Preview: 2022 Cicle Classic Day 2

National Series racing on June 19 with the running of the Women’s and Junior Men’s CiCLE Classic with a five time Olympic cycling champion Laura Kenny presenting the winner’s prizes and a double junior world champion (Zoe Backstedt) riding the women’s race

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Preview: 2022 Cicle Classic Day 2

With a five times Olympic cycling champion presenting the winner’s prizes and a current double World Junior Cycling Champion heading the list of starters, the 6th edition of the Women’s CiCLE Classic next Sunday looks to be the most open and unpredictable yet.

The Race will feature its usual 105 kms course starting and finishing in the centre of Melton Mowbray. 127 starters will set out at 14.00 pm on the circuitous route which will include six ‘special’ sectors in and around the village of Owston as well as three registered climbs before eventually returning to Melton around 16.00 pm where the ‘Melton Town sprint’ will be contested for the giant Pork Pie award sponsored yet again by Dickinson & Morris. The remaining competitors will then embark upon the 15 kms finishing circuit taking in the final ‘special’ sector of ‘Sawgate Lane in advance of the finish proper in Sherrard Street around 16.30pm .

With a £1000 first prize to the winner, together with the newly named Dame Laura Kenny Trophy, a bottle of local Brentingby Gin and the Winner’s Jersey from BioracerUK, the race offers the most valuable prize list on the UK domestic Women’s race calendar.

‘With the loss of our original race sponsor just 10 weeks before this year’s race, the events future, and that of the associated Junior Men’s race looked bleak’, asserted Race Director Colin Clews,’ however, a massive crowdfunding initiative supported by Women’s rights groups as well as the cycling community including British Cycling, has enabled us to continue for this year. The publicity that was created has also brought forward a three year sponsorship deal which together with support from Dame Laura Kenny will safeguarded the races until 2025.’

Zoe Backstedt

Such is Dame Laura’s support of the event that she will be in Melton on Sunday for her first ever visit to the town to present the winner’s awards at both the Women’s and earlier Junior Men’s races. She is also looking forward to sampling for the first time the experience of the Women’ s race from inside one of the following team cars. A very different experience from the more ordered environment of the many Olympic and World Championship velodromes where she has thrilled British fans with her performances over so many years.

With only one former winner, Rebecca Durrell who won the first edition of the race in 2016 on the start list, the Women’s race looks to be the most open for many years. Heading the list of potential winners must be double World Junior Champion Zoe Backstedt who as a junior has been denied Welsh selection for the forthcoming Commonwealth Games in Birmingham, will have a point to prove.

Other notable entries are National Circuit race Champion Jo Tindley, and Anna Kay whose cyclo-cross experience could well come in handy on the trickier parts of the course. But with many riders having come from a week of top class racing at the recent Women’s Tour of Britain, a surprize winner could well come to the top of the quality laden field.

Last year Abi Smith won after a long range attacking move which saw her ride the final 40 kms of the race solo. Can someone emulate that feat in 2022? On Sunday we will find out.

2021 and the Junior Mens was a three way sprint for the victory between winner Josh Tarling, second placed Finlay Pickering (now U23) and Zac Walker, the 2022 British Junior Men’s RR Champion

Earlier in the day, starting at 09.30 am, 112 of the brightest and best Junior Men’s talent in the UK will cover the same course. Whilst many of the riders in that event will be new to it, an outstanding favourite this year comes in the form of Josh Tarling who won the race in 2021. This year, Tarling has impressed in virtually all the races he has ridden, and recently, he was leading the field in a four day Junior stage race in France. On Sunday he will wear number one. The 2022 British Junior RR Champion, Zac Walker, who was third in 2021, is also on the startlist and his ride to win the title was absolutely outstanding and one of the riders of the year so far for juniors.

Both races once again form part of the Junior National Road Race Series for their respective categories.

Additional support for the event will be provided by Melton BID, Schwalbe UK, Bioracer UK, Moores Estate Agents, Pearce’s Jewellers, A&R Signs, Brentingby Gin and Dickinson & Morris.

