Crit Result: Colne Grand Prix

Rob Scott continued his winning form by taking the victory at the Colne Grand Prix in front of a packed town centre

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Crit Result: Colne Grand Prix

1 Robert Scott WiV Sungod 59:59
2 Jacob Scott WiV Sungod +8
3 Joshua Giddings Team Inspired +10
4 Callum Thornley Wheelbase CabTech Castelli +12
5 Thomas Stringer Moonglu Race Team st
6 Reece Wood WiV Sungod st
7 Jim Brown WiV Sungod st
8 Tom Mazzone Saint Piran st
9 Jack Rootkin-Gray Team Inspired st
10 Tom Couzens Embark – Bikestrong st
11 Daniel Kain Spokes Racing Team st
12 Ben Chilton Ribble rechrg Race Team st
13 Josh Whitehead WiV Sungod st
14 Joseph Smith (JR) Tofauti Everyone Active st
15 Nicholas Cooper Sweden Cycling Academy +17
16 Joe Shillabeer 05/03 st
17 David Duggan Wheelbase CabTech Castelli st
18 Sam Kettlewell TS Racing st
19 Thomas Mitchell trainSharp Elite st
20 Oscar Nilsson-Julien Team Inspired +21
21 Stephen Bradbury Saint Piran +23
22 Tom Merry Wheelbase CabTech Castelli +50
23 Harvey Stroh TAAP Cervelo +1:06
24 Joe Howcroft Otley CC st
25 Sean Mullen Richardsons Trek DAS st
26 David Roper Nopinz Motip Race Team st
27 Griff Lewis (JR) FlandersColor Galloo +9 Laps
28 Bobbin Gardner Moonglu Race Team +10 Laps

National Series
1 Jacob Scott WiV Sungod 108
2 Robert Scott WiV Sungod 93
3 Jim Brown WiV Sungod 90
4 Callum Thornley Wheelbase CabTech Castelli 82
5 Samuel Watson GROUPAMA – FDJ 56
6 Oliver Rees TRINITY Road Racing 46
7 Joshua Giddings Team Inspired 44
8 Tom Mazzone Saint Piran 34
9 Cooper Sayers Saint Piran 29
10 Finlay Pickering GROUPAMA – FDJ 28

Cat 2/3/4 Men’s Support Race
1. Dexter Leeming-Sykes, Wold Top The Edge RT
2. Isaac Lawrence, Brother UK-Orientation Marketing
3. Jack Lucas, Paceline Cycles North
4. Robbie Pollard, Otley CC
5. James Moss, Sigma Sports – Cannondale RT
6. Harry Paveley, Identity Racing
7. Max Krasinski, Prologue Racing Team
8. Will Thompson, Shibden Cycling Club
9. Simon Osgerby,
10. Hamish Graham,
11. George Radcliffe, Identity Racing
12. Ben Stead, 3RT
13. Cameron Blake, Prologue Racing Team
14. Sam Watson, Hope Factory Racing
15. Jonny Britton, Prologue Racing Team
16. William Abbott, INFLITE
17. Raphael Tabiner, Tofauti Everyone Active
18. Mark Laidlaw, Kendal Cycle Club
19. Ben Manning, 3RT
20. Maxwell Hereward, 360cycling
21. Martin Woffindin, Secret-Training
22. Jack Unsworth, Harry Middleton Cycling Club
23. Matthew Greaves, Bronte Wheelers – Neophix Eng
24. Nicholas Pilling, Hope Factory Racing
25. Shaun Burke, Airedale Olympic CC
26. Robin Godden, Hope Factory Racing
27. Matthew Jones, Velo Schils – Interbike RT
28. Thomas Eccles, Chorley Cycling Club
20. Robert Brown-Kenna, Pendle Forest CC

Women Nat B
1. Matilda McKibben, Liv Cycling Club – Halo Films
2. Lauren Robinson, Moonglu Race Team
3. Gemma Sargent, Saint Piran WRT
4. Francesca Morgans-Slader, AWOL- O’Shea
5. Sophie Earl, Saint Piran WRT
6. Georgina Oakley, INFLITE
7. Victoria Peel, PMRR
8. Lauren Langham, Moonglu Race Team
9. Hebe Picking, RFDA
10. Kate Taylor, 360cycling
11. Lola Ellis, Backstedt Bike Performance JRT
12. Teri Bayliss, Reifen Racing
13. Maisy Vasic, AWOL- O’Shea


Under 16 Girls: Evelyn Field, Liverpool Century Cycling Academy

1. Joe Watkins-Wilson, North Cheshire Clarion
2. Joseph Cosgrove, Anexo Group Race Team
3. Bryn Lawrence, Anexo Group Race Team
4. Louis Herring, Ilkley Cycling Club
5. Rowan Baxter, Huddersfield Star Wheelers
6. Aidan Worden, Red Rose Olympic CC
7. Arthur Yates, Dolan Ellesse Race Team

Cat B Girls
1. Izabel Young, Shibden Cycling Club
2. Ayesha Vose, Eastlands Velo

Cat B Boys
1. Albie Jones,North Cheshire Clarion
2. Harry Speak, Clifton CC
3. Freddie Winkley, Eastlands Velo
4. Leon Parker, Salt Ayre Cog Set
5. Jody Mills, East Bradford Race Team
6. Charlie Albone, Shibden Cycling Club


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