Result: Spring In The Park Youth Races 1

Harley Gregory, Millie Dean, Edwin Boyle, Harriet Butcher and Lenz Haring some of the winners at the Spring in the Park Youth Races (Cyclopark) on April 29

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Result: Spring In The Park Youth Races 1

U8 Boys
1 Ryan Fletcher Club Cyclopark
2 Thomas Adshead Redhill Raiders
3 Miles Anderson Club Cyclopark
4 Daniel Furlong Limited Edition Cycling
5 Luke Spicer Preston Park Youth CC (PPYCC)
6 Hector Mackin Kent Velo Kids

U8 Girls
1 Grace Gunn Club Cyclopark

U10 Boys
1 Sebastian Szarzynski Crawley Wheelers
2 Hugh Graves Club Cyclopark
3 Oliver Bradford Club Cyclopark
4 Bobby Oram Barking & Dagenham CC
5 Riley Wastall Wigmore CC
6 Gabriel Allet Barking & Dagenham CC
7 Lucas Perilla Limited Edition Cycling
8 Jake Kalogiannopoulos Woolwich CC
9 Toby Larner Kent Velo Kids
10 Hughie Latter Kent Velo Kids

U10 Girls
1 Beatrice Murrell Team Darenth
2 Saffy Duplock Kent Velo Kids

U12 Boys
1 Lenz Haring Peckham Challengers BMX Club
2 Alexander Goodwill Preston Park Youth CC (PPYCC)
3 Luke Fletcher 4T+ Cyclopark
4 Edward Graves Club Cyclopark
5 Felix Boyle Preston Park Youth CC (PPYCC)
6 William Butcher Lee Valley Youth Cycling Club
7 Eddie Suthanah Team Darenth
8 Felix Lopez Thanet RC
9 Finley Andrews Redhill Raiders
10 Pepe Lopez Thanet RC
11 Rowan Murphy 4T+ Cyclopark
12 Toby Alderson Team Darenth
13 Ayrton Alemao Club Cyclopark
14 Harry Adshead Redhill Raiders
15 Rubens Allet Barking & Dagenham CC
16 Joseph Cass Wigmore CC
17 Harry Plumadore Redhill Raiders
18 Elliott Munden Team Darenth

U12 Girls
1 Harriet Butcher Lee Valley Youth Cycling Club
2 Eva Gibson 4T+ Cyclopark
3 Betsy Hacker Kent Velo Kids
4 Sophie Richmond
5 India-Rose Osborne Woolwich CC
6 Keira Smit
7 Jessica Latter Kent Velo Kids
8 Starr Oram Barking & Dagenham CC
9 Iris Mackin Kent Velo Kids
10 Edie Wright Limited Edition Cycling

U14 Boys
1 Edwin Boyle Preston Park Youth CC (PPYCC)
2 Matthew Fletcher 4T+ Cyclopark
3 Ivo Thwaites Kent Velo Youth
4 Elijah Storti Welwyn Wheelers CC
5 Hadley Davis Preston Park Youth CC (PPYCC)
6 Max Holmes Southborough & District Whls
7 Noah Wheller Preston Park Youth CC (PPYCC)
8 Otto Allison Charlotteville CC
9 James Cook Bigfoot Youth Cycle Club Ltd
10 James Smith ROTOR Race Team
11 Albert Hacker Kent Velo Youth
12 Luke Draper
13 Oliver Gunn Club Cyclopark
14 Oliver Richmond
15 Luke Seagroatt Woolwich CC
16 Theo Sandell Southborough & District Whls

U14 Girls
1 Millie Dean 4T+ Cyclopark
2 Emma Harding Lee Valley Youth Cycling Club
3 Rianna Mahoney Woolwich CC
4 Charlie Furlong Limited Edition Cycling

U16 Boys
1 Harley Gregory West Suffolk Wheelers
2 Edward Moore Woolwich CC
3 Edward Charles WORX Factory Racing
4 Ethan Storti Welwyn Wheelers CC
5 Luke Gibson 4T+ Cyclopark
6 Zach Walters TAAP Cervelo
7 Augustus Harris Southborough & District Whls
8 Ben Tamplin Preston Park Youth CC (PPYCC)
9 Sam Benson VC Deal
10 Joshua Tate Southborough & District Whls
11 Lewis Underwood 4T+ Cyclopark

U16 Girls
1 Ilana Lord VC Deal


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