Result: No Nonsense Circuit Races 1

Sebastian Sebastian Grindley, Evie Smith and Georgina Oakley among the winners at week 1 of the No Nonsense Circuit Races at Halifax

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Result: No Nonsense Circuit Races 1

3/4 Women
1 Georgina Oakley INFLITE
2 Amy Loftus JRC-INTERFLON Race Team
3 Lindsay Toy Beeston RC
4 Tyana Reid RFDA
5 Annabel Ramsay Leicester Forest CC
6 Ellie Horrocks East Bradford CC
7 Rebecca Newark Klatsch.
8 Katherine Handy Valley Striders CC
9 Kate Naylor Valley Striders CC
10 Lynsey Whitley Chester RC
11 Niamh Campbell Williams JRC-INTERFLON Race Team
12 Joanne Sykes Harrogate Nova CC
13 Lilja Raine JRC-INTERFLON Race Team
14 Bev Sorsby Klatsch.
15 Joanna Lockwood Klatsch.
16 Alison Pearce Queensbury Queens of the Mount…
17 Louise Watson Queensbury Queens of the Mount…
18 Joanna Morris Shibden Cycling Club
19 Vicky Mathwin Queensbury Queens of the Mount…
20 Lucy Hall Queensbury Queens of the Mount…

1 Hugo Murphy Holmfirth Cycling Club
2 William Barton
3 Isaac Spencer Shibden Cycling Club
4 Benjamin Briggs Shibden Cycling Club
5 Erin Hewlett East Bradford CC
6 Angelo Stocchero Holmfirth Cycling Club
7 William Priestley Kirklees Cycling Academy
8 Hugo Manning Kirklees Cycling Academy
9 Edward Johnston Bronte Tykes Cycling Club
10 George Atherton Bronte Tykes Cycling Club
11 Oliver Zhou Albarosa Cycling Club
12 Sebastian Smith
13 Isla Pickering Shibden Cycling Club
14 Joshua Davies Kirklees Cycling Academy
15 Spencer Parry Shibden Cycling Club
16 William Bisson Bury Clarion Cycling Club
16 Alys Moore
17 Abigail Parsons
18 Ethan Henstock
18 Gracie Throup Bronte Tykes Cycling Club
19 Jeffrey Parkinson Huddersfield Star Wheelers
20 Max Hallworth Bury Clarion Cycling Club
21 Betsy Fearne Kirklees Cycling Academy
24 Sky Howarth
25 Felix Hart Huddersfield Star Wheelers
26 Jemima Spencer
27 Lennie Throup
28 Elias Rutter Bury Clarion Cycling Club

1 Jake Thornton Ilkley Cycling Club
2 Red Johnson North Cheshire Clarion
3 Nathaniel Obertelli Clancy Briggs Cycling Academy
4 Eamonn Postlethwaite Eastlands Velo
5 William Young Shibden Cycling Club
6 Freddie Watson Clifton CC
7 Louis Stanton – Spencer
8 Matthew Robertson Clifton CC
9 Harry Patterson Bury Clarion Cycling Club
10 Jake Gibson Derwentside CC
11 Tillie Jennings Clancy Briggs Cycling Academy
12 Elodie Geall East Bradford CC
13 Zoe Scott North Cheshire Clarion
14 Austin Nelson Bury Clarion Cycling Club
15 William Jennings Clancy Briggs Cycling Academy
16 Isla Hewlett East Bradford CC
17 Malachy Kelly
18 Seraphina Green Barnsley RC
19 Matthew Moore Huddersfield Star Wheelers
20 Sophie Sykes
21 Mimi Plews