1 Sophie Enever Alba Development Road Team
2 Arianne Holland Alba Development Road Team
3 Beth Maciver Alba Development Road Team U23 *
4 Erin Murphy Alba Development Road Team U23
5 Kate Richardson Alba Development Road Team U23
6 Emma Smith Alba Development Road Team
7 Victoria Smith Alba Development Road Team
8 Olivia Bent AWOL- O’Shea U23
9 Charlotte Broughton AWOL- O’Shea
10 Alice Lethbridge AWOL- O’Shea
11 Phoebe Martin AWOL- O’Shea
12 Francesca Morgans-Slader AWOL- O’Shea
13 Maddie Wadsworth AWOL- O’Shea U23
14 Bethany Barnett AWOL Worx Galliard U23
15 Charlotte Gibson AWOL Worx Galliard
16 Libby Smithson AWOL Worx Galliard U23
17 Lydia Watts AWOL Worx Galliard U23
18 Alderney Baker BIANCHI HUNT MORVELO U23
22 Ellen Bennett Brother UK-Orientation Marketing U23
23 Jessie Carridge Brother UK-Orientation Marketing
24 Abigail Cooper Brother UK-Orientation Marketing U23
25 Hope Inglis Brother UK-Orientation Marketing Junior
26 Grace Lister Brother UK-Orientation Marketing Junior
27 Holly Ramsey Brother UK-Orientation Marketing Junior
28 Izzy Sharp Brother UK-Orientation Marketing Junior
29 Jessica Finney CAMS-Basso
30 Madelaine Leech CAMS-Basso U23
31 Sophie Lewis CAMS-Basso U23 *
32 Beth Morrow CAMS-Basso U23 *
33 Katie Scott CAMS-Basso U23
34 Danielle Shrosbree CAMS-Basso *
35 Becky Storrie CAMS-Basso *
36 Sophie Thackray CAMS-Basso
37 Megan Anderson Datalynx-Parenesis Cycling
38 Laura Cheesman Datalynx-Parenesis Cycling
39 Sophie Holmes Datalynx-Parenesis Cycling U23
40 Polly Burge Jadan – Vive le Velo U23
41 Matea Deliu Jadan – Vive le Velo
42 Kirstie Drakeford Jadan – Vive le Velo U23
43 Suzetta Guerrini Jadan – Vive le Velo
44 Beth Harley-Jepson Jadan – Vive le Velo
45 Emma Jeffers JRC-INTERFLON Race Team Junior *
46 Holly Bailey JRC-INTERFLON Race Team Junior
47 Bethany Bennett JRC-INTERFLON Race Team Junior
48 Amy Loftus JRC-INTERFLON Race Team Junior
49 Ella Jamieson Liv Cycling Club – Halo Films Junior
50 Matilda McKibben Liv Cycling Club – Halo Films Junior *
51 Niamh Murphy Liv Cycling Club – Halo Films Junior
52 Awen Roberts Liv Cycling Club – Halo Films Junior *
53 Francesca Hall Loughborough Lightning – TRG
54 Flora Knight Loughborough Lightning – TRG U23
55 Roisin Lally Loughborough Lightning – TRG U23
56 Emily Tillett Loughborough Lightning – TRG
57 Chloe Vickers Loughborough Lightning – TRG U23
58 Isabel Darvill Pro-Noctis – Rotor – Redchilli Bikes P/B Heidi Kjeldsen U23 *
59 Bexy Dew Pro-Noctis – Rotor – Redchilli Bikes P/B Heidi Kjeldsen
60 Lucy Ellmore Pro-Noctis – Rotor – Redchilli Bikes P/B Heidi Kjeldsen U23 *
61 Amy Gornall Pro-Noctis – Rotor – Redchilli Bikes P/B Heidi Kjeldsen
62 Corinne Side Pro-Noctis – Rotor – Redchilli Bikes P/B Heidi Kjeldsen U23
