Result: Mallory Park Road Race League 1

Amelia Cebak, Hudson Hendry, James Saunders and Megan Cherry some of the many winners at round 1 of the Mallory Park Road Race League this week

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Result: Mallory Park Road Race League 1

U8 Boys
1 Benedict Sherriff Male Stratford CC
2 Rupert Brooke Male Leicester Forest CC
3 Thomas Prescott Male Leicester Forest CC
4 Jack Haines Male Nuneaton Bmx Club
5 Daniel Hardwicke Male Welland Valley CC
6 Mylo Wan Male
7 Scott Graham Male Leicester Forest CC
8 Innes Weir Male Team PB Performance

U8 Girls
1 Jessica Graham Female Leicester Forest CC
2 Edith Kitchen Female Leicester Forest CC

U10 Boys
1 Charlie Gaul Male
2 Harry Donald Male Leicester Hornets Bmx Club
3 Milo Banner Male Leicester Forest CC
4 Charlie Hardwicke Male Welland Valley CC
5 George Anthony Male Matlock CC U10 Boys
6 Lukas Humplik Male Kettering CC
7 Henry Boyles Male Banbury Star Cc
8 Oliver Scott Male Leicester Forest CC
9 Elijah Bush Male
10 Fraser Pyefinch Male
11 Nate Durnin Male Welland Valley CC
12 Oscar Gardner Male Matlock CC
13 Isaac Weir Male Team PB Performance

U12 Boys
1 Theo Wan Male Fenland Clarion CC
2 Charlie Shalders Male Stratford CC
3 Joshua Kite Male Beeston Rc
4 Aidan Sherriff Male Stratford CC
5 Morris Mabe Male Leicester Forest CC
6 Jason Field Male Beeston Rc
7 Jacob Smith Male Welland Valley CC
8 Seth Bush Male Bourne Whls CC
9 Louis Rooney Male Miracing
10 Rory Harrison Male Welland Valley CC

U12 Girls
1 Isla Woolf Female Matlock CC
2 Eva-Joan Leavis Female Leicester Forest CC
3 Harriet Hughes Female Leicester Forest CC
4 Sophie Prescott Female Leicester Forest CC


U14 Boys
1 James Saunders Male Wyre forest crc
2 Samuel Price Male Eastlands Velo
3 Fraser Cummings Male Matlock CC
4 Oliver Swinburn Male Velo Club Lincoln
5 Evander Wishart Male Fenland Clarion CC
6 Daniel Ward Male Cero – Cycle Division Racing Team
7 Jake Bird Male Kettering CC
8 Jamie Kershaw Male Welland Valley CC
9 Thomas Wray Male Beeston Rc
10 Sam Parker Male Lichfield City CC
11 Arthur Limb Male Matlock CC
12 Toby Gaul Male
13 Samuel Grundy Male Witham Wheelers Cycling Club
14 Andrew Field Male Beeston Rc
15 Samuel Freeman Male Leicester Forest CC
16 Jamie Brough Male Matlock CC
17 Corin Bradley Male Lichfield City CC
18 William Mccristal Male Matlock CC
19 Tayyib Farook Male Leicester Forest CC
20 Joshua Jones Male Leicester forest

U14 Girls
1 Megan Cherry Female Origin Race Team
2 Rose Lewis Female Halesowen A & Cc
3 Gemma Newall Female Team Empella Cyclo-Cross
4 Lauren Oldfield Female Cystic Fibrosis Race

U16 Boys
1 Hudson Hendry Male George Fox Cycling Solutions
2 Ben Woodhouse Male Solihull CC
3 Matthew Kent Male Beeston Cycling Club
4 Max Hinds Male Evolution Racing Academy
5 Ryan Oldfield Male Cystic Fibrosis Race
6 Charlie Hoyle Male Ashfield RC
7 Samuel Abbott Male Cystic Fibrosis Race
8 Nicholas Marsh Male Rugby Velo
9 Jenson Buttrick Male Beeston Cycling Club
10 Toby Bush Male Beeston Cycling Club
11 Callum Jones Male Beeston Cycling Club
12 Aidan Pettitt Male Coalville Wheelers CC
13 William Pearson-Inman Male Nottingham Clarion CC
14 Nathan Pettitt Male Coalville Wheelers CC
15 Benjamin Freeman Male Leicester Forest CC
16 Tom Smart Male Cotswold Cycles Rt
17 Freddie Capel Male Coalville Wheelers CC
18 Joshua Seabrook Male

U16 Girls
1 Amelia Cebak Female Team Milton Keynes
2 Bethany-Ann Jackson Female Wxc World Racing
3 Zoe Parker Female Solihull CC
4 Poppy Kisley Female Banbury Star Cc
5 Ruby Summer Osborne Female Leicester Forest CC
6 Candela Whyatt Female Velo Club Lincoln
7 Amelia Naylor Female Leicester Forest CC
8 Isabella Boyles Female Banbury Star Cc



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