beckingsale Wales Racing Academy U23
27 Giles Drake Wheelbase CabTech Castelli
28 Finlay Robertson Wheelbase CabTech Castelli
29 Jake Jackson Rose Race Team U23
30 Samuel Morris Loughborough Students CC
31 Joshua Jones
32 Joseph Peatfield Bridgnorth Cycling Club
33 Richard Jones Ribble Weldtite Pro Cycling
34 Sam Freeman Montezuma’s Race Team U23
35 Pete Matthews Clancy Briggs Cycling Academy
36 Ethan Whiteside Shibden Cycling Club U23
37 Jonathan Dennis Kibosh
38 Robin Godden Hope Factory Racing
39 Adam Bent Wheelbase CabTech Castelli U23
40 George Thompson Rose Race Team
41 Scott Chalmers Magspeed Racing
42 Will Thompson Shibden Cycling Club U23
43 Ben Houlihan Wheelbase CabTech Castelli U23
44 Adam Martin SCOTT Racing
45 Josh Gibson SCOTT Racing
46 Harry Walshaw Shibden Cycling Club U23
47 Callum Reid The Cycling Academy U23
48 Nick Blight Magspeed Racing
49 Sam Watson Hope Factory Racing
50 Adam Cooke Reifen Racing
51 Jake Edwards Cog Set Papyrus Racing Club U23
53 Trevor Schofield Moonglu CC
54 William Dykes Cog Set Papyrus Racing Club U23
55 Thomas Timberlake Dyson Cycles U23
56 Bruce Dalton Spectra Wiggle p/b Vitus
57 Max Hale
58 Richard Morgan Barrow Central Wheelers
59 Iain Murray U23
60 Marco Ruggeri Rapha Cycling Club
61 George Baker Barrow Central Wheelers
62 Gareth Davies Will Houghton Racing Team U23
63 Robert Armstrong Barrow Central Wheelers
64 Martin Woffindin Secret‐
65 Robert Jebb Hope Factory Racing
66 Sam Chatwin Army Cycling Union
67 Dale Lee Kendal Cycle Club
68 Lewis Martin Studio Velo
69 Cameron Mason TRINITY Road Racing U23
70 Matt Fleming
71 Flynn Gregory Wheelbase CabTech Castelli U23
72 Ryan Symington Get On Your Bike (GOYB) U23
73 Lee Harvey VC Glendale U23
74 Oliver Stockwell Team Inspired U23
75 Ryan Middlemiss Wheelbase CabTech Castelli
76 Ben Barnett U23
77 Steven James Hope Factory Racing
78 Nick Williamson
79 Max Gibbons Orbea Racing Team
80 Spencer Davies CC Abergavenny ‐ JP Signs & Print U23
81 Beau Smith
82 Charles Fletcher
83 Thomas Crapper Abergavenny Road Club U23
84 Stuart Reid Wheelbase CabTech Castelli
85 Frank Pilkington
86 Felix Barker Hope Factory Racing
87 Tyla Loftus Wheelbase CabTech Castelli
88 Matthew Lynn MTS Cycle Sport
89 William Weatherill Hope Factory Racing

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