RR Result: Seacroft Wheelers Summer Road Races

James McKay and Georgia Lancaster winners in the Seacroft Wheelers Summer Road Races at Selby (Yorkshire) on July 17

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RR Result: Seacroft Wheelers Summer Road Races


3/4 Women
1 Georgia Lancaster Sleaford Wheelers Cycling Club
2 Maya Branfoot Cowley Road Condors
3 Emily Robinson
4 Adele Battersby Wahoo Endurance Zone p/b Le Co…
5 Isabella Ash University Of Manchester CC
6 Harriet Graham University of Leeds Cycling Cl…
7 Lily Young RFDA
8 Gwyneth Parry Mid Shropshire Paramount Racin…
9 Holly Bailey JRC-INTERFLON Race Team
10 Ruth Sinclair PMRR
11 Joanne Rea Team Kirkley Cycles
12 Jo Jarvis Elmsall Road Club
13 Rachel Brown Team Kirkley Cycles
14 Stéphanie Quadranti Wahoo Endurance Zone p/b Le Co…
15 Natalie Curgenven Cliff Pratt Racing
16 Chloe Geoghegan Cheshire Cycling Club
17 Rebecca Mason York Cycleworks
18 Katie Hadnum RFDA
19 Anita Marner Elmsall Road Club
20 Jessica Upton Athlon CC
21 Lucy Burn Wakefield Triathlon Club
22 Rebecca Longthorp Cliff Pratt Racing
23 Susan Kirkham Blackpool Clarion Cycling Club
24 Clare Spencer

1 James McKay Cycling Sheffield
2 Hamish Graham
3 Carl Potter Lancashire Road Club
4 Jake Jackson Rose Race Team
5 Carl Stubbs COBL Cycling Club
6 Philip Large Wold Top The Edge RT
7 Matthew Williams Prologue Racing Team
8 Joshua Ravn Wold Top The Edge RT
9 Harry Paveley Identity Racing
10 Guy Drabble Ribble rechrg Race Team
11 Jonathan Apaloo Cliff Pratt Racing
12 Duncan Walkey Royal Air Force CA
13 Jacob Leigh trainSharp Development Team
14 Douglas Blackwood York Cycleworks
15 Mark Hansom TS Racing
16 Nick Charlesworth Cliff Pratt Racing
17 Richard Moore Squadra RT
18 Jack Levick Rose Race Team
19 Jon Foster Protech Velo
20 Oliver Sergeant Otley CC
21 Shaun Burke Airedale Olympic CC
22 Rod Towart
23 Mark Ollerenshaw Clancy Briggs Cycling Academy
24 Angus Sinclair COBL Cycling Club
25 Jamie Ruddell Protech Velo
26 Anthony Adamson Cliff Pratt Racing
27 Scott Wolfenden Prologue Racing Team
28 Liam Davison JRC-INTERFLON Race Team
29 Nikolas Hanson Valley Striders CC
30 Max McMurdo PMRR
31 Angus Owens COBL Cycling Club
32 Stephen Gibson Peak Road Club
33 Robin Greenwell Protech Velo
34 Nigel Whiteley Hull Thursday RC
35 Adam Wright COBL Cycling Club
36 Tim Wright Cliff Pratt Racing
37 Mark Walker Wold Top The Edge RT
38 Ryan Forde Albarosa Cycling Club
39 Robert Gray York Cycleworks


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