63 Millie Skinner Pro-Noctis – Rotor – Redchilli Bikes P/B Heidi Kjeldsen
64 Poppy Thompson Pro-Noctis – Rotor – Redchilli Bikes P/B Heidi Kjeldsen
65 Jo Tindley Pro-Noctis – Rotor – Redchilli Bikes P/B Heidi Kjeldsen
66 Hannah Bayes Saint Piran WRT
67 Sophie Earl Saint Piran WRT
68 Madeleine Gammons Saint Piran WRT
69 Gabriella Homer Saint Piran WRT U23
70 Gemma Sargent Saint Piran WRT
71 Xan Crees Spectra Wiggle p/b Vitus U23
72 Rebecca Durrell Spectra Wiggle p/b Vitus *
73 Samantha Fawcett Spectra Wiggle p/b Vitus
74 Anna Flynn Spectra Wiggle p/b Vitus U23
75 Amira Mellor Spectra Wiggle p/b Vitus
76 Madeleine Nutt Spectra Wiggle p/b Vitus
77 Gabriella Shaw Spectra Wiggle p/b Vitus
78 Joanne Clarke StolenGoat Race Team
79 Charlotte Hodgkins-Byrne StolenGoat Race Team
80 Miriam Jessett StolenGoat Race Team
81 Lauren O’Brien StolenGoat Race Team
82 Amy Graham Team Boompods
83 Monica Greenwood Team Boompods
84 Ellen McDermott Team Boompods
85 Keri Parton Team Boompods
86 Mary Wilkinson Team Boompods *
87 Josie Nelson Team Coop-Hitec Products U23
88 Sian Botteley Team LDN – Brother UK
89 Francesca Cutts Team LDN – Brother UK
90 Lauren Higham Team LDN – Brother UK U23
91 Tiffany Keep Team LDN – Brother UK U23
92 Charlotte Chaloner Team Watto-LDN
93 Louise Davidson Team Watto-LDN
94 Rebecca Hair Team Watto-LDN
95 Maddie Heywood Team Watto-LDN
96 Jessica Holloway Team Watto-LDN
97 Polly Milsom Team Watto-LDN
98 Lucy Neatham Team Watto-LDN U23
99 Ella Maclean-Howell Tofauti Everyone Active Junior
100 Elizabeth McKinnon Tofauti Everyone Active Junior
101 Eilidh Shaw Tofauti Everyone Active Junior
102 Morven Yeoman Tofauti Everyone Active
103 Olivia Bentley Torelli-Cayman-Islands-Scimitar
104 Nicole Coates Torelli-Cayman-Islands-Scimitar
105 Orla Walsh Torelli-Cayman-Islands-Scimitar
106 Amalie Winther-Olsen Torelli-Cayman-Islands-Scimitar
107 Zoe Backstedt Acrog-Tormans Junior *
108 Lotty Dawson Backstedt Bike Performance JRT Junior
109 Lowri Richards Backstedt Bike Performance RC Junior
110 Catriona Ross Bridport CC
111 Freya Evans Cero – Cycle Division Racing Team Junior
112 Evie White Deeside Thistle CC Junior
113 Eluned King Le Col – Wahoo *
114 April Tacey Le Col – Wahoo U23
115 Kim Baptista LVIV CYCLING TEAM (Womens) U23
116 Kelly Murphy Private Member
117 Freya Whiteside RFDA Junior
118 Abbie Taylor Sheffield Dirt Society
119 Emily Purbrick Sleaford Wheelers Cycling Club
120 Anna Kay StarCasino Team *
121 Charlotte Parnham Storey Racing
122 Jenny Holl Tekkerz CC
123 Amy Perryman Tekkerz CC Junior
124 Ellie Mackman The Ark Cycles
125 Clare Parkin The Ark Cycles
126 Georgina Paul TORQ Performance
127 Amber Harding University of Exeter Cycling Club

