HC Result: Hedley on the Hill (Hill Climb)

Andy Cunningham winner of the Hill Climb on Hedley on the Hill on Sunday; Joanne Rea was fastest woman

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HC Result: Hedley on the Hill Hill Climb

1. Andy Cunningham Wheelbase Cabtech castelli 04:11.9 Male Senior
2. Alexander Storey GS Metro 04:32.8 Male Senior
3. Colin Atkinson Muckle Cycle Club 04:37.6 Male Veteran
4. Lee Ager Muckle Cycle Club 04:41.1 Male Senior
5. Matty Smith Muckle Cycle Club 04:42.3 Male Senior
6. Freddie Jagger Team Lifting Gear Products 04:43.8 Male Senior
7. Lee Cuthbertson Muckle Cycle Club 04:44.9 Male Senior
8. Roddy Weir Muckle Cycle Club 04:54.7 Male Senior
9. Hugo Storey Muckle Cycle Club 04:57.6 Male Senior
10. Noel Stoddart Blaydon CC 05:02.2 Male Veteran
11. Charlie Thew Racing Metro 15 05:02.3 Male Junior
12. Eoin Gormley Blaydon CC 05:03.1 Male Senior
13. James Corfield GS Metro 05:05.2 Male Espoir
14. Euan Dinning Gosforth RC 05:05.3 Male Junior
15. Nicholas Hall Newcastle University Cycling CLub 05:07.2 Male Espoir
16. Sam Sharp Newcastle University Cycling CLub 05:14.9 Male Espoir
17. Julian MacBride Team Kirkley Cycles 05:18.0 Male Senior
18. Keith Melvin Rock to Roll CC 05:20.1 Male Senior
19. John Blight Rapha Cycling Club 05:20.6 Male Senior
20. Jacob Hobbs Newcastle University Cycling CLub 05:22.5 Male Espoir
21. David Murphy Liverpool Mercury CC 05:29.9 Male C5
22. John Flanagan Moonglu CC 05:33.6 Male Veteran
23. Owen Haggerty North Tyneside Riders CC 05:33.7 Male Junior
24. Ian Gallon North Tyneside Riders CC 05:43.1 Male Veteran
25. Mason Bulfin Racing Metro 15 05:48.0 Male Juvenile
26. Andrew Smith Muckle Cycle Club 05:49.8 Male Veteran
27. Mark Whaley Blaydon CC 05:54.2 Male Veteran
28. Paul Hague Gosforth RC 05:54.8 Male Veteran
29. Joanne Rea Team Kirkley Cycles 05:55.9 Female Senior
30. Andrew Hall GS Metro 06:16.2 Male Veteran
31. James Hall Newcastle University Cycling CLub 06:18.5 Male Espoir
32. Michael Trow Blaydon CC 06:31.0 Male Veteran
33. David Lavery North Tyneside Riders CC 06:34.4 Male Veteran
34. Angela McGurk Blaydon CC 06:42.4 Female Veteran
35. Lois Jarvis North Tyneside Riders CC 06:44.3 Female Senior
36. Lea Stephenson Allen Valley Velo 07:00.2 Male Senior
37. Jen McMahon Jadan Vive Le Velo 07:02.8 Female Senior
38. Scott Nolan North Tyneside Riders CC 07:13.1 Male Veteran
39. Heather Witham Blaydon CC 07:15.2 Female Veteran
40. Thomas Banks North Tyneside Riders CC 07:49.2 Male Veteran


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