Report/Result: Ron Brown Memorial 100m TT

Paul Burton won the Hounslow & Dist. Ron Brown Memorial 100 mile time trial on May 29; Angela Carpenter recorded a scintillating 3.53.44 to win the womens

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Report/Result: Ron Brown Memorial 100m TT

by Chris Lovibond.
Hounslow & Dist. Ron Brown Memorial 100 (Including the VTTA National Championships) 29th May

Paul Burton (Paceline RT) is having a notable time trial season – from four events ridden he has taken one second place and three victories. On May 29, he won the Hounslow Hundred with the excellent time of 3.33.44. A close challenge came from Tim McEvoy (FTP Race Team) who took second place with 3.34.45, while last year’s winner Mark Smith (Crawley Wheelers) put in a strong defence of his title, but his 3.40.15 was only enough to give him the third spot.

In the women’s race Angela Carpenter (A3crg) recorded a scintillating 3.53.44 which gave her first place in the Ron Brown event and the VTTA Women’s 100 Championship. Angela is showing brilliant form this year; she has also collected the VTTA 10 and 50 Championships. Her first time trial season was in 2017, so this has been quite a rapid rise. Just as in the men’s event the margin of victory was small, with Lizi Brooks (Wahoo Endurance Zone) taking second place with 3.54.54. Emma O’Toole (Nopinz Motip RT) was third with 4.11.17.

Angela is a believer in turbo work and she has persuaded her clubmate David Shepherd not to ‘get out more’ but spend more time indoors on his bike. Something seems to have been beneficial for David who, at the age of 61 recorded 3.45.08. which gave him the VTTA Championship with a plus of 1.18.09 (and seventh place on scratch). He is still improving after a successful racing career which has already lasted 29 years.

Paul Burton was originally a triathlete but now has become more like a traditional club racing man in the sense that he mixes road racing with his time trialling. Most of his racing now is at the shorter distances and this was only his third try at the 100. He said he had hoped to do a 3.30, but he certainly ought to be satisfied with winning this longstanding event.

Tim McEvoy is a more established century rider than Burton, and was over five minutes faster than him in last year’s 100 Championship, recording 3.29.44. He said he did not feel comfortable from the start of this Hounslow event and considered packing early on, but refrained for the unusual (but valid) reason that it would be a poor example to his children. To record a sub 3.35 ride on a slightly off day should impress the whole family!

For Mark Smith, we understand that business commitments have made a dent in his training schedule recently; we hope to see him in challenging form next year.

The Tandem trike in action – The Sotonia pairing of Mary Corbett (64 years, pilot) and Norman Harvey (89 years, stoker) 

There were two machines in the tandem category, both of which, in their own way, produced notable results. Ian Greenstreet and Rachael Elliot (Newbury Velo) did an outstanding ride, recording 3.40.26. Naturally, this won the tandem prize, made them VTTA Champions and, perhaps better still, gave them a new national age record.

The other tandem was possibly the most intriguing story of the whole event. The Sotonia pairing of Mary Corbett (64 years, pilot) and Norman Harvey (89 years, stoker) got their ‘long barrow’ round the course in 5.29.08 (see photo). This may sound slow, but they had warned the organiser that they were ‘hoping’ to get inside six hours.

This tandem partnership began in 1998 on a conventional machine with Norman as pilot and Mary as a slightly anxious stoker. They raced (and toured) on normal tandems for the next fifteen years, setting club, Wessex and National records. Age and health problems put a brake on things after 2013, but the acquisition of a single trike and improved health saw them ready to race on a second hand tandem trike as Covid restrictions eased in 2020. In the remainder of that short season they achieved three national vets’ records.

This resulted in the commissioning of the new Geoff Booker Tandem Trike shown in the photograph. They know their time is inevitably limited by age, but as a brilliant example of taking life in both hands and living it, they intend to race as much as possible this year, including the National Twelve. I’m sure we all wish them success in this and future seasons.

Tim McEvoy & Dave Shepherd


1 Angela Carpenter, …a3crg 03:53:00
2 Lizi Brooke, Wahoo Endurance Zone… 03:54:54
3 Emma O’Toole, Nopinz Motip Race Team 04:11:17
4 Joanna Cebrat, Bury Clarion CC 04:24:49
5 Naomi Shinkins, Bournemouth Jubilee… 04:25:30
6 Lisa Davis, DRAG2ZERO 04:27:14
7 Kate Bradley, Born to Bike – Bridgtown… 04:38:52
8 Rachel Waite, North Hampshire RC 04:57:15
9 Kirsty Wheeler, Maidenhead CC 05:27:33

1 Paul Burton, Paceline RT M A 03:33:44
2 Tim McEvoy, FTP ( Fulfil The Potential… M A 03:34:45
3 Mark Smith, Crawley Wheelers M B 03:40:15
4 Henrik Persson, FTP ( Fulfil The… M Sen 03:41:26
5 Andy Critchlow, Norwood Paragon CC M B 03:43:27
6 Lee Williams, North Hampshire RC M Sen 03:44:56
7 David Shepherd, …a3crg M E 03:45:08
8 Sam Barley, AS Test Team M Sen 03:45:44
9 Liam Somerville, …a3crg M Sen 03:47:12
10 Tom Lane, North Hampshire RC M Sen 03:51:14
11 Kevin Baker, Velo Club St Raphael M A 03:52:35
12 Christian Geldard, North Hampshire RC M B 03:52:40
13 Paul James, Didcot Phoenix CC M B 03:54:02
14 Mat Wilson, VTTA (London & Home… M A 03:57:30
15 Luke Smith, Bristol South Cycling Club M C 03:58:21
16 Sven Sabas, Rapha Cycling Club M Sen 04:00:08
17 Roger Sheridan, North Devon Velo M E 04:03:41
18 Mark Sanders, Mid Devon CC M E 04:04:31
19 Stephen Wilkinson, TWB – On Time… M D 04:04:43
20 William Sawyer, Velo Club St Raphael M D 04:05:29
21 Mark Dearden, Didcot Phoenix CC M D 04:12:20
22 Tony Reeves, GS Stella M C 04:12:27
23 Adrian Blacker, VTTA (Surrey/ Sussex) M D 04:13:29
24 Daniel Thompson, Hillingdon Triathletes M Sen 04:13:45
25 Martin Brown, 7Oaks Tri Club M E 04:15:09
26 Daniel Kempe, Bristol South Cycling Club M D 04:15:31
27 Pete Christensen, Hart Evolution Race… M A 04:15:46
28 James Wood, West Suffolk Wheelers M D 04:17:50
29 James Harris, Catford CC Ltd M A 04:17:53
30 Danny Isaacs, Willesden Triathlon Club M Sen 04:18:22
31 George Turner, VTTA (London & Home… M A 04:20:08
32 Paul Winchcombe, Chippenham &… M E 04:20:13
33 Daryl Stroud, Gloucester City Cycling… M D 04:21:42
34 Ray Sullivan, Metropolitan Police Cycle… M D 04:22:25
35 Keith Garbutt, South Western Road Club M D 04:22:49
36 Nick Jones, Bournemouth Jubilee Whs M B 04:25:15
37 Andrew Simpkins, Team Echelon M F 04:26:06
38 Philip Jones, Peterborough CC M E 04:26:16
39 Peter Tomlin, North Hampshire RC M F 04:35:53
40 Barrie Whittaker, Lyme Racing Club M F 04:39:27
41 Cliff Voller, Newbury RC M G 04:41:11
42 Gavin Hughes, Kingston Phoenix RC M D 04:46:33
43 Peter Horsfield, Redmon CC M G 05:29:35
44 Harry Cowley, Chester RC M G 05:38:56



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