Startlist: Oakenclough RR

Here is the startlist for the National B ‘Elite Cycle Racings’ – Oakenclough Road Races (Men & Women) on April 30

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Startlist: Oakenclough RR

Head Quarters / Sign On: The Head Quarters are located at Claughton Memorial Hall, Stubbins Lane, Preston, PR3 0QH.

The course: All races are to be held on the Oakenclough circuit in an anti-clockwise direction. Riders are to ride on the left-hand side of the road; any dangerous riding will result in a commissaire’s warning, if repeated the commissaire’s will ask you to withdraw from the race and return to the HQ – this is for your safety.

Barriers will be on the finishing section of the course; they are there for everyone’s safety and to allow race officials to have a clear sight of the finish when riders pass through – these barriers must not be moved. Red marker flags will be present on the course, these indicate dangerous road surfaces and therefore care must be given.

Elite/1/2/3 Men’s race: National B/ Start – 09:30 / 6 laps of 10.75 miles (17.3km) — Total race distance 64.5 miles (103.8km)
Elite/1/2/3 Women’s race: National B / Start – 13:30 / 5 laps of 10.75 miles (17.3km) — Total race distance 53.7 miles (86.5km)

1 Thomas Ashcroft Dolan Ellesse Race Team 2nd
2 Christopher Booth Giant Kendal-Sidas Uk 2nd
3 Joe Boothroyd Giant Kendal-Sidas Uk 2nd
4 Joseph Bowers Tactic Sport UK Race Team 1st
5 Damien Clayton WiV Sungod Elite
6 Jack Crook Dolan Ellesse Race Team 1st
7 Matti Dobbins Wheelbase CabTech Castelli 1st
8 William Dykes Spokes Racing Team 3rd
9 Richard Evans Birkenhead North End CC 2nd
10 Iwan Evans Embark – Bikestrong 2nd
11 Tarn Fynn Manchester Bicycle Club 2nd
12 Keir Gaffney Spokes Racing Team 2nd
13 Tom Garnett Geared Up Apex RT 2nd
14 Jacob Gilkes Bridgnorth Cycling Club 3rd
15 Hamish Graham 2nd
16 Ben Granger Zappi Racing Team Elite
17 Glen Hale 2nd
18 James Harrison Manx Viking Wheelers CC 2nd
19 David Hill Giant Kendal-Sidas Uk 2nd
20 Fabian Horrocks Velo Schils – Interbike RT 2nd
21 Declan Hudson Dolan Ellesse Race Team 1st
22 Ben Iddon Identity Racing 3rd
23 Cameron Jeffers Ribble Weldtite Pro Cycling 1st
24 James Jobber Kuwait Pro Cycling Team 1st
25 Matthew King Ribble Weldtite Pro Cycling Elite
26 Aidan Lawrence TRINITY Road Racing 1st
27 Isaac Lawrence Brother UK-Orientation marketing 2nd
28 Corrin Leeming Manx Viking Wheelers CC 2nd
29 James Little Holmfirth Cycling Club 3rd
30 Hamish MacLaren 2nd
31 Logan Maclean Wheelbase CabTech Castelli 1st
32 Daniel McDermott Elite
33 Tom Merry Wheelbase CabTech Castelli 1st
34 Sean Mullen Richardsons Trek DAS
35 Andrew Nichols Team Lifting Gear Products 1st
36 James OConnell 1st
37 Jonathan Oxley BCC Race Team 2nd
38 Harry Paveley Identity Racing 2nd
39 Ben Pease Moonglu Race Team 1st
40 George Peden Team PB Performance 1st
41 Benjamin Perry WiV Sungod
42 Freddy Pett DAP Cycling Club Elite
43 George Radcliffe Identity Racing 2nd
44 Jordan Retallack 05/03 2nd
45 Lucas Rowley Tactic Sport UK Race Team 2nd
46 Marco Ruggeri Rapha Cycling Club 3rd
47 John Russell 05/032nd
48 George Safranauskas LVC Racing 2nd
49 James Satoor Embark – Bikestrong 2nd
50 Robert Scott WiV Sungod Elite
51 Aditya Sekharipuram Viswanath 3rd
52 Ben Stead 3RT 2nd
53 Harvey Stroh TAAP Cervelo 2nd
54 Charlie Tanfield Ribble Weldtite Pro Cycling Elite
55 Matthew Taylor Dolan Ellesse Race Team 1st
56 Matthew Wales Fibrax Wrexham Roads Club 2nd
57 Matthew Warhurst SRCT MUC-OFF 1st
58 Martin Watson Tactic Sport UK Race Team 2nd
59 George Wood Cycling Sheffield 1st
60 Daniel Yates Identity Racing 2nd

1 Megan Anderson Clifton CC 2nd
2 Teri Bayliss Reifen Racing 3rd
3 Evelina Black RFDA 2nd
4 Laura Cheesman 2nd
5 Ella Coleman AWOL- OShea 2nd
6 Lauren Creamer Velo Fixers 1st
7 Kirstie Drakeford Jadan – Vive le Velo 2nd
8 Lucy Ellmore Pro-Noctis – Rotor – Redchilli Bikes presented by Heidi Kjeldsen 1st
9 Monica Greenwood Macclesfield Wheelers 2nd
10 Arianne Holland Alba Development Road Team 2nd
11 Gwenno Hughes Saint Piran WRT 2nd
12 Lucy Lee Team LDN – Brother UK 1st
13 Erin Murphy Alba Development Road Team 2nd
14 Gabriella Nordin Jadan – Vive le Velo 2nd
15 Keri Parton Team Boompods 2nd
16 Gemma Sargent Saint Piran WRT 2nd
17 Louise Scupham Jadan – Vive le Velo 2nd
18 Emma Smith Alba Development Road Team 2nd
19 Sammie Stuart Team LDN – Brother UK 1st
20 Emma Watson Grinta Coaching 2nd
21 Mary Wilkinson Team Boompods 2nd


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