Youth Result: North West Youth Tour Stage 1

Megan Cherry, Alex Coles, Carys Lloyd & Sebastian Grindley stage 1 winners in the North West Youth Tour last weekend (provisional results)

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Youth Result: North West Youth Tour Stage 1

Provisional results

Youth E Girls Stage 1 TT
1st Daisy DUFFIELD Cwmcarn Paragon Cycling Club 06:45.2
2nd Maya DOYLE Bury Clarion Cycling Club 07:24.2
3rd Jessica TREAGUST North Cheshire Clarion 07:45.8

Youth E Boys Stage 1 TT
1st Benjamin CUNNINGHAM 06:17.2
2nd Elliott BARRON Team RL360 Isle Of Man 06:19.4
3rd Henry QUAYE Team RL360 Isle Of Man 06:19.5
4th Leo LUCAS-BARKER Cleveland Wheelers CC 06:32.9
5th Oliver HUTCHINSON Team RL360 Isle Of Man 06:34.8
6th Oliver EDWARDS Red Rose Olympic CC 06:50.5
7th Haris RIAZ Salt Ayre Cog Set 06:56.0
8th Benedict SHERRIFF Stratford CC 06:58.9
9th Mitchell STEWART SteppingStanes Youth Cycling Club 07:00.3
10th Luca CRAWSHAW Cycle Sport Pendle 07:03.7
11th Cass KENDALL North Cheshire Clarion 07:12.6
12th Spencer PARRY Shibden Cycling Club 07:19.2

Youth D Girls Stage 1 TT
1st Seraphina GREEN Clancy Briggs Cycling Academy 06:00.1
2nd Matilda WILKS Sotonia CC 06:12.2
3rd Emily TREGEAR Maindy Flyers CC 06:17.5
4th Emily MURPHY 06:17.8
5th Eden THOMSON Deeside Thistle CC 06:22.6
6th Poppy CLAYTON Team RL360 Isle Of Man 06:22.9
7th Erin DENWOOD Harrogate Nova CC 06:24.5
8th Libby WINKLEY Shibden Cycling Club 06:26.7
9th Imogen TAN Maindy Flyers CC 06:29.5
10th Aoife CHARLESWORTH Fibrax Wrexham Roads Club 06:44.3
11th Zoe SCOTT North Cheshire Clarion 06:49.6
12th Annabelle WHITEHOUSE Wolverhampton Wheelers 07:02.5
13th Olivia LAING Southport CC 07:10.0

Youth D Boys Stage 1 TT
1st Cobey STEWART SteppingStanes Youth Cycling Club 05:35.6
2nd Red JOHNSON North Cheshire Clarion 05:36.7
3rd Tommy BASS Team RL360 Isle Of Man 05:38.4
4th Leo WALSH Salt Ayre Cog Set 05:41.0
5th Eamonn POSTLETHWAITE Eastlands Velo 05:42.5
6th William YOUNG Shibden Cycling Club 05:52.7
7th Tom JENNINGS Salt Ayre Cog Set 05:56.6
8th Charlie BROOKS Manilla Cycling 05:58.2
9th Sebastian SZARZYNSKI Crawley Wheelers 06:00.6
10th Harry PATTERSON Bury Clarion Cycling Club 06:06.4
11th Barnaby SMITH GKR Racing 06:12.7
12th Nathaniel CLEGG North Cheshire Clarion 06:13.7
13th Oliver SMITH Cycle Sport Pendle 06:19.9
14th Luke SHIPTON Manilla Cycling 06:20.2
15th Dylan CADWALLADER 360cycling 06:33.7
16th Matthew ROBERTSON Clifton CC 06:34.2
17th Thomas BERRY Mid Lancs BMX 07:04.2
18th Joel NUGENT Mossley CRT 07:13.5

