Result: PDQ Odd Down Series 3

 Justin Hoy and Jack Harris winners at week 3 of the PDQ Odd Down Series #3 at Bath on June 22

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Result: PDQ Odd Down Series 3

We had glorious sunshine for the third round of the PDQ Race Series Masters Men but even so we saw only 17 riders taking to the start line this round. Series leader, Justin Hoy of Pronto Cycles, was in the overall leaders Stimulus Sport Red Jersey. The leader in the Carbotech Ltd sprints competition Gerry Bowditch was absent this round, so no green jersey on display and a chance for his rivals to close the gap.

It was a conservative start from the bunch as everyone looked at each other to make the first move. It was Neil Dunnage of PDQ Cycle Coaching and Neil White of Velo Club Bristol that made a break for it after a couple of laps and gained up to 15 seconds on the bunch. With 2 riders in the break and the small bunch containing 4 team mates of those riders, that was always going to hinder the chase and it fell on series leader Justin Hoy to do a fair amount of work on the front to try and bring the break back.

Neil Dunnage and Neil White stayed away and came across the line for the first prime followed by Steve Whitehurst of Reflex Racing and Grant Leavy of Velo Club Bristol.

Grant Leavy managed to bridge the gap to the two leaders but they were soon joined by the rest of the bunch so it was all back together.

At 30 minutes in the race we had our second intermediate sprint. This was won by Steve Whitehurst, followed by Neil Dunnage, Rupert Beale of Abingdon Race Team and Steve Cottington of Bath Cycling Club. Neil Dunnage had won the £25 Prime winner on the night having accumulated 8 points in the 2 primes.

There were more attacks and attempts to get away from the bunch, Neil Dunnage having an incredibly strong showing in this round. It was inevitable though that it would come down to a bunch sprint. The bottom corner saw Neil leading it out in the hopes for a PDQ win on the night, but it was Justin Hoy of Pronto Cycles who spoilt the party taking the win, followed by Tristan Stevens of PDQ Cycle Coaching and Grant Leavy of Velo Club Bristol in third.

Justin retains the overall red leaders jersey and extends his lead in that competition to 9 points, ahead of Robert Pears of Bath Cycling Club and Steve Whitehurst a further 7 points back.

Gerry Bowditch will again don the Stimulus Sport Green Sprinters Jersey in round 4 but his lead is now down to just 2 points as Steve Whitehurst closes the gap.

Thank you to our volunteers and officials, without volunteers we could not run these races: Diane and Stephen Marshall, Paul Cann, Lisa-Jayne Booth, Ian White, Paul Rogoll, Kev Garland, Chris and Jill Streather.

Photo courtesy of Barriebaileyimages.

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Sprints Points on the night:
1 Neil Dunnage 8pts
2 Steve Whitehurst 7pts
3 Neil White 3pts
4 Rupert Beale 2pts
5 Steve Cottington 1pts
6 Grant Leavy 1pts

Sprints Series Standings after 2 rounds:
1 Gerry Bowditch 13pts
2 Steve Whitehurst 11pts
3 Neil Dunnage 8pts
4 Andy Edwards 8pts
5 Justin Hoy 7pts
6 Matthew Norris 5pts
7 Robert Pears 5pts
8 Neil White 3pts
9 Rupert Beale 2pts
10 Andy Hoskins 1pts
11 Tristan Stevens 1pts
12 Grant Leavy 1pts
13 Steve Cottington 1pts

Overall Finish Results Race 2:
1 Justin Hoy
2 Tristan Stevens
3 Grant Leavy
4 Rupert Beale
5 Steven Whitehurst
6 Dave Turton
7 John Carter
8 Robert Pears
9 Steven Cottington
10 Nicholas Beale
11 David Rutty
12 Niel Dunnage
13 Neil White
14 Spencer Hardman
15 Antony Neads
16 Nigel Burton

Overall Series Standings after 2 rounds:
1 Justin Hoy Pronto Bikes 149pts
2 Robert Pears Bath Cycling Club 140pts
3 Steven Whitehurst Reflex Racing 133pts
4 Grant Leavy Velo Club Bristol 132pts
5 Tristan Stevens PDQ Cycle Coaching 129pts
6 Dave Turton Cinnamon Cafe-Oriel Finance SDRT 127pts
7 Rupert Beale Abingdon Race Team 124pts
8 David Rutty Velo Club Bristol 116pts
9 Nicholas Beale Abingdon Race Team 109pts
10 Steven Cottington Bath Cycling Club 109pts


4th Cat only
1 Jack Harris
2 Finley Reddington
3 Luke Adams Dulwich Paragon CC
4 Chris Bowie-Hill Bristol RC
5 Daniel Price Bristol RC
6 Marcus Williams Reflex Racing
7 Tom Wall Bristol RC
8 George Callaway
9 Benedict Wallis Bristol RC
10 Peter Bains Bristol RC
11 Alex Moulder Webbs 1902 Cycling Club
12 Ole Bainbridge FTP-Fulfil The Potential-Racin…
13 George Magner Bath Cycling Club
14 Justin Price A403 Rogue
15 Adrian Thompson PDQ Cycle Coaching
16 Alex Higuera PDQ Cycle Coaching
17 Max Read San Fairy Ann CC
18 Christopher Hamblin Bath Cycling Club
19 Aaron Lee Bristol RC
20 Jonathan Wiggins PDQ Cycle Coaching
21 Benjamin Fitton
22 Matthew Skeats University of Bristol CC
23 Russell Rubas FTP-Fulfil The Potential-Racin…
24 Nick Cranston Pronto Bikes
25 James Burrows

Masters 40+
1 Justin Hoy Pronto Bikes
2 Tristan Stevens PDQ Cycle Coaching
3 Grant Leavy Velo Club Bristol
4 Rupert Beale Abingdon Race Team
5 Steven Whitehurst Reflex Racing
6 Dave Turton Cinnamon Cafe-Oriel Finance SD…
7 John Carter Andy Cook Cycling
8 Robert Pears Bath Cycling Club
9 Steven Cottington Bath Cycling Club
10 Nicholas Beale Abingdon Race Team
11 David Rutty Velo Club Bristol
12 Niel Dunnage PDQ Cycle Coaching
13 Neil White Velo Club Bristol
14 Spencer Hardman Salt & Sham Cycle Club
15 Antony Neads PDQ Cycle Coaching
16 Nigel Burton Bath Cycling Club

And a huge thank you to our Sponsors of this years race series who we couldn’t do this without.

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