1 Billy Ladle Kirklees Cycling Academy
2 Zachary Hutchinson Clifton CC
3 Lily Speak Clifton CC
4 Isabelle Goodwin Louth Cycle Centre RT
5 Annie Fearne Kirklees Cycling Academy
6 Casey Jackson Shibden Cycling Club
7 Dexter Murphy Holmfirth Cycling Club
8 Ted Carey Harrogate Nova CC
9 Charles Parry Shibden Cycling Club
10 Brodie Stewart Shibden Cycling Club
11 Elsie Hughes Eastlands Velo
12 Ellis Geall East Bradford CC
13 Toby Diggins Bury Clarion Cycling Club
14 Eliza Saxton Huddersfield Star Wheelers
15 Reuben Hart Huddersfield Star Wheelers
16 Lewis Bentley Holmfirth Cycling Club
17 Henry Palmer East Bradford CC
18 Ewan Plumb Huddersfield Star Wheelers
19 Noah Scholes Shibden Cycling Club
20 Archie Edmondson Kirklees Cycling Academy
21 Daniel Taylor
22 Bramwell Ingham Huddersfield Star Wheelers

Under-14 Girls
1 Izabel Young Shibden Cycling Club
2 Elena Green Huddersfield Star Wheelers
3 Bethany Goodwin Louth Cycle Centre RT
4 Poppy Spencer Shibden Cycling Club
5 Lotiie Stevenson Huddersfield Star Wheelers

Under-14 Boys
1 Harry Speak Clifton CC
2 Aaron Cocker RTD – J’sCycleShack
3 Oliver Thorpe RTD – J’sCycleShack
4 James Canham Doncaster Whls CC
5 Joshua Jewitt Stockton Wheelers CC
6 Charlie Brennan Sportcity Velo
7 Mark Ketteringham Harrogate Nova CC
8 Zack Lowe Clifton CC
9 Jody Mills East Bradford Race Team
10 Daniel Middlebrooke Otley CC
11 Harper Johnson Eastlands Velo
12 George Hughes Sportcity Velo
13 Cormac Denwood Harrogate Nova CC
14 Luke Trafford Shibden Cycling Club
15 Thomas Hassell Eastlands Velo
16 Ethan Geall Shibden Cycling Club
17 Thomas Nabb Ilkley Cycling Club
18 Theo Mcfadden East Bradford CC
19 Will Hocking Bruntwood Park BMX Club
20 Denium Richard Lee Higgins East Bradford CC

Under-16 Girls
1 Evie Smith Sportcity Velo
2 Emily Middlebrooke Otley CC
3 Gabby Scott North Cheshire Clarion
4 Lola Stevenson Huddersfield Star Wheelers
5 Katherine Bucknell Otley CC
6 Jasmine Townend Scarborough Paragon CC
7 Eleina McFadden East Bradford CC
8 Lydia Turan JRC-INTERFLON Race Team

Under-16 Boys
1 Sebastian Grindley Garden Shed UK-Ribble-Verge Sp…
2 Denholm Edwards Harrogate Nova CC
3 Matthew Peace Otley CC
4 James Beagley Harrogate Nova CC
5 Mackenzie Riley Shibden Cycling Club
6 Joe Watkins-Wilson North Cheshire Clarion
7 Joel Hurt Derwentside CC
8 Benjamin Arey Clifton CC
9 Seth Jackson Kirklees Cycling Academy
10 Jamie Stewart Cystic Fibrosis Race
11 Luca Bednarek Kirklees Cycling Academy
12 Rowan Baxter Huddersfield Star Wheelers
13 Oscar Saxton Huddersfield Star Wheelers
14 Jacques Goetz East Bradford CC
15 Archie Gill Otley CC
16 Elliot Fraser Clifton CC
17 Charlie Thorpe RTD – J’sCycleShack
18 Magnus Denwood Harrogate Nova CC
19 Alex Hodgkins Otley CC
20 Matthew Bell Kirklees Cycling Academy
21 Nathan Smith Clifton CC
22 Max Webster Stockton Wheelers CC
23 James Luxton Otley CC
24 James Sawyers Clifton CC
25 Jack Cook Calder Clarion CC
26 Tom Davey Harrogate Nova CC
27 Zack Miles Ilkley Cycling Club
28 Oliver Moss Clifton CC
29 Callum Rushworth East Bradford CC


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