Youth C Girls Stage 1 TT
1st Katie ROBERTSON Clifton CC 05:06.8
2nd Olivia POOLE Deeside Thistle CC 05:10.5
3rd Aisling CHARLESWORTH Fibrax Wrexham Roads Club 05:18.2
4th Katie LAWSON 05:19.2
5th Isabelle GOODWIN Louth Cycle Centre RT 05:20.8
6th Alexandra TAN Maindy Flyers CC 05:23.9
7th Isabelle GAFFNEY Tarrants Skoda Munster 05:25.5
8th Aoife CRAIG 05:25.7
9th Lily SPEAK Clifton CC 05:30.1
10th Millie BOOTHMAN East Kilbride Road Club 05:31.0
11th Olivia SMALLSHAW 05:34.1
12th Abaigh DENNEHY Tarrants Skoda Munster 05:34.1
13th Zara MAIN Deeside Thistle CC 05:37.4
14th Orla MULHEARNE Tarrants Skoda Munster 05:39.7
15th Jaime DOWNING Wolverhampton Wheelers 05:41.6
16th Annabelle GRIFFITHS Rhyl Cycling Club 05:45.6
17th Jess DUFFIELD Cwmcarn Paragon Cycling Club 05:48.1
18th Annie FEARNE Kirklees Cycling Academy 05:49.6
19th Eliza SAXTON Huddersfield Star Wheelers 05:50.8
20th Sophia BROOKS Manilla Cycling 05:51.0
21st Lucy LESLIE Salt Ayre Cog Set 05:57.5
22nd Seraphina CLEGG North Cheshire Clarion 05:59.5
23rd Philippa RANKIN Red Rose Olympic CC 06:38.0

Youth C Boys Stage 1 TT
1st Daniel MINAY Team RL360 Isle Of Man 05:03.0
2nd Billy LADLE Kirklees Cycling Academy 05:04.2
3rd Josh MCCLUNE 05:07.2
4th Benjamin WHITEHOUSE Wolverhampton Wheelers 05:15.4
5th James CUNNINGHAM 05:16.2
6th Theo WAN Fenland Clarion CC 05:19.7
7th Tom LANE Tarrants Skoda Munster 05:22.1
8th Osian PHILLIPS Maindy Flyers CC 05:23.4
9th Daniel SHIPTON Manilla Cycling 05:25.5
10th Charlie SHALDERS Stratford CC 05:27.3
11th Thomas WILKS Sotonia CC 05:28.5
12th Dylan MURPHY Tarrants Skoda Munster 05:28.5
13th Josh STEWART SteppingStanes Youth Cycling Club 05:29.8
14th Micah MYLES Edinburgh RC 05:30.0
15th Lewis ANDERSON Manilla Cycling 05:34.1
16th Asher GRAY Palmer Park Velo RT 05:37.2
17th Jude WHITE Mid Shropshire Wheelers 05:37.9
18th Jake DAVIDSON Manilla Cycling 05:38.0
19th James TRIPPIER Newport Shropshire CC 05:38.5
20th Aidan SHERRIFF Stratford CC 05:40.9
21st Rory MULHEARNE 05:45.7
22nd James EARL Hillingdon Slipstreamers 05:46.3
23rd Darragh MURPHY 05:47.1
24th Thomas HUTCHINSON Team RL360 Isle Of Man 05:47.2
25th Matthew BEST Manilla Cycling 05:48.1
26th Oliver SIDEBOTTOM Team RL360 Isle Of Man 05:49.5
27th Cameron LESLIE Team RL360 Isle Of Man 05:52.6
28th Finley STAUNTON Sprockets Cycle Club 05:54.5
29th Albert WINKLEY Eastlands Velo 05:55.0
30th Lewis BENTLEY Holmfirth Cycling Club 05:56.0
31st Harry JENNINGS Salt Ayre Cog Set 05:57.9
32nd Toby DIGGINS Bury Clarion Cycling Club 05:59.0
33rd Charles PARRY Shibden Cycling Club 05:59.3
34th Luke JOHNSTON Salt Ayre Cog Set 06:01.5
35th Oliver LIPTROT Rhyl Cycling Club 06:01.7
36th Sean HEVERIN 06:02.5
37th Alex MACINNES Lee Valley Youth Cycling Club 06:05.6
38th Riley MAHONEY Limited Edition Cycling 06:07.4
39th William HARVEY Sportcity Velo 06:14.8
40th Benjamin RICHARDSON Bury Clarion Cycling Club 06:15.5
41st Ciaran HO Hadleigh Cycling Club 06:19.9
42nd Joe KENDALL North Cheshire Clarion 06:40.7

