Result: No Nonsense Circuit Races 4

Ruben Briggs, Seraphina Green, Evie Smith, Daniel Middlebrooke some of the winners at round 4 of the No Nonsense Circuit Races in Halifax

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Result: No Nonsense Circuit Races 4

3/4 Women
1 Evie Smith Sportcity Velo
2 Teri Bayliss Reifen Racing
3 Jo Jarvis Elmsall Road Club
4 Lindsay Toy Beeston RC
5 Ellie Horrocks East Bradford CC
6 Katie Hadnum RFDA
7 Bev Sorsby Klatsch.
8 Zosia Martin Torvelo Racing
9 Francesca Counsell Klatsch.
10 Rachel Grayton BBM Revolution Cycling Club
11 Sarah Weir Klatsch.
12 Nicola Richardson Klatsch.
13 Elise Haigh Klatsch.

U10 Boys
1 Miles Hetherington Clifton CC
2 William Jennings Clancy Briggs Cycling Academy
3 Mac Stewart Huddersfield Star Wheelers

U12 Girls
1 Annie Fearne Kirklees Cycling Academy
2 Elsie Hughes Eastlands Velo

U8 Girls
1 Erin Hewlett East Bradford CC
2 Gracie Throup Bronte Tykes Cycling Club
3 Abigail Parsons

Under-8 Boys
1 Ruben Briggs Clancy Briggs Cycling Academy
2 Hugo Murphy Holmfirth Cycling Club
3 William Barton Louth Cycle Centre RT
4 William Priestley Kirklees Cycling Academy
5 Angelo Stocchero Holmfirth Cycling Club
6 Isaac Spencer Shibden Cycling Club
7 Benjamin Briggs Shibden Cycling Club
8 Joshua Davies Kirklees Cycling Academy
9 Cody Shooter Kirklees Cycling Academy
10 Edward Johnston Bronte Tykes Cycling Club
11 Hugo Manning Kirklees Cycling Academy
12 Spencer Parry Shibden Cycling Club
13 Arthur Cockroft Shibden Cycling Club
14 George Atherton Bronte Tykes Cycling Club
15 Jeffrey Parkinson Huddersfield Star Wheelers
16 Edward (Ted) Watkins Holmfirth Cycling Club
17 Samuel Davies Kirklees Cycling Academy
18 Leonard Throup Bronte Tykes Cycling Club

Under-10 Girls
1 Seraphina Green Barnsley RC
2 Elodie Geall East Bradford CC
3 Erin Denwood Harrogate Nova CC
4 Tillie Jennings Clancy Briggs Cycling Academy
5 Elysian Rose Velo Club Lincoln
6 Sophie Watkins Holmfirth Cycling Club
7 Rudy Johnston Bronte Tykes Cycling Club

Under-12 Boys
1 Dexter Murphy Holmfirth Cycling Club
2 Casey Jackson Shibden Cycling Club
3 Charles Parry Shibden Cycling Club
4 Ellis Geall East Bradford CC
5 Brodie Stewart Shibden Cycling Club
6 Ewan Plumb Huddersfield Star Wheelers
7 Lewis Bentley Holmfirth Cycling Club

Under-14 Boys
1 Daniel Middlebrooke Otley CC
2 Jody Mills East Bradford Race Team
3 George Hughes Sportcity Velo
4 Finley Wilkinson East Bradford Race Team
5 Luke Trafford Shibden Cycling Club
6 James Calvert Clifton CC
7 Charlie Albone Shibden Cycling Club
8 Thomas Nabb Ilkley Cycling Club
9 Ethan Geall Shibden Cycling Club
10 Theo Mcfadden East Bradford CC
11 Tom Baskerville Eastlands Velo

Under-14 Girls
1 Phoebe Taylor Eastlands Velo
2 Millie Salmon Clifton CC

Under-16 Girls
1 Evie Smith Sportcity Velo
2 Eleina McFadden East Bradford CC
3 Amelia Walton Sportcity Velo
4 Megan Wilkinson East Bradford CC

Under-16 Boys
1 Luca Bednarek Kirklees Cycling Academy
2 Seth Jackson Kirklees Cycling Academy
3 Harrison Dainty Cystic Fibrosis Race
4 Jamie Stewart Cystic Fibrosis Race
5 Jacques Goetz East Bradford CC
6 James Beagley Harrogate Nova CC
7 Jack Cook Calder Clarion CC
8 James Luxton Otley CC
9 Matthew Bell Kirklees Cycling Academy



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