* riders to watch …

1 Joshua Tarling Wales Racing Academy 1st

2 Maxwell Hereward 360cycling 2nd
3 Huw Buck Jones Backstedt Bike Performance JRT 2nd
4 Mattie Dodd Backstedt Bike Performance JRT 2nd (2nd British Champs)
5 Dylan Hicks Backstedt Bike Performance JRT 2nd
6 Euan Woodliffe Backstedt Bike Performance JRT 2nd
7 Matthew Cole BCC Race Team 2nd
8 Edward Hopkins BCC Race Team 2nd
9 Finlay Holland BCC Race Team 3rd
10 Ben Marsh BCC Race Team 3rd
11 Ryan Williams BCC Race Team 3rd
12 Angus Stoneham Beaconsfield Cycling Club 2nd
13 Luke Brennan Beeston Cycling Club 2nd
14 Alex Galpin Bourne Whls CC 2nd
15 Dan Galpin Bourne Whls CC 2nd
16 Jacob Gilkes Bridgnorth Cycling Club 2nd
17 Isaac Lawrence Brother UK-Orientation Marketing 2nd
18 Jack Hastings Cardiff JIF 2nd
19 Harry Codd Cero – Cycle Division Racing Team 2nd
20 Seth Jones Cero – Cycle Division Racing Team 2nd
21 Zak Machin Cero – Cycle Division Racing Team 2nd
22 Thomas White Cero – Cycle Division Racing Team 2nd
23 Joseph Wilson Cog Set Papyrus Racing Club 2nd
24 Joshua Hemmings East Midlands 3rd
25 Christopher Hilbert East Midlands 3rd
26 Oliver Sewell East Midlands 3rd
27 Dominic Switzer East Midlands 3rd
28 Matthew Brown Elitecycling Junior Team 2nd
29 Ben Flatau Elitecycling Junior Team 2nd
30 Finlay Webb Exeter Wheelers 3rd
31 Jed Smithson Fensham Howes – MAS Design 1st
32 Alex Beldon Fensham Howes – MAS Design 2nd
33 Matthew Brennan Fensham Howes – MAS Design 2nd
34 Jacob Bush Fensham Howes – MAS Design 2nd
35 Ben Wiggins Fensham Howes – MAS Design 2nd
36 Ben Askey FlandersColor Galloo 2nd
37 Lucas Jowett FlandersColor Galloo 2nd
38 Griff Lewis FlandersColor Galloo 2nd
39 Joseph OBrien FlandersColor Galloo 2nd (3rd British champs)
40 Thomas Booth Green Jersey CC 3rd
41 Deetray Jarrett Green Jersey CC 3rd
42 Joe Brookes Halesowen A & CC 2nd
43 Tomos Pattinson Halesowen A & CC 2nd
44 Fred Meredith Holohan Coaching Race Team 2nd
45 Nathan Smith Hope Factory Racing 3rd
46 John Bardsley Innovation Racing 2nd
47 Alexander Foster Innovation Racing 2nd
48 Xavier Teece-Round Innovation Racing 3rd
49 Dylan Humber-Kelly JRC-INTERFLON Race Team 2nd
50 Timothy Lane JRC-INTERFLON Race Team 2nd
51 Benjamin Leroy JRC-INTERFLON Race Team 2nd
52 Brandon Baldacci Lee Valley Youth Cycling Club2nd
53 Jack Charlton-Hunt Lee Valley Youth Cycling Club 2nd
54 Alfie Salmon Lee Valley Youth Cycling Club 2nd
55 Mantas Noreika Lee Valley Youth Cycling Club 3rd
56 Connor Stevens Lee Valley Youth Cycling Club 3rd
57 Arlo Carey LVC Racing 3rd
58 Hywel Leyshon Maindy Flyers CC 2nd
59 Rhys Thomas Maindy Flyers CC 2nd
60 Luke Wyatt Maindy Flyers CC 3rd
61 Ben Etherington Manilla Cycling 2nd
62 Patrick Kilcullen Manilla Cycling 3rd
63 Felix Whetter Mid Devon CC 2nd
64 Sam Hollis Otley CC 2nd
65 Harry Garfield Peterborough Cycling Club 3rd
66 Cai Curtis-Roberts Rhyl Cycling Club 2nd
67 Carrick Hewing Ribble rechrg Race Team 3rd
68 Oscar Pratt Saint Piran Development 2nd
69 Harry Ellison Shibden Cycling Club 3rd
70 Bjoern Koerdt Shibden Cycling Club 3rd
71 Callum Watson Shibden Cycling Club 3rd
72 Conal Davidson Spokes Racing Team 2nd
73 Keir Gaffney Spokes Racing Team 2nd
74 Cameron Adam Spokes Racing Team 3rd
75 Alasdair Baillie Spokes Racing Team 3rd
76 Cormac Mcconville Spokes Racing Team 3rd
77 Jamie Thomson Spokes Racing Team 3rd
78 Thomas Wisdish Spokes Racing Team 3rd
79 Josh Marsden StolenGoat Race Team 3rd
80 Noah Hobbs TEKKERZ CC 1st
81 Benjamin Tuchner TEKKERZ CC 2nd
82 Archie Ellen The Cycling Academy 2nd
83 Elijah Kwon The Cycling Academy 2nd
84 Finn McHenry The Cycling Academy 2nd
85 Corey Whiteford The Cycling Academy 2nd
86 Nathan Hardy Tofauti Everyone Active 2nd
87 Callum Laborde Tofauti Everyone Active 2nd
88 Mark Lightfoot Tofauti Everyone Active 2nd
89 Oliver Peace Tofauti Everyone Active 2nd
90 Raphael Tabiner Tofauti Everyone Active 3rd
91 Josh Golliker trainSharp Development Team 1st
92 Finn Dunton trainSharp Development Team 2nd
93 Sam Hodge trainSharp Development Team 2nd
94 Kyle Jones trainSharp Development Team 3rd
95 Thomas Taylor trainSharp Development Team 3rd
96 Tyler Annis Utmost IOM Junior Cycling Team 2nd
97 James Scott Utmost IOM Junior Cycling Team 2nd
98 Zachary Walker Utmost IOM Junior Cycling Team (British champion) 2nd
99 Niall Colquitt Utmost IOM Junior Cycling Team 3rd
100 Ralf Holden Utmost IOM Junior Cycling Team 3rd
101 Callum Salisbury Utmost IOM Junior Cycling Team 3rd
102 Alasdair Mildred VeloElite RC 2nd
103 Max Capamagian VC Londres 2nd
104 Alex Franks VC Londres 2nd
105 Piers Higginson VC Londres 3rd
106 Alex Barker Velo Club La Pomme Marseille 3rd
107 Peter Drabble WAC Team 2nd
108 Sacha White WORX Factory Racing 2nd
109 Jude Chamberlain Zappi Junior Race Team 2nd
110 Calum Moir Zappi Junior Race Team 2nd
111 William Smith Zappi Junior Race Team 2nd
112 Oliver Akers Zappi Junior Race Team 3rd