Youth B Girls Stage 1 TT
1st Megan CHERRY Origin Race Team 05:00.9
2nd Melanie ROWE Deeside Thistle CC 05:01.2
3rd Mabli PHILLIPS Maindy Flyers CC 05:02.6
4th Rose LEWIS Halesowen A & CC 05:07.1
5th Phoebe TAYLOR Eastlands Velo 05:07.9
6th Sarah GAFFNEY 05:10.1
7th Millie SALMON Clifton CC 05:10.2
8th Maia HOWELL Matlock CC 05:12.6
9th Emer HEVERIN 05:13.9
10th Millie DEAN 4T+ Cyclopark 05:17.1
11th Bethany GOODWIN Louth Cycle Centre RT 05:17.1
12th Niamh WATERS Edinburgh RC 05:17.9
13th Iris GRAY Palmer Park Velo RT 05:20.3
14th Izabel YOUNG Shibden Cycling Club 05:22.8
15th Lily-Ann SCOTT Team RL360 Isle Of Man 05:23.4
16th Ava LUCE Forres CC 05:24.0
17th Abi CLAYTON Team RL360 Isle Of Man 05:24.6
18th Aisha GANNON 05:24.6
19th Ruby ISAAC Welland Valley CC 05:27.1
20th Hope THOMSON Deeside Thistle CC 05:27.2
21st Megan HUGHES Welwyn Wheelers CC 05:27.4
22nd Abby JOHNSTON Salt Ayre Cog Set 05:28.3
23rd Aoife O’DONOVAN 05:30.1
24th Ami FLAVIN 05:30.2
25th Ayesha VOSE Eastlands Velo 05:34.8
26th Rianna MAHONEY Woolwich CC 05:37.5
27th Eloise WARD Lee Valley Youth Cycling Club 05:41.0
28th Cara SUCKLING 05:42.1
29th Katie COLLING Eastlands Velo 05:42.6
30th Hannah DENNEHY-OSULLIVAN 05:43.7
31st Tilly HOFERT Clifton CC 05:45.6
32nd Melissa MOSCROP 05:50.3
33rd Holly MCCAFFREY 05:52.7
34th Rosie WINGATE Solent Pirates 06:17.2
35th Elise CUNNINGHAM 06:19.2

