Result: Tameside Cycling Development Circuit Races 1

Thomas Archer and William Abbott two of the winners at week 1 of the Tameside Cycling Development Circuit Races in Manchester

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Result: Tameside Cycling Development Circuit Races 1

1 William Abbott INFLITE
2 Harry Paveley Identity Racing
3 Martin Watson Tactic Sport UK Race Team
4 Marco Ruggeri Rapha Cycling Club
5 Henry Hollyman Otley CC
6 Matt Johnson PMRR
7 Mark Berry Rossendale RC
8 Steven Freear Rapha Cycling Club
9 Tom Hartwell TS-Racing
10 Holly Breck Torelli
11 Lee Boon Torelli
12 Chris Venters
13 Kim Cadzow Torelli
14 Laura Cheesman Datalynx-Parenesis Cycling

4th cat
1 Thomas Archer 7 Hills Cycling Club 29:24.074
2 Mark Jones Bury Clarion Cycling Club 29:24.550
3 Luke Hall Team Wheelguru 29:24.692
4 Simon Diggins 360cycling 29:26.566
5 Alfonso Leone Chorlton Velo 29:45.185
6 OJ Borg Rapha Cycling Club 29:47.226
7 Shuntaro Tomita 30:14.028
8 Nathan Parton Rapha Cycling Club 30:15.029
9 Euan Douglas Salford Cycling Club 30:15.210
10 Michael Taylor Rossendale RC 30:15.340
11 Adam Meadowcroft 30:15.708
12 Mark Wells 30:16.098
13 Amy Loftus JRC-INTERFLON Race Team 29:54.080
14 James Williamson Rapha Cycling Club 30:03.119
15 David Longbottom
16 Chris Beckerleg Chester RC 30:12.070
17 Geoff Abram Rapha Cycling Club 30:12.596
18 Andrew McClarty 30:30.203
19 Cameron Kerbel Rapha Cycling Club 30:31.380
20 Sara Piper Rapha Cycling Club 29:59.071
21 Matt Bell 30:16.646

A Boys
1 Tyler Jackson North Cheshire Clarion A
2 Liam Hewitt A
3 Jacob Bradbury Manchester Wheelers Club A
4 Harry Holt Sportcity Velo A
5 Luke McCormick Sportcity Velo A

A Girls
1 Evie Smith Sportcity Velo Ag
2 Evelyn Field Liverpool Century Cycling Academy Ag

B Boys
1 Harper Johnson North Cheshire Clarion B
2 Charlie Holt Sportcity Velo B
3 Patrick Mannion Sportcity Velo B
4 Davey Allanson 360cycling B
5 Adam McCormick Eastlands Velo B

B Girls
1 Ayesha Vose Eastlands Velo Bg

C Boys
1 Toby Diggins Bury Clarion Cycling Club C
2 Oliver Mannion Eastlands Velo C
3 William Harvey Sportcity Velo C
4 Oliver Holt Sportcity Velo C

C Girls
1 Nilay Oktas Eastlands Velo Cg

D Boys
1 Eamonn Postlethwaite Eastlands Velo D
2 Red Johnson North Cheshire Clarion D
3 Nathaniel Obertelli Clancy Briggs D
4 Harry Patterson Bury Clarion Cycling Club D
5 Nathaniel Clegg North Cheshire Clarion D
6 Joel Nugent Mossley CRT D
7 Dylan Cadwallader Bury Clarion Cycling Club D

E Girls
1 Maya Doyle Bury Clarion Cycling Club Eg


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