Result: Stockton Grand Prix (Women)

Solo win for Jessica Finney of Cams Basso ahead of Millie Couzens who won the bunch sprint for second ahead of Kiwi Lee Boon

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Result: Stockton Grand Prix (Women)

– 104 Starters
– Super aggressive race
– Select group forms at front
– Connie Hayes goes solo
– joined by Jo Tindley before being caught
– Jess Finney & Frankie Morgans-Slader go clear
– Jess goes solo and takes the win
– Mille Couzens wins bunch sprint ahead of New Zealand rider Lee Boon

Video Interviews:


1 Jessica Finney CAMS-Basso 2:51:23
2 Millie Couzens (U23) Plantur-Pura +9
3 Lee Boon (U23) Torelli-Cayman-Islands-Scimitar st
4 Anna Kay StarCasino Team st
5 Monica Greenwood Team Boompods st
6 Sammie Stuart CAMS-Basso st
7 April Tacey (U23) Le Col – Wahoo st
8 Emma Jeffers (JR) JRC-INTERFLON Race Team st
9 Frankie Morgans-Slader (U23) AWOL Oshea st
10 Beth Morrow (U23) CAMS-Basso st
11 Alice McWilliam Bianchi Hunt Morvelo st
12 Mary Wilkinson Team Boompods st
13 Beth Harley-Jepson Jadan – Vive le Velo st
14 Izzy Sharp Brother UK-Orientation Marketing st
15 Katarzyna Madej Onyx RT st
16 Niamh Murphy (JR) Liv Cycling Club – Halo Films st
17 Maddie Wadsworth (U23) AWOL Oshea st
18 Ella Jamieson (JR) Liv Cycling Club – Halo Films st
19 Grace Lister (JR) Brother UK-Orientation Marketing st
20 Kinga Ingram (U23) Storey Racing st
21 Bexy Dew Pro-Noctis – Rotor – RedchilliBikes by Heidi Kjeldsen st
22 Ellen Bennett (U23) Brother UK-Orientation Marketing st
23 Matilda McKibben (JR) Liv Cycling Club – Halo Films st
24 Robyn Clay (U23) Otley CC st
25 Zoe Langham Pro-Noctis – Rotor – RedchilliBikes by Heidi Kjeldsen st
26 Holly Ramsey (JR) Brother UK-Orientation Marketing st
27 Amber Harding Loughborough Lightning st
28 Lucy Ellmore (U23) Pro-Noctis – Rotor – RedchilliBikes by Heidi Kjeldsen st
29 Libby Smithson (U23) AWOL Worx Galliard st
30 Emma Matthews CAMS-Basso st
31 Elizabeth Sanders Saint Piran WRT st
32 Rachael Wales ARA Pro RACING Sunshine Coast st
33 Annamarie Lipp (U23) Torelli-Cayman-Islands-Scimitar st
34 Tiffany Keep (U23) Team LDN – Brother UK st
35 Erin Avill (U23) Storey Racing st
36 Alice Lethbridge AWOL Oshea st
37 Jo Tindley Pro-Noctis – Rotor – RedchilliBikes by Heidi Kjeldsen st
38 Alderney Baker (U23) Bianchi Hunt Morvelo st
39 Kerry Middleton Team LDN – Brother UK st
40 Connie Hayes (U23) AWOL Oshea st
41 Savannah Morgan +17
42 Flora Perkins (U23) Le Col – Wahoo st
43 Tamsin Miller Bianchi Hunt Morvelo +40
44 Gemma Sargent Saint Piran WRT +1:11
45 Daisy Barnes (U23) Brother UK-Orientation Marketing +5:28
46 Heather Mayer Team LDN – Brother UK st
47 Francesca Cutts Team LDN – Brother UK +10:27
48 Keri Parton Team Boompods

Team classification
1 CAMS-Basso 62
2 Team Boompods 31
3 Torelli-Cayman-Islands-Scimitar 26
4 AWOL Oshea 18
5 JRC-INTERFLON Race Team 16
6 Bianchi Hunt Morvelo 10
7 Brother UK-Orientation Marketing 9
8 Jadan – Vive le Velo 8
9 Liv Cycling Club – Halo Films 8
10 Storey Racing 1


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