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Youth B Boys Stage 1 TT
1st Alex COLES Evolution Racing Academy 04:27.9
2nd Daniel THOMPSON Cleveland Wheelers CC 04:29.4
3rd Albie JONES North Cheshire Clarion 04:31.7
4th Oliver TREGEAR Evolution Racing Academy 04:32.1
5th Adam WARD 04:32.9
6th Harry SPEAK Clifton CC 04:34.3
7th Joshua JEWITT Stockton Wheelers CC 04:38.2
8th Steffan KING Maindy Flyers CC 04:39.6
9th Curtis MCKEE 04:40.1
10th Alec SORBY Team RL360 Isle Of Man 04:42.2
11th Aaron COCKER RTD – J’sCycleShack 04:42.8
12th Evander WISHART Fenland Clarion CC 04:42.9
13th Zack LOWE Clifton CC 04:43.0
14th Hugh Og MULHEARNE 04:45.8
15th Oliver THORPE RTD – J’sCycleShack 04:46.2
16th Elliot SPEEDIE Edinburgh RC 04:47.8
17th Finlay STORRIE Maindy Flyers CC 04:48.2
18th Edward HOME Hillingdon Slipstreamers 04:48.7
19th Charlie BRENNAN Sportcity Velo 04:49.5
20th James CANHAM RTD – J’sCycleShack 04:50.0
21st Jamie SAUNDERS Wyre Forest CRC 04:50.2
22nd James ARMSTRONG 04:51.9
23rd Noah WHITE Mid Shropshire Wheelers 04:51.9
24th Daniel DAVIES Maindy Flyers CC 04:52.2
25th Charlie SHEPHERD Solent Pirates 04:52.3
26th Daniel MIDDLEBROOKE Otley CC 04:54.2
27th Samuel STEWART-BALL Eastlands Velo 04:54.4
28th Jamie RABBETT Sportcity Velo 04:55.4
29th Freddie WINKLEY Eastlands Velo 04:56.1
30th Dan LANE 04:57.0
31st Hugh BIRD Salt Ayre Cog Set 04:58.4
32nd Jamie KERSHAW Welland Valley CC 04:59.7
33rd Fraser CUMMINGS Matlock CC 05:00.5
34th Finley HUDSON Matlock CC 05:00.9
35th Harrison HENDY Hup.CC 05:02.1
36th Cypher TINDELL Sprockets Cycle Club 05:02.5
37th Alex HODGSON Salt Ayre Cog Set 05:02.5
38th Noah SMITH GKR Racing 05:02.6
39th Deian ROBERTS Rhyl Cycling Club 05:02.7
40th William COLES Velo Myrddin CC powered by Y Beic 05:03.1
41st George COOPER Sherwood Pines Cycles Forme 05:03.4
42nd Colin SHEEHAN 05:04.2
43rd Innes LONG Deeside Thistle CC 05:05.7
44th Jake BIRD Kettering CC 05:08.0
45th George COLLINS Colchester Rovers CC 05:08.1
46th Davey ALLANSON 360cycling 05:10.5
47th Cormac DENWOOD Harrogate Nova CC 05:10.5
48th Jamie ROCKETT 05:12.6
49th Jody MILLS East Bradford Race Team 05:13.4
50th Harper JOHNSON North Cheshire Clarion 05:13.6
51st Zach JONES Team RL360 Isle Of Man 05:15.3
52nd Brodie DUNCAN West Lothian Clarion CC 05:15.7
53rd Kristupas MARTINKUS 05:16.9
54th Joseph EGAN Halesowen A & CC 05:17.6
55th Charlie HOLT Sportcity Velo 05:24.9
56th Ewan WHITING Manilla Cycling 05:28.6
57th Charlie PORTER Rhyl Cycling Club 05:31.6