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In 2022 the opportunities to view the two races are numerous. For the enthusiastic spectator the race is possibly the most spectator friendly races to ever watch. it is possible to see the race in over 7-8 places during its circuitous route from Melton back to Melton.


1. The START in Melton town centre with the start of the Junior Men at 09.30 and the Elite Women at 14.00.
2. In Somerby for the first passage of the race there.
3. Owston or Burrough on the Hill for the races 5/6 passages through those villages. At Owston enjoy the party atmosphere of the day, or enjoy a more relaxed view of the race from The ‘Stag & Hounds’ Public House at Burrough over Sunday lunch and or a welcome drink.
4. The top of Cold Overton hill for the second Queen/King of the Hills climb.
5. Or onto ‘Somerberg’ (Bruce’s Lane) for the ultimate CiCLE Classic experience .
6. The entry or exit of the penultimate rough sector of the race at Sawgate Lane just on the edge of Melton.
7. In Melton town centre for the first passage and then spectacular finish of the junior Men’s race, and the first passage of the town by the riders in the Women’s race who will contest a sprint for the ‘Pork Pie’ sprint award donated by Dickenson & Morris and Brentigby Gin before commencing their finishing circuit via Burton Lazers and Stapleford.
8. At the FINISH in Sherrard Street around 12.00 noon for the Junior Men, and 16.30 for the Women.

Hot & cold drinks and snacks will be available at various locations on and around the course.

Please allow plenty of time to get from one point to another and be prepared to encounter the road closures which will apply as soon as the race approaches and will apply until the last of the ‘effective’ race passes. Also, please remember to park your cars well off the road especially if parking on any of the many narrow roads that the race uses particularly around Owston and Burrough on the Hill.

If viewing at Owston, please use the identified car parks and always obey any instructions from race marshals.

Have a great viewing day!

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