Result: Gillingham & Dist Whs Hardriders TT

 James Pittard  is fastest over 18.4 miles in the Gillingham & Dist Whs Hardriders Time Trial on March 5th; Joanne Jago was first woman;

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Result: Gillingham & Dist Whs Hardriders TT

1. James Pittard Didcot Phoenix CC 00:44:36 Male Senior
2. Robert Francis Pronto Bikes 00:44:54 Male Senior
3. Shawn Gray Gillingham and District Wheelers / Wheels Cycles 00:46:12 Male Vet
4. Josh Griffiths FTP ( Fulfil The Potential ) Race Team 00:47:11 Male Senior
5. Morgan Curle Rogue Racing 00:47:22 Male Espoir
6. Daniel Colman Pronto Bikes 00:47:54 Male Senior
7. David Bolton Bristol South Cycling Club 00:48:07 Male Vet
8. Tony Chapman Frome and District Wheelers 00:48:35 Male Vet
9. Ben Warman Yeovil Cycling Club 00:48:52 Male Vet
10. Mark Brock Somerset Road Club 00:48:58 Male Vet
11. Charles Thibault Bath Cycling Club 00:48:59 Male Senior
12. Nick Creed Somer Valley Cycling Club 00:49:20 Male Senior
13. Charles Coleman Rogue Racing 00:49:50 Male Senior
14. Luke Smith Bristol South Cycling Club 00:49:57 Male Vet
15. Billy Dyer BJ cycling 00:51:20 Male Vet
16. Nigel Brown Gillingham and District Wheelers / Wheels Cycles 00:51:25 Male Vet
17. Daniel Kempe Bristol South Cycling Club 00:52:19 Male Vet
18. Nick Cooper Yeovil Cycling Club 00:53:26 Male Senior
19. Richard Llewellyn Imperial Racing Team 00:53:26 Male Vet
20. Mike Anderson CC Moncontour 00:53:29 Male Vet
21. Gary Francis Gillingham and District Wheelers / Wheels Cycles 00:53:38 Male Vet
22. Jay Hookins BJ cycling 00:53:39 Male Senior
23. Keith Penny Frome and District Wheelers 00:54:01 Male Vet
24. Anthony Sprules Frome and District Wheelers 00:56:37 Male Vet
25. Joanne Jago Performance Cycles CC 00:57:40 Female Vet
26. Mark Harvey Gillingham and District Wheelers / Wheels Cycles 00:57:50 Male Vet
27. Richard Emery Severn Road Club 00:58:45 Male Vet
28. Isabella McNally Westbury Wheelers 00:59:16 Female Senior
29. Chris Lowe Swindon Road Club 00:59:31 Male Vet
30. Christopher Mullett Gillingham and District Wheelers / Wheels Cycles 01:02:07 Male Senior
31. Joanna Knight Bristol South Cycling Club 01:03:40 Female Vet
32. Robert Latchem Somer Valley Cycling Club 01:04:48 Male Vet
33. Jason Maule Somer Valley Cycling Club 01:11:58 Male Vet



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