58th Oscar HALL Otley CC 05:31.8
59th Thomas HASSELL Eastlands Velo 05:36.3
60th Ewan MCGRATH Salt Ayre Cog Set 05:37.8

Youth A Girls Stage 1 TT
1st Carys LLOYD VC Londres 04:42.8
2nd Cat FERGUSON Storey Racing 04:45.7
3rd Isabel MAYES JRC-INTERFLON Race Team 04:49.2
4th Imogen WOLFF Shibden Cycling Club 04:50.0
5th Mari PORTON Halesowen A & CC 04:50.3
6th Erin BOOTHMAN East Kilbride Road Club 04:50.7
7th Amelia CEBAK Team Milton Keynes 04:53.1
8th Esther WONG Cog Set Papyrus Racing Club 04:53.9
9th Sophie SMITH Team RL360 Isle Of Man 04:55.6
10th Millie THOMSON Deeside Thistle CC 04:57.2
11th Jess PICKAVANCE Team RL360 Isle Of Man 04:57.9
12th Florence GRIFFIN Team RL360 Isle Of Man 04:58.5
13th Mia RUTTERFORD Montezumas Race Team 04:58.9
14th Rebecca GARDINER Lee Valley Youth Cycling Club 05:01.4
15th Millie JENKINS Lee Valley Youth Cycling Club 05:03.6
16th Evelyn FIELD Liverpool Century Cycling Academy 05:04.2
17th Ruby OAKES JRC-INTERFLON Race Team 05:04.3
18th Aliyah RAFFERTY 05:04.7
19th Lucy BROWN 05:05.3
20th Evie SMITH Shibden Cycling Club 05:06.2
21st Cerys GREAVES Lichfield City CC 05:06.4
22nd Alice COLLING Shibden Cycling Club 05:06.9
23rd Abigail MILLER Clifton CC 05:07.4
24th Mya DOOCEY 05:07.5
25th Molly EVANS Deeside Thistle CC 05:08.6
26th Hannah HAYES 05:09.8
27th Rebecca CARTER Palmer Park Velo RT 05:09.8
28th Emily MIDDLEBROOKE Otley CC 05:10.3
29th Ruby BLANC Sportcity Velo 05:10.3
30th Megan LLOYD Harry Middleton Cycling Club 05:11.0
31st Isla EASTO Edinburgh RC 05:12.0
32nd Electra MORRIS Charlotteville CC 05:12.1
33rd Mia SMITH 05:13.9
34th Ella TANDY Solihull CC 05:14.1
35th Isla MCCUTCHEON Johnstone Wheelers Cycling Club 05:14.5
36th Poppy PEACOCK Otley CC 05:14.7
37th Grace WARD Mid Devon CC 05:17.3
38th Rebecca CODD Maindy Flyers CC 05:18.1
39th Jamie Leigh LLOYD Liverpool Braveheart Bicycle Club 05:19.4
40th Harriet HENDRY Deeside Thistle CC 05:19.4
41st Thea AITKEN Deeside Thistle CC 05:19.5
42nd Kate MURPHY Tarrants Skoda Munster 05:19.7
43rd Tulsi BAKRANIA VC Londres 05:20.6
44th Amelia STAUNTON Sprockets Cycle Club 05:23.4
45th Jessica RICH Maindy Flyers CC 05:26.0
46th Rhiannon DOLAN 05:27.6
47th Eleina MCFADDEN East Bradford CC 05:27.6
48th Zoe LINDSAY 05:28.9
49th Stella SMITH 05:31.3
50th Aoibhinn SHARKEY 05:31.5
51st Amelia WALTON Sportcity Velo 05:31.6
52nd Laida ALZOLA Flotamet Dromeday Cadets 05:34.4
53rd Gaby SCOTT Shibden Cycling Club 05:35.0
54th Katherine BUCKNELL Otley CC 05:36.9

