News: Donny Chaingang Online Ride

Free to UK Pro riders – The Donny Chaingang Online Ride provides more opportunities and benefits to help the UK professional scene

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News: Donny Chaingang Online Ride

Free to UK Pro riders – The DCG Gang provides more opportunities and benefits to help the UK professional scene.

The Donny Chaingang Online ride has already attracted a huge range of people, from legendary pros like Chris Hoy to everyday riders all riding together until the infamous GoGoGo and now former National Champ Russ Downing & international commentator Matt Payne launch even more support for the UK Pro Cycling scene with The DCG Gang.

From the simple concept of a virtual chaingang based on the legendary Donny Chaingang, the DCG has grown to be a vibrant community that includes… The DCG, The WOWDCG, The IRL DCG rides + meet ups & The DCG Gang – The Donny Chaingang Supporters Club!

The collaboration between former National Champion Russ Downing of Downing Cycling & International commentator Matt Payne of Full Speed Events started as a way to keep the cycling community riding through the global pandemic in early 2020 with a free to ride, ramped workout, on Zwift that also gave pro riders a way to stay competitive and gain publicity.

This quickly grew with the inclusive coverage on Youtube featuring riders of all abilities, add in the community spirit and support that has become a corner stone of the DCG community and it’s not hard to see why the DCG has grown. With the Women Only Wednesday Donny Chaingang (WOWDCG) adding a further dimension, but following the same inclusive pro to beginner format including the legendary GoGoGo, during 2021/22 season even more riders joined in, attracted by the inclusive ride that caters for all abilities.

Russell Downing

All the work involved in making the DCG happen has been spearheaded by Russ & Matt who have been supported by key volunteers & supporters, as well as the keen and committed riders. With the DCG and its associated activities taking increasing amounts of time, as well as requiring more & more equipment and investment, the riders stepped up in 2020 with random donations to enable the cost of the DCG to be lessened on Russ & Matt.

January 2021 saw the launch of The DCG Gang – The Donny Chaingang Supporters Club which put in place a mechanism to say thank you to those riders who donate for a month or for the whole season. With the help of a range of Commercial DCG Gang Supporters, the members receive all the links to join a ride first, ride details, members only giveaways which has seen members win amazing kit since the launch of The DCG Gang. Members also get extra Discounts from the Commercial DCG Supporters for example in September all riders who register for the Donny Chaingang Online ride will get a 10% discount off OTE Sports Nutrition but members of The DCG Gang get 25% off!

Matt Payne

For 2022/23 season Russ & Matt are helping the UK pro scene with even more support and are giving away FREE membership to The DCG Gang – The Donny Chaingang Supporters Club to UK Pro riders in the men’s & women’s peloton. Riders will get all the benefits of ride links and info direct to their inbox and can take advantage of all the discounts etc although the giveaways will be reserved for members who have made the standard month / season donation.

To apply for a FREE membership please email with your name, team and a brief palmares.

The Donny Chaingang
The online open Donny Chaingang (DCG) is on Zwift at 18:00 Tuesdays & Thursdays from the 6th September until the end of April. For more info & to register FREE go to:

The online Women Only Wednesday Donny Chaingang (WOWDCG) is on Zwift at 18:00 Wednesdays from the 5th October until the end of March, for more info & to register FREE go to:

LIVE Coverage and past rides hosted by Matt Payne are available FREE on a number of platforms:
• On the Donny Chaingang Facebook group page:
• On the Full Speed Events Youtube Channel:
• On the Downing Cycling Youtube Channel:

How The Donny Chaingang online (DCG & WOWDCG) works:
• This is NOT A RACE but it will feel like one by the finish line!
• We all roll out together at a steady pace keeping everyone together with the YELLOW BEACON – this will be UNDER 2.5w/kg.
• The pace may lift if the yellow Beacon chooses to do so.
• DO NOT pass the Yellow Beacon until ……….the Flag Drops and we “GOGOGO” then there are no limits!
• If you get dropped at any time then find the red beacon or form a group and ride on!
• The RED BEACON is there to look after the back of the ride, this may be getting riders back to the peloton if possible, this may be setting a pace all can manage.
• The ride will end at a standard Zwift Segment Line i.e. lap, climb, sprint etc. which will be communicated and will then have a warm down of 500m > 4.5km to the blue fence.

The DCG Gang – The Donny Chaingang Supporters Club
The DCG Gang is how we keep the whole show on the road – we receive no financial assistance beyond the donations from the members! As true Yorkshire folk, we know that you don’t get owt for nowt so we have made donating simpler, cut the fees that go in admin on donations and give you plenty in return!

The DCG Gang is how we can reward you for supporting the Donny Chaingang – The DCG Gang gives you all this & more:
• Access to unique giveaways.
• The DCG Gang promotions & discount codes from our contacts & supporters in cycling.
• Every ZWIFT link to the DCG & WOWDCG on line events, emailed directly to you your inbox as soon as they are available.

For more info & to donate please go to:


– While anyone can register for an on line ride, we reserve the right to select who will be given access.

– While anyone can send a non-refundable donation we reserve the right to select who will be given membership of The DCG Gang online or in real life.

– Donating via this method and / or being accepted into the DCG Gang – The Donny Chaingang Supporters Club transfers no rights whatsoever, please read the terms & conditions.


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