Result: PDQ Race Series #6

Sarah Hickman and Justin Hoy winners at round 6 (final) of the PDQ Race Series on August 4 in Bath

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Result: PDQ Race Series #6

Masters Women 30+
1 Sarah Hickman Nova Race Team
2 Rosie Wayland FTP-Fulfil The Potential-Racin…
3 Sasha Smith Portishead Cycling Club
4 Miriam Whitehurst
5 Catriona Ross Abingdon Race Team
6 Vivienne Tomlin FTP-Fulfil The Potential-Racin…
7 Jo Atkins Abingdon Race Team
8 Alex Bevan Gannet CC
9 Vickie Wilkinson Cheltenham & County Cycling Cl…
10 Marianne Day FTP-Fulfil The Potential-Racin…
11 Nicki Carr FTP-Fulfil The Potential-Racin…
12 Angela Simpson PDQ Cycle Coaching
13 Jayme Fraioli PDQ Cycle Coaching
14 Anne Clark PDQ Cycle Coaching

Once again the weather did not disappoint and blessed us with glorious sunshine for the final round of the PDQ Race Series Masters Mens race.

What a race! It was always going to be a cagey affair with different agendas as people looked to either secure their position in the overall standings or in the Sprints Competition. It was all to play for in both with several riders in contention in the overall that could jump ahead of each other as they drop their worst round. And in the Carbotech Ltd Sprints Competition we had a tie points for the leaders, Gerry Bowditch Pontypool RCC and Steve Whitehurst of Reflex Racing, so this was also going to be a really interesting battle. The primes have certainly added to the dynamic of the racing this year.

It was Gerry Bowditch that managed to secure the win in both the Primes on the night to clinch the Points winner on the night £25 cash prize and also clinch the lead in the Overall Sprints Competition by 8 points ahead of Steve Whitehurst to grab the Green Overall Stimulus Sport Winners Jersey and £100 cash prize donated by Carbotech Ltd. Within the last few laps of the race, Rob Pears of Bath Cycling Club and Ross Millard or PDQ Cycle coaching slipped away from the bunch. That looked like the winning move, but with Rob Pears lying in the top 6 riders in the Overall of the Series they were not going to be allowed to stay away.

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And so it was looking like it would come down to a bunch sprint and tension was running high in the last lap as riders jostled for position as they fought for every place. The overall series lead was at stake, Steve Whitehurst was the current Series Leader, but Justin Hoy of Pronto Bikes CC could snatch this back off him by finishing no less than 7 places behind Steve. And it was Justin Hoy who did emerge the victor on the night, with another trademark celebration across the line, having time to casually swig from his water bottle, and scoop the overall win. It was great to see Justin able to take the win after suffering an unfortunate crash in round 4 of the series at Castle Combe which meant he had to retire from that race, score no points in that round and potentially not be able to contest the rest of the series.

We had fantastic prizes for the top 6 riders in the Overall Standings as well as the Sprints Competition and Age Categories. The winner claimed the Bespoke Rocker Plate R1 worth £395, the Stimulus Sport Red Winners Jersey and the Fantastic Finds Annual Shield and Gold medal. We also had fantastic prizes from Aerocoach, Tru-Tension and Styrkr. We had the pleasure of welcoming our sponsors from Bespoke Rocker Plates and Tru-Tension to hand out prizes on the night.

Result MASTERS 40+
1 Justin Hoy Pronto Bikes
2 Dave Turton Cinnamon Cafe-Oriel Finance SD…
3 John Carter Andy Cook Cycling
4 Ross Millard PDQ Cycle Coaching
5 Robert Pears Bath Cycling Club
6 Philip Barlow Royal Navy & Royal Marines CA
7 Steven Whitehurst Reflex Racing
8 Steven Cottington Bath Cycling Club
9 Matt Morris Abergavenny Road Club
10 Nicholas Beale Abingdon Race Team
11 Rupert Beale Abingdon Race Team
12 Richard Harris Cwmcarn Paragon Cycling Club
13 Antony Neads PDQ Cycle Coaching
14 Spencer Hardman Salt & Sham Cycle Club
15 Neil White Velo Club Bristol
16 Gerry Bowditch Pontypool RCC
17 Jamie Woodward Gloucester City Cycling Club
18 David Wayland
19 Graeme Lackford Team Tor 2000 Kalas
20 David Rutty Velo Club Bristol
21 Dennis Randell PDQ Cycle Coaching
22 Jason Streather PDQ Cycle Coaching
23 Peter Phillips Bath Cycling Club
24 Jeremy Brougham Mono CC
25 Simon Worsley Cheltenham & County Cycling Cl…
26 David Stoyle Bath Cycling Club
27 John Russell Dream Cycling
28 Stuart Thompson VC St Raphael
29 Jonathan Wiggins PDQ Cycle Coaching

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Final Series Standings – top 20
1 Justin Hoy Pronto Bikes 239pts
2 Steven Whitehurst Reflex Racing 226pts
3 Dave Turton Cinnamon Cafe-Oriel Finance SDRT 221pts
4 Robert Pears Bath Cycling Club 219pts
5 Tristan Stevens PDQ Cycle Coaching 211pts
6 Grant Leavy Velo Club Bristol 206pts
7 Nicholas Beale Abingdon Race Team 199pts
8 Rupert Beale Abingdon Race Team 198pts
9 Steven Cottington Bath Cycling Club 183pts
10 David Rutty Velo Club Bristol 173pts
11 Gerry Bowditch Pontypool RCC 172pts
12 Neil White Velo Club Bristol 168pts
13 Dennis Randell Chepstow Cycling Club 168pts
14 Spencer Hardman Salt & Sham Cycle Club 163pts
15 Antony Neads PDQ Cycle Coaching 160pts
16 Andy Hoskins Cardiff JIF 131pts
17 Jason Streather PDQ Cycle Coaching 121pts
18 Gavin Lancaster Steele Davis Via Roma Racing Team 119pts
19 Niel Dunnage PDQ Cycle Coaching 102pts
20 Jamie Woodward Gloucester City Cycling Club 97pts

Prime winner on the night: Gerry Bowditch

Overall Sprints Competition Standings:

1 Gerry Bowditch 29pts
2 Steve Whitehurst 21pts
3= Neil Dunnage 8pts
3= Matthew Norris 8pts
3= Andy Edwards 8pts

Age Category Winners:

45-59yrs: Dave Turton
60-69yrs: Steven Cottington

Please do check out what our sponsors do and what products/services they have on offer. We could not put on such a great series without their generosity:

Pronto Bikes Ltd –
Bespoke Rocker Plate R1 –
Carbotech Ltd –
AeroCoach Ltd –
Tru-Tension Cycle –
73Degreesbicycleshop –
Fantastic Finds –
Stimulus Sport –

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Thanks as always to all our volunteers throughout the series: Paul Cann, Diane and Steve Marshall, Paul Rogoll, Martyn Harris, Kev Garland, Lisa-Jayne and Lauren Booth, Ian White, Wayne Taylor, BoB and Tina Symons.

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