Result: Brighton Mitre Hilly 10

Pat Wright and Mark Smith tie for the fastest time in the Brighton Mitre Hilly 10 mile time trial on June 2nd

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Result: Brighton Mitre Hilly 10

1 Pat Wright Paceline RT 00:24:27 Male Senior
1 Mark Smith Crawley Wheelers 00:24:27 Male Vet
3 Richard Cartland Hunt  00:25:44 Male Vet
4 Paul Tippett Crawley Wheelers 00:26:00 Male Vet
5 Paul Newsome Project 51 00:26:03 Male Senior
6 Jack Smith Brighton Mitre CC 00:26:28 Male Senior
7 Paul Thatcher Brighton Mitre CC 00:28:14 Male Vet
8 John Marinko Brighton Mitre CC 00:29:23 Male Vet
9 Mark Vowells (Tricycle) San Fairy Ann CC 00:30:33 Male Vet
10 Tracey Williams Brighton Mitre CC 00:31:54 Female Vet
11 Robin Johnson Brighton Mitre CC 00:37:37 Male Vet


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