Youth A Boys Stage 1 TT
1st Sebastian GRINDLEY North Cheshire Clarion 04:09.3
2nd Seth DUNWOODY Eastlands Velo 04:10.6
3rd Joseph COSGROVE Anexo Group Race Team 04:16.2
4th Elliot ROWE Anexo Group Race Team 04:16.6
5th William CURPHEY Team RL360 Isle Of Man 04:16.7
6th Finlay TARLING FlandersColor Galloo 04:17.4
7th William SALTER Backstedt Bike Performance RC 04:18.2
8th Sam FISHER Evolution Racing Academy 04:19.2
9th Joseph MULLEN 04:20.2
10th Patrick CASEY Anexo Group Race Team 04:20.9
11th Samuel COLEMAN 04:21.3
12th Oliver DAWSON RTD – JsCycleShack 04:21.3
13th Ahron DICK Edinburgh RC 04:21.3
14th Rory GRAVELLE Velo Myrddin CC powered by Y Beic 04:21.4
15th Max HINDS Evolution Racing Academy 04:21.5
16th Hudson HENDRY George Fox Cycling Solutions 04:22.6
17th Denholm EDWARDS Harrogate Nova CC 04:23.0
18th Ryu ROBERTS HAYAMIZU Evolution Racing Academy 04:23.1
19th Oscar GAYLOR Team RL360 Isle Of Man 04:23.2
20th Ollie BOARER FlandersColor Galloo 04:23.6
21st Max BUFTON Cero – Cycle Division Racing Team 04:23.7
22nd Charlie THORPE RTD – JsCycleShack 04:23.9
23rd Seth JACKSON Kirklees Cycling Academy 04:24.1
24th Dylan SAGE Evolution Racing Academy 04:24.3
25th Alexander MURPHY Velo Club Venta 04:24.4
26th Theo ANDERSON Chippenham & Dist Whls 04:24.6
27th Luca BEDNAREK Kirklees Cycling Academy 04:24.6
28th Cal TUTTY Tarrants Skoda Munster 04:25.9
29th John WHITE North Cheshire Clarion 04:26.3
30th James KINRADE Team RL360 Isle Of Man 04:27.1
31st Matthew KENT Beeston Cycling Club 04:27.3
32nd Daniel KEMP Clifton CC 04:27.3
33rd Josh CALLALY 04:27.4
34th David GAFFNEY Tarrants Skoda Munster 04:27.6
35th Ivan SORBY Team RL360 Isle Of Man 04:27.7
36th Conor MURPHY 04:28.2
37th Archie HONEYSETT Salt Ayre Cog Set 04:28.5
38th Jamie STEWART Cystic Fibrosis Race 04:28.9
39th Mackenzie RILEY Cystic Fibrosis Race 04:28.9
40th Callum JONES Beeston Cycling Club 04:29.1
41st Adam MURRAY East Kilbride Road Club 04:29.3
42nd Struan SHAW Edinburgh RC 04:29.8
43rd Joshua JACKSON Team Ohten Aveas 04:30.1
44th Henry BARKER-PINE Beeston Cycling Club 04:30.1
45th Reece PITTMAN Palmer Park Velo RT 04:30.1
46th Luke JONES Cero – Cycle Division Racing Team 04:30.3
47th Charlie ABRAHAM Charlotteville CC 04:30.6
48th Willem O’CONNOR Tarrants Skoda Munster 04:30.7
49th James SWEENEY Edinburgh RC 04:30.9
50th Joe WATKINS-WILSON North Cheshire Clarion 04:31.0
51st Elliot FRASER Clifton CC 04:31.1
52nd Paul OPIE Islington Cycling Club 04:31.3
53rd Luke MANNINGS Halesowen A & CC 04:31.4
54th Daniel PHILLIPS WORX Factory Racing 04:32.4
55th Matthew PEACE Otley CC 04:32.6
56th Cillian LEWIS Manilla Cycling 04:32.6
57th Oliver MOSS Clifton CC 04:32.9
58th Edward CHARLES WORX Factory Racing 04:33.0
59th Lewis TINSLEY ROTOR Race Team 04:33.6
60th Cian EVANS Evolution Racing Academy 04:33.8
61st Ethan SQUIRES Beeston Cycling Club 04:34.2
62nd Joel HURT Derwentside CC 04:35.4
63rd James INGHAM Green Jersey CC 04:35.5
64th Eoghan LATTIMORE 04:35.7
65th Jake SPEED Stirling Bike Club 04:36.0
66th Bill PRESTON Green Jersey CC 04:36.1
67th Oliver WADE Wheal Velocity 04:36.2
68th Bryn LAWRENCE Tactic Sport UK Race Team 04:36.7
69th Orry LUND Team RL360 Isle Of Man 04:36.8
70th James BEAGLEY Harrogate Nova CC 04:38.3
71st Matthew BELL Kirklees Cycling Academy 04:39.6
72nd Daniel SCOTT Orchard CC 04:40.0
73rd Benjamin AREY Clifton CC 04:41.1
74th Luke GIBSON 4T+ Cyclopark 04:41.2
75th Thomas LEWIS Ely & District CC 04:41.3
76th Owen COLLINS Team RL360 Isle Of Man 04:41.6
77th stephen SHEEHAN 04:41.6
78th Chayton KENNEDY-COOK Guernsey Velo Club (LBG) 04:41.8
79th Aidan WORDEN Red Rose Olympic CC 04:42.2
80th Samuel ABBOTT Cystic Fibrosis Race 04:44.0
81st Max FITZGERALD Tarrants Skoda Munster 04:44.6
82nd Callum MCCAFFREY 04:45.9
83rd Sam GILBERT Welwyn Wheelers CC 04:46.2
84th Magnus DENWOOD Harrogate Nova CC 04:46.5
85th Henry HOBBS Welwyn Wheelers CC 04:46.7
86th Jacob BRADBURY Manchester Wheelers Club 04:47.5
87th Joshua SLADE Clifton CC 04:47.8
88th Harry HUDSON Matlock CC 04:48.1
89th Oscar SAXTON Huddersfield Star Wheelers 04:49.0
90th William FLATAU Elitecycling Junior Team 04:49.2
91st Iwan CLARK Maindy Flyers CC 04:50.1
92nd Kaleb HERBERT Wyre Forest CRC 04:50.4
93rd Karl ROCKETT 04:52.9
94th Hal SANER-HAIGH Cog Set Papyrus Racing Club 04:54.8
95th Tyler JACKSON North Cheshire Clarion 04:58.2
96th Oscar PASMORE Velo Myrddin CC powered by Y Beic 04:58.8
97th Digby LLEWELLYN Poole Wheelers CC 04:59.4
98th Adam MARSH Salt Ayre Cog Set 05:04.1
99th Kyran LEVEY Solent Pirates 05:11.3
100th James CLINTON Liverpool Braveheart Bicycle Club 05:35.0

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