Result: Arctic Aircon RT 10m TT

Home win for Stewart House in the Arctic Aircon Racing Team’s road bike 10 mile time trial that he organised on February 27 nr Newbury; Karen Stuart-Smith first woman

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Result: Arctic Aircon RT 10m TT

1. Stewart House (Arctic Aircon RT) 22.28
2. Matt Jarvis (Cowley Road Condors CC) 23.40
3. Peter Oliver (Zero BC RT) 25.09
4. Ben Richardson (Team Milton Keynes) 25.11
5. Gavin Mitchell (Twickenham CC) 25.26
6. Jymmy Trevor (Jen Hadar Racing) 25.46
7. Chris Pressdee (Hunt Bike Wheels) 28.31
8. Michael Ashurst (Royal Air Force CA) 30.20
9. Graham Morrison (Newbury RC) 30.40

First Woman: Karen Stuart-Smith (Cowley Road Condors CC